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3RI Technologies’ Snowflake certification program equips you with essential tools for success in cloud-based data warehousing. Gain expertise in working with semi-structured data, optimizing virtual warehouses, efficient data loading and conversion in Snowflake. Learn query constructs, DDL and DML operations, and continuous data protection techniques. Manage and monitor Snowflake accounts. Our comprehensive training transforms you into a Snowflake expert, covering essential to advanced concepts.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Real-Time Projects : 2

Project Based Learning

EMI Option Available

Certification & Job Assistance

24 x 7 Support

SnowFlake Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Getting Started with Snowflake

  • Snowflake CLI installation & Configuration
  • Different Roles in Snowflake
  • Explore – Databases, Schemas and Tables
  • Snowflake Architecture
  • Snowflake Virtual warehouses overview

1. Using Snowflake

  • Web Interface
  • Virtual Warehouses
  • Databases, Tables & Views
  • Queries
  • Date & Time Data
  • Semi-structured Data

2. Micro-partitioning and Clustering in Snowflake

  • Micro partitions in Snowflake
  • Advantages of Micro-Partitioning
  • Structure of Micro-Partition
  • Query Processing in Snowflake
  • Clustering Introduction
  • How clustering works & It’s advantages
  • how to Choose the right keys for clustering
  • Performance tuning

3. Table types in snowflake

  • Permanent table and fail-safe
  • Transient table
  • Temporary table
  • Transient database in Snowflake

4. Snowflake Continuous Data Pipelines

  • Snowflake Continuous stream data integrations
  • Streams, Tasks & Snow pipe
  • Lab – Streams & Tasks Lab & Exercises

5. Sharing Data in Snowflake

  • Introduction to Data Sharing
  • Data Providers
  • Data Consumers
  • Working with Shares
  • Using Secure Objects to Control Data Access

6. Snowflake Task Feature

  • Tasks Intro
  • Demo
  • SF task Dependency
  • Dependency demo

7. Understanding Snowflake Billing

  • Monitoring Credit and Storage Usage
  • Resource Monitors
  • User Management

8. Miscellaneous

  • Roles and Privileges
  • Data Security in Snowflake
  • Snowflake as DaaS
  • Snowflake Vs Redshift Vs Bigquery
  • Snowflake Certification
  • Upcoming features in Snowflake
  • Final Project Overview
  • Create Snowflake trial account
  • Install & Configure Snowflake CLI
  • Create Virtual Warehouses
  • Create databases, schema & tables
  • Writing DDL & DML Queries
  • Create Micro-partitions in Snowflake
  • Perform clustering in Snowflake
  • Performance Tuning
  • Creating transient & temporary tables
  • Creating Permanent tables with fail-safe mechanisms
  • Loading & Un-loading data
  • Bulk Loading/Unloading from a Local File System
  • Bulk Loading/Unloading from Amazon S3
  • Bulk Loading /Unloading from Microsoft Azure
  • Loading Continuously Using Snow pipe
  • Loading Data using the Web Interface
  • Working with Streams, Tasks & Snow pipe
  • Using Secure Objects to Control Data Access
  • Monitor resources
  • Perform User Management

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SnowFlake Course in Pune

Best Snowflake Training And Certification In Pune- 3RI Technologies

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of cutting-edge data management and analytics? Look no further! 3RI Technologies presents the best Snowflake Training and Certification in Pune, designed to equip you with the skills and expertise needed to conquer the realm of data with confidence and finesse.


Overview of Snowflake Certification

Before we dive into the wonders of Snowflake, let’s understand what it’s all about. Snowflake, a ground-breaking cloud-based data platform, has fully lifted the tech sector. With its unique architecture, unmatched scalability, and ease of use, Snowflake has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of data warehousing, analytics, and more.

Snowflake offers a comprehensive certification program that validates individuals’ expertise and proficiency in working with the Snowflake data platform. These certifications are designed to showcase your skills and knowledge in various aspects of Snowflake, making you a valuable asset in the data industry.

