Job Description for Python Programmer

Exp Required: 0-1 year 

No. of Position: 2 to 3

Salary Range: 2 – 3 lakhs

Job Location: Pune


The candidate should ideally be a science or business graduate with: 

  • clear understanding of survey datasets. 
  • Exposure to statistical programming using any language is a plus.
  • Requirements on python, not limited by the following points though, are:
  • Hands-on experience of OOP using Python
  • Clear understanding of different data structures including list and dictionary
  • Understand and exposure to the collection package
  • Familiarity with the usage of list comprehensions in Python
  • Hands-on experience of using Pandas, PyQt5, Matplotlib, Openpyxl.
  • Candidates with exposure to StatModels, Scikit-learn and Dask would have added advantage
  • Candidate should practice and value readability of the codes and know the standard practice of documentation following PEP 8

Note: Non-3RI Technologies candidates will have to pay the charges for the call.

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