Job Description for Power BI Developer 

JD – Power BI Developer 

Roles & Responsibilities –

  1. To understand business requirements in the BI context and design data models to convert raw data to meaningful insights
  2. To create dashboards and visual interactive reports using Power BI
  3. To identify KPIs with clear objectives and monitor them consistently
  4. To analyze data and present it through reports that can help in decision-making
  5. To be able to convert business requirements into technical specifications and decide the timeline to accomplish tasks
  6. To design, develop, and deploy Power BI scripts and perform efficient detailed analysis
  7. To perform DAX queries and functions in Power BI
  8. To create charts and document data with algorithms, parameters, models, and relations explanations
  9. To conduct data warehouse development
  10. To perform SQL querying for best results
  11. To use filters and graphs for a better understanding of the data
  12. To define and design new systems by analyzing current ETL processes
  13. To make technical changes to existing BI systems in order to enhance their functioning

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