Tosca interview Questions and Answers(For 2023-24)

f you ask anyone what is the top testing tool available in the technology market right now. In that case, it's one and only TOSCA Tricentis, which stands under Topology and orchestration specification for a cloud application. By this time, TOSCA has been evolved as an excellent testing tool in automation tools.

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Tosca Interview Questions and Answers

Tosca interview questions and answers

If you ask anyone what is the top testing tool available in the technology market right now. In that case, it’s one and only TOSCA Tricentis, which stands under Topology and orchestration specification for a cloud application. By this time, TOSCA has been evolved as an excellent testing tool in automation tools. That’s why if you are getting a job as a TOSCA expert, then it will lead you towards a growing and promising career. 

But to get the job of a TOSCA expert, you need to clear the interview round under which your knowledge about TOSCA will be tested. That’s why we have framed this article in which we have compiled TOSCA automation interview questions. So those candidates aiming to secure the TOSCA job can prepare themselves with TOSCA interview questions and answers. 

So let’s get started with the TOSCA interview questions!

State the key features of Tosca Testsuite

Some key features of Tosca Testsuite are stated below. 

● No use of programming language, which means it is Scriptless. 

● It works based solely on how your application looks, i.e., it’s model-based. 

● Automation of UI and Non-UI applications is possible like web applications, XML, SOAP, Mainframe, etc. 

● Tosca Testsuite can be integrated with CI tools such as Jenkins with Tosca CI. 

Name the various tools which come under the Tosca Testsuite package

Some multiple tools that come under Tosca Testsuite are 

● Where the real work is done, i.e., Tosca Commander. 

● The tool is used to execute test cases from Tosca Commander, i.e., Tosca Executor. 

● The tool which is used to scan applications and also to create modules is Tosca Wizard.

● The tool which is used to integrate with CI tools is Tosca CI. 

Define Tosca commander

Tosca commander is the desktop tool for doing scripting work like drag and drop. 

Explain model-based test technique

This is an application of model-based design for designing and optional artefacts for performing software testing and system testing. The models can represent the perfect behaviour for the system under test and for representing testing strategies and test environments. 

How does model base and Tosca Testsuite is supporting risk-based testing?

The Tricentis Tosca is used to interpret the test cases by surveying the request. The automation model has the logic automation for decoupling from the test logic, which is the test case. When the required model has finished defining, it can create manual and automated test cases through input and data verification. The models are dynamic, synchronized under the application test. 

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State the numerous paths to recognize items in Tosca Testsuite

The various ways of identifying objects in Tosca Testsuite are 

● Identify with property

● Identify with anchor

● Identify with image

● Identify with index

What is the use of identity by an anchor in Tosca Testsuite?

It means identifying the object/ element of taking reference for a more uniquely identified object/element. 

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What do you understand by Recovery scenario under Tosca Testsuite?

The recovery scenario is used to recover from failure. When you are executing your test, and your test fails, this scenario is being used for ensuring the following test case runs properly. And no impact of the previous testing will be there. 

In setting>TBox>Recovery. Dialogue failure and certification failure are the two steps for recovering. 

Define cleanup scenario under Tosca Testsuite

It is part of the recovery scenario and also the very next step in the recovery scenario. The cleanup scenario came into execution when the recovery scenario failed. 

What is the need for rescanning? State some advantages of it under Tosca Testsuite

The rescanning of the module is nothing but just scanning again the already scanned module. If you have scanned your web page and want to add more fields, you can use rescan to add those fields. 

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Explain Dynamic expression

This means that their value will be generated automatically when run, like runtime data and time. 

Did you use dynamic expressions in Tosca?

Some dynamic expression in Tosca Testsuite are 

● Random Number {RND[<Number of Digits>]}

● Text Random {RAMDOMTEXT[<Number of characters>]}

● Random character strings (16 byte long) {CTMS TMP}

● Intervals <Number>{INT[+/-5]}

● Data expressions

● Time expressions

Define action mode for dynamic buffer

It can be verified as {XB[<Buffername>]}

Point out the difference between XBuffer and Buffer

The buffers are used temporarily for saving the section buffer of setting dialogue under Setting engines. 

For buffering value in setting dialogue, the name and value of the buffer are needed. And also need to set ActionMode to Buffer. 

While XBuffer can read dynamic values of a string and buffering them for ActionMode verify. 

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Explain the process of taking a screenshot in Tosca Testsuite?

For taking a screenshot, the standard module is being provided by the Tricentis. Therefore, this will be present in the standard module as TBoxTakesScreenshot. 

