Job Opportunities And Career Options After BCS

Pursuing a BCS degree opens doors to exciting career prospects, with software development being a popular choice. As a software developer, BCS graduates have the opportunity to design, code, test, and maintain software applications that solve real-world problems. Whether specializing in web, mobile app, or enterprise software development, the demand for skilled developers remains consistently high across various organizations. Let's dive in more to know more.

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BCS or Bachelor of Computer Science is becoming a great career nowadays because it is opening various job opportunities. Whether it is the role of IT manager, website designer, program analyst, or software tester; the subjects and syllabus of BCS are designed in such a manner as to provide maximum job benefits to the applicants once they become graduated. 

The first thought while pursuing BSC probably bends towards software development and applicants dream to work in companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. This shows that many of them don’t have much idea about the enormous job opportunities that get open after graduation.


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Career options after BCS

As mentioned above that there are lots of job opportunities after BCS, so it’s time to explore BCS career options here.

  • Software Developer

Many BCS graduates who got the job at Facebook or Google are proud to say that they develop for such big companies. Basically, this job is best for those who love code writing, problem solving, and introducing digital programs to market. The main responsibilities of a software developer are to – 

  1. Write the codes and test them for different programs and applications. 
  2. Improvising present software, fixing errors, and making it adapt to new devices and hardware.
  3. Getting familiar with the new development tools. 
  4. Connecting with other specialists like computer programmers and systems engineers. 
  • Computer technical support specialist

This career option perfectly suits those who like to solve software or hardware problems and connect with different people. The prime tasks of professionals are to – 

  1. Solving software and hardware issues by identifying the real cause. 
  2. Giving the answers to all queries via emails, phone calls, or direct messages. 
  3. Documentation of all reported issues in the company’s ticketing system. 
  4. Deciding when the problem will go to the next level of support.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

It sounds fancy and liked by applicants who excel in two areas named Computer Science and Business Administration. The main responsibility of Business Intelligence Analysts is to –

  1. Collecting the company’s data and analyzing further to find our different patterns, trends, or tendencies.
  2. Giving detailed reports of findings and managing them accordingly.
  3. Searching for new tools and ways of collecting data in an effective manner.
  4. Connecting with other departments like Human Resources, IT department, and others.
  • Web developers

For someone who is looking for jobs after BCS, web developers can be a great choice. This job is best suited to applicants who are blessed with a creative spirit and know which website design is best suited for a company. The initial responsibilities of web developers are – 

  1. Constantly testing and ensuring that new features are ready to use in various browsers and devices.
  2. Make use of HTML and CSS for creating and testing website layouts. 
  3. Improving, writing, and editing software documentation. 
  4. Collaborating with graphic or web designers for improving the visual off website. 
  • Computer Science Teacher

Computer Science Teacher plays a great role in guiding and preparing future applicants. They help in making the future of hundreds of students. Their main task is to – 

  1. Planning activities, computer lab work, and lessons for improving the learning process. 
  2. Helping each student as per their specific needs to make sure nobody will lag. 
  3. Remain up-to-date with modern teaching methods, approaches, and technologies. 
  4. Providing valuable feedback to students and parents. 
  • Software Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

Software QA Tester job needs logical skills along with other tasks like – 

  1. Isolating, discovering, and categorizing software bugs.
  2. Searching for the difficulties that user experience at the time of using products. 
  3. Creating tests, running them, evaluating, and saving the results. 
  4. Identifying new ways and tools for improving the overall testing process. 
  • Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst is a dream job for those who want to remain ahead and consider different scenarios. So, if you are also the one who thinks ahead and works towards preventing several unwanted situations, then you have to follow certain responsibilities. 

  1. Regularly updating hardware and software to enable current security features. 
  2. Able to remove any kind of security vulnerabilities. 
  3. Identifying the security loopholes with the help of penetration testing. 
  4. Guaranteeing complete security, privacy, and integrity of company data.
  5. Planning for security strategies and further sharing with staff.
  • Web designer

Web designers are those who are responsible for maintaining the website and making changes to make it more attractive. With this skill, they will be able to catch the attention of viewers and convert them to permanent customers. It is important that they should have knowledge of user interfaces and also possess good IT Skills. 

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  • IT Manager

Many students get confused about after BCS which course is best to open the gate for job opportunities. Well, an IT manager is one of the best job options that one can opt for. A person should have the skill of controlling and evaluating electronic and IT data. Moreover, he must be able to design, implement, develop, and coordinate systems. 

Best course after BCS

After completing BCS, many start looking for professional careers ahead in the IT sector. Having a higher degree is really helpful for students to get lucrative jobs. If you are planning to get a job apart from a college campus, there are some in-demand courses after BCS that you might think of doing after BCS to secure your job. 

  • Mastering Data Science

Data Science is a great field to seek a good future ahead. As the companies are following cloud-based technology, they are looking for candidates who have a good knowledge of it. Data science course helps in the enlightening decision-making process. 