What is Snowflake?

The innovative Snowflake cloud-based data platform has significantly altered the businesses organize and use their data. At its core, Snowflake is a virtual data warehouse, providing a powerful and scalable solution for storing, processing, and analyzing vast volumes of data in a cloud environment. Its architecture is unique, separating storage and compute, which enables independent scaling, cost optimization, and seamless data sharing across teams and departments.

But What does Snowflake do?

Snowflake’s technology leverages distributed computing and storage, using micro-partitions, automatic scaling, and data optimization techniques to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. It serves as a central repository for data, providing a single source of truth and facilitating collaboration among different teams. With its cloud-native approach, Snowflake ensures data accessibility, security, and shareability, making it an ideal platform for data warehousing, data analytics, data engineering, and much more.

So, What is Snowflake used for?

Snowflake’s applications are diverse and cater to various data-related tasks. Organizations use it for data warehousing, data analytics, and business intelligence, extracting valuable insights from their data. It supports data engineering workflows, enabling data transformation and integration. Additionally, Snowflake’s unique architecture facilitates real-time data insights and seamless data sharing between organizations and teams.

What is the Snowflake database?

The Snowflake database is the foundation of Snowflake’s data platform. It is a cloud-based database system that allows organizations to store and manage large datasets efficiently. The database has ability to manage structured and semi-structured data enables data storage and retrieval feasible.

What is Snowflake technology?

Snowflake’s technology encompasses a range of advanced features and capabilities. It operates on a multi-cluster, shared data architecture, utilizing distributed computing and storage to deliver high performance and scalability. Snowflake’s unique design allows users to scale compute and storage resources independently, resulting in optimized performance and cost-effectiveness.

What is Snowflake software?

Snowflake software refers to the suite of tools, APIs, and client drivers provided by Snowflake. This software empowers users to interact with Snowflake’s cloud data platform efficiently. It includes a web-based user interface (UI) for data operations and analytics, programming interfaces (APIs) for seamless integration with other applications, and client drivers for connecting to Snowflake from various programming languages.

Why is Snowflake So Popular?

Discover the secrets behind Snowflake’s skyrocketing popularity. Learn why it has become the go-to choice for modern data solutions. Explore its advantages over traditional data warehousing systems, such as seamless separation of storage and compute, instant elasticity, and a cost-effective pay-as-you-go model.

Why Should You Learn Snowflake?

The answer is simple—data-driven decision-making is the way of the future. You have a competitive advantage and access to a variety of possibilities when you understand Snowflake. From data analytics to business intelligence, Snowflake’s versatility is unparalleled, making it a must-learn skill for aspiring data professionals.

Snowflake Account Usage

Master the art of setting up and managing Snowflake accounts. Get hands-on experience in configuring security and access controls, and learn how to monitor account usage efficiently. These practical skills are vital for becoming a proficient data professional.

Key Features of Snowflake

Dive deeper into Snowflake’s core features that set it apart from the rest. Learn about data encryption, seamless data sharing, automatic scaling, and powerful concurrency control. By harnessing these capabilities, you’ll optimize your data processing and elevate your analytical prowess.

Advantages of Snowflake

  • Scalability: Snowflake’s auto-scaling capabilities enable efficient handling of large datasets and varying workloads, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation.
  • High Performance: Snowflake’s shared data architecture and parallel processing enable lightning-fast data analytics, empowering real-time insights and informed decision-making.
  • Concurrent Access: Snowflake supports multiple users accessing data simultaneously, promoting seamless collaboration and efficient data exploration across teams.
  • Data Sharing: Snowflake’s secure data sharing feature facilitates real-time data collaboration between organizations, enabling data-driven partnerships.
  • Simplicity: Snowflake’s user-friendly interface and SQL-based queries make it accessible to users with varying technical backgrounds, reducing complexity and accelerating data analysis.
  • Data Security: Snowflake prioritizes data security with built-in encryption, access controls, and data governance features, ensuring data privacy and compliance.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With Snowflake’s subscription-based payment model, resources are utilized effectively, upfront costs are avoided, and data management is made possible.
  • Zero-Copy Cloning: With Snowflake, you can test and create data fast and economically without duplicating data storage due to its zero-copy replication feature.
  • Automatic Data Optimization: Snowflake minimizes data duplication and reduces storage costs by automatically enhancing data storage and execution of queries.
  • Global Availability: Snowflake is available on multiple cloud providers, offering global data accessibility and redundancy for enhanced data availability.
  • Continuous Updates: Snowflake’s cloud-based infrastructure allows seamless and non-disruptive updates, ensuring the platform stays up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

The Snowflake Certification program consists of multiple levels, each catering to different skill sets and roles. By achieving these certifications, you can demonstrate your competence in specific areas of Snowflake, enhancing your career prospects and credibility as a data professional.


Snowflake Certification Cost

The cost of Snowflake There may be many snowflake certificates available, based on the kind of certification you choose. Generally, the cost of certification often includes the cost of the certification itself as well as any additional learning materials or resources. However, investing in certification can significantly boost your career and open up new opportunities in the data domain.

Snowflake Core Certification

The Snowflake Core Certification is a foundational certification that covers the essential concepts and skills required to work with Snowflake effectively. It would be beneficial for those who want to establish a solid foundation in Snowflake’s fundamental capabilities, including beginners and data professionals.

Snowflake Pro Certification

The Snowflake Pro Certification is an advanced-level certification that goes beyond the core concepts. It delves into more complex topics, advanced techniques, and best practices for optimizing Snowflake’s capabilities. This certification is suitable for experienced professionals seeking to demonstrate their expertise in Snowflake.

The growing demand for data-driven decision-making and advanced data analytics has led to a surge in career opportunities for Snowflake professionals. As companies embrace Snowflake’s cutting-edge data platform, a wide range of job roles has emerged in the industry. Unleash your potential with the Snowflake Certification from 3RI Technologies and unlock a world of career possibilities.

Here are some lucrative career options for Snowflake professionals:

Snowflake Developer:
As a Snowflake Developer, it will be your responsibility to design, build, and improve data solutions using the Snowflake platform. Your expertise in data modeling, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and SQL programming will be crucial in creating efficient data pipelines and analytics solutions.

Snowflake Software Engineer:
In this role, you will work on developing and maintaining Snowflake’s software components and features. Your knowledge of distributed systems, cloud computing, and software development will be essential in building robust and scalable solutions.

Snowflake Administrator:
As a Snowflake Administrator, you will be in charge of managing and maintaining Snowflake accounts, security configurations, and performance optimization. Your expertise in system administration, data governance, and security practices will be critical to ensure smooth data operations.

Snowflake Architect:
Snowflake Architects design and implement scalable, high-performance data architectures using Snowflake. They collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to develop data strategies, ensuring that the platform fits with the company’s needs.

Data Engineer – Snowflake:
Data Engineers with Snowflake expertise play a vital role in data integration, transformation, and warehousing. To effectively transfer and process data inside Snowflake, they design and set up data pipelines.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst – Snowflake: BI Analysts leverage Snowflake to perform data analysis, create insightful reports, and build interactive dashboards. They help businesses gain valuable insights from data and support data-driven decision-making.

Snowflake Consultant:
As a Snowflake Consultant, you will work with clients to understand their data needs and design tailored solutions using Snowflake. Your consulting skills and deep knowledge of Snowflake will be instrumental in guiding organizations towards effective data strategies.

Snowflake Jobs for Freshers:
Entry-level opportunities in Snowflake provide a stepping stone for fresh graduates to kickstart their careers in the data industry. These roles may involve training, learning on the job, and gaining hands-on experience with Snowflake’s platform.