Data Science Online Training
  • AWS

AWS is a well-adopted cloud technology that is used by many companies to give growth to many companies at lower costs. It helps you in selecting a programming language, database, operating system, and others. 

  • DevOps

It has been an important course to do after BCS as it follows the software development and operations approach because it helps in the quick development of new products. So, doing this course is excellent for those who are interested in software development. 

  • Python

In the Python course, you will learn to develop software and websites, data visualization, task automation, and data analysis. This is quite easy to learn and used in many companies for performing different tasks such as organizing finances. 

  • Java

Java is a well-known programming language and helps developers in different manners in terms of developing applications. By enrolling in this course you can develop different applications like Mobile App Development.
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  • Salesforce

SalesForce is a technique to solve customers’ problems in a quicker way and advances support agent response time. Actually, it permits you to unite social phone, email, and chat support while managing every type of channel. 

  • Selenium

Selenium is used for automating web browsers. It is basically popular for performing repeatable and quick web-app testing processes. Thus, it permits the developers to deliver new faster products with complete confidence. 


TOSCA is present as a model-based testing tool that is meant for helping testers for creating and executing automated tests. It runs by an approach for creating testers in spite of writing the actual test scripts. This method ensures precision and consistency. 

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  • React JS

React JS has become a beneficial choice for many developers who are in search of a highly productive and easy-to-use JavaScript framework. It is useful because developers can create complex UI interaction which is meant for communicating with the server. 

  • Angular JS

Angular JS work by using dependency injection and separation of concerns. In general, Angular JS is used for delivering reusable components and attaining higher functionality with short codes. 

6-month courses after BSC computer science

Apart from others, you can also choose from the 6-month courses offered by different institutions. Keeping the aspirants’ future in mind, we are offering some interesting 6 month courses. 

  • STEP in cloud computing

Cloud computing is a highly demanded technology nowadays, especially when it comes to computing power and data storage as there is no direct management by users. Usually, large clouds have various functions which get distributed over different locations. 

  • STEP in DevOps

DevOps is a kind of method available in the software development and IT industry. It works by using a set of various tools and practices that automate the working of software development and all kinds of IT operations. This helps in improving the product development cycle. 

  • Mastering in Data Science

An interdisciplinary degree program, Mastering in Data Science is meant for providing studies in scientific methods, systems, and processes. You will get the knowledge of numerous forms, unstructured or structured just like data mining. 

  • STEP in Python Full Stack

Python is a well-known programming language that focuses more on coding readability. It make use of noteworthy indentation by using off-side rule. Actually, Python is a design philosophy that is dynamic and collects the garbage.

  • STEP in Java Full Stack

Java Full Stack is a web program in which Java plays a vital role. It helps in writing the code in all types of three layers of a web-based application which are the back-end, front-end, and database layer. 

  • STEP in software testing

Software testing is a method used for investigating behavior and artifacts of software that are under test. This act as a process of offering an independent view or objective to software that provides growth to business and also understands all varieties of software. 

  • STEP in MEAN Stack Angular

MEAN Stack is considered to be a collection of different JavaScript techniques which work together for developing web applications. That means, from client to server and from server to database; everything is completely based on JavaScript. 

  • STEP in MERN Stack ReactJS

MERN Stack is known as a collective technology meant for enabling quicker application development. Most of developers make use of this technique for developing apps. All the technologies that make MERN Stack are JS-based. 

Mern Stack Certified Professional
  • STEP in SalesForce

Salesforce has been a powerful customer relationship management platform that helps in sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT team. In short, it is a way to meet the requirements of clients and keep them happy. 

Expected Salary for BCS graduates

Talking about the Payscale, the average salary taken by a BCS graduate is approximately 5.97 LPA. A fresher can expect a starting salary of INR 3.50 LPA approx. if the candidate has experience of 4-9 years, they can expect a salary of around INR 6.75 LPA. Generally, the highest salary of an individual can go up to 40 LPA in top companies. 

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BCS Graduate – A great choice for your future!

Many students often get confused when it comes to picking up a graduation course. Before deciding anything, it is important that students must cross-questions themselves about the benefits of the course in the future. BCS degree is a course that has definitely changed the viewpoint of many students as it shows a positive professional future and after BCS job opportunities to them. These are some reasons that help you in solidifying your decision.

  • Good salary packages
  • Internship opportunities
  • Practical and Hands-on Learning
  • Comprehensive Syllabus and Subjects
  • Top Placement opportunities

BCS course is about studying the basics of Computer applications like Data Analytics, Software Development, Networking Management, Software Quality Assurance, and Database management systems.  

Indeed, the BCS course is a rewarding career ahead and most demand in different companies. Because of the great demand, graduates expect high earnings with time. There are several practical sessions involved in the course that will help the students to acquire sufficient experience. To check out Job-Oriented Courses visit 3RI Technologies.

If you also don’t have an idea about which course you should choose, then you can trust on BCS Course and welcome your golden future ahead. 

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