With the rapid adoption of Snowflake across industries, the demand for skilled professionals in the areas of Snowflake development, administration, and data analytics continues to grow. Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate, the expanding job market offers exciting and rewarding career paths in the world of Snowflake.

The future scope of Snowflake is highly promising, driven by its rising adoption and the growing trend of cloud computing. As companies prioritize data-driven decision-making, Snowflake’s cloud-native architecture and advanced data analytics capabilities position it as a leading player in the data industry. With seamless data sharing, global expansion, and continuous innovation, Snowflake is poised to stay at the forefront of data management and analytics technologies, offering lucrative career opportunities for data professionals worldwide. As the demand for data expertise continues to rise, Snowflake’s prominence in the market is expected to grow, making it a pivotal platform in shaping the future of data-driven businesses.


Why Snowflake Training in Pune from 3RI Technologies Only?

At 3RI Technologies, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our industry-expert trainers, hands-on learning approach, comprehensive curriculum, and state-of-the-art infrastructure make us the ideal destination for Snowflake training. Join us and experience the 3RI advantage.


Who is Eligible for Snowflake Certification Course?

The Snowflake Certification course is designed for professionals in the data domain and beginners/ Freshers alike. If you have an interest in data analytics and management, this course is for you. Our eligibility criteria and prerequisites will help you determine if this course aligns with your aspirations.

  • Hands-on Experience on One Live Project.
  • Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Practice Course Material
  • Basic understanding of networking concepts, virtualization, after beneficial


  • 6-7 Weeks.
  • Database Administrators
  • IT Professionals and Developers
  • Windows Server Administrators

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Will I Get Certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.



Most frequent questions and answers

Having Snowflake on your resume can significantly increase your career prospects because it is a highly desired skill in the data industry. Snowflake professionals often receive competitive salaries, and the platform’s versatility opens up various career paths in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Engineering.

While there are no strict prerequisites for Snowflake training at 3RI Technologies, having a basic understanding of databases, SQL, and data concepts can be advantageous. However, beginners with a passion for data analytics and management are also welcome to enroll.

The Snowflake training at 3RI Technologies covers a comprehensive range of topics, including an introduction to Snowflake and its architecture, managing Snowflake accounts, data loading and unloading techniques, data warehousing concepts, data sharing, security, query optimization, performance tuning, Snowflake integration with BI tools, and real-world projects with hands-on exercises.

The duration of the Snowflake training program might vary depending on the depth of the curriculum and its instructional approach. Typically, a thorough course can take anything from a few weeks to a few months.

At 3RI Technologies, the Snowflake training is usually delivered in an instructor-led format. This ensures real-time guidance, interaction with trainers, and prompt resolution of queries.

Yes, 3RI Technologies offers certificates to candidates who complete the Snowflake training program successfully. This certification validates your expertise in working with Snowflake and adds value to your resume.

Yes, 3RI Technologies offers post-training support and assistance. This may include access to course materials, practice sessions, doubt-solving sessions, and guidance for real-world projects to ensure continuous learning and skill development.

After completing Snowflake training, participants become eligible for various roles in the data industry, including Snowflake Developer, Snowflake Administrator, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Data Warehouse Specialist.

Yes, 3RI Technologies may provide placement assistance or job placement programs to help students secure job opportunities after completing the Snowflake training. This could include resume building, interview preparation, and connecting students with potential employers.

The cost of Snowflake training at 3RI Technologies may vary depending on the course content, duration, and other factors. It is recommended to approach our support team for specific information regarding fees related to courses and training.

Yes, 3RI Technologies may offer flexibility in scheduling training sessions to accommodate the needs of working professionals or students with other commitments. They may have both weekday and weekend batches to provide more options for learners.


Join us on this transformative journey into the world of Snowflake. Discover the power of data and become a master of Snowflake with 3RI Technologies’ comprehensive training and certification program. Enroll, today and unlock a world of opportunities in the data-driven future!

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