Define action mode constraint

This is used to limit the search. Action mode constraint is specified with verification, and action mode will only verify when the constraint is verified. 

Where do we define the Library parameter and also state the meaning of it?

This is nothing, just a business parameter for passing dynamic values in the test step block. 

Define business parameter and state where we can use it

It is used for passing the dynamic value in test step blocks. It is created with a right-click on Reusable TestStep Block and selecting business parameters from the context menu. 

Explain the test configuration parameter and also tell where we can use TCP?

It is being used for setting up some specific values for several test cases. It can be created for the objects given 

● Project root element

● Test case folder

● Test case

● Execution list folder

● Execution list. 

Define synchronization in Tosca and state where is the Setting of it

This term is defined as matching the speed of the application in automation tool speed. It can be achieved by ActionMode wait on. The Setting of Synchronization can be done under Setting>TBox> synchronization. 

Can XML testing be possible with Tosca Testsuite?

Yes, XML testing can be done possibly using Tosca Testsuite. For using this, we can insert and verify the same data from XML. 

In the folder, press right-click, select application scan, and then Non-UI. Now you will have two options: either scan from URL or file. 

Is it possible to use MS excel in Tosca? If yes, then how?

Yes, we can use MS excel in Tosca Testsuite. Numerous operations such as reading and writing data in excel can be performed. However, it’s not a part of standard modules; before importing, we need to download it. 

Define string operations 

It includes counting specific characters/words in the declaration, replacing one word with another, and verifying format numbers, etc. For performing syringe operations, you need to have module AidPack and imprinted in the project. 

What is the process of validating PDF? Is it possible to compare PDFs using Tosca?

Tosca Tricentis had provided the standard module for performing PDF comparison. Validating PDF is present in the AidPack engine as TC PDF compare. We offer the primary file and file a new path to compare. If you want to replace some words, the facility for this can also be provided. 

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State TCP for setting browser

It is a parameter used for setting up one value that can be used across the test cases. For example, a test configuration browser is a browser for which the value can be InternetExplorer or chrome or firefox. 

What is the process of checking whether a file exists at the exact location or not?

For checking the file availability at the existing location, we can use file operations. Under the standard module, the module name is TBox File Existence. It would help if you gave the name and path to it, and it will be verified with Action Mode. 

State the difference between executing test cases in scratch book and exceptionalist

Both the functions are used for running test cases under Tosca Testsuite. For constructing the test case, we can execute it from a sketchbook where no logs are saved. As soon as the test case is ready, you can move it to the execution list, and when doing actual test execution with the execution list, logs will be there.

Explain exploratory testing and state how it can be done using Tosca

It is the process known for learning about a product, designing test cases, executing, and simultaneously giving results. It can be scheduled from Tosca Testsuite, and the team can manage it from there. 

Name the looping statement which is available in Tosca

TOSCA supports looping statements as IF, ELSE, DO WHILE. The purpose for all of them is to know how will they perform in any programming language. 

Define Tosca CI and how it will be executed in test cases with this tool?

It’s a continuous integration concept that has the support of the TOSCA Testsuite. Test cases from CI tools like Jenkins, bamboo, etc., can be executed with this. It is used to connect the TOSCA Testsuite workspace with Jenkins. 

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State the advantage of linking test cases with the requirement in Tosca Testsuite

To keep track of test cases, we link test cases. Through this, we will come to know how many requirements are fulfilled and how many are left and for which the test cases have been passed. 

How can you achieve a Data-driven technique under Tosca Testsuite

It can be achieved by using the Testsheet in the TestCaseDesign section. We can create attributes and various instances for every attribute. You can create a template with a test case, attach a test case sheet with the template and then execute it. 

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Define template and tell the process of creating it

It is nothing but something in a standard format. We can convert the test case with a template so that it can be used for data combinations. It uses data from test sheets. 

Explain Instantiating template

This template means converting a template case to multiple test cases based on test data supplied to the template. This is the only process of achieving data-driven in the TOSCA test suite. 

What is Tosca Qc/ Alm Integration?

The HP quality centre is the application for allowing test cases, requirements, execution lists, and defects to be managed and maintained. The objects can be synchronized under the TOSCA commander with TOSCA quality centre integration. 

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What is Tosca Jira integration?

Integration of TOSCA with Jira can be done for defect tracking. You can easily submit the information from TOSCA to Jira, and if you wish to change the status, then synchronization in TOSCA can be reflected in Jira. 

Define TcShell and tell its use in this tool?

It is the commander line controller under the TOSCA commander. It can start with the windows command line with the use of parameters and their values. TCShell.exe is then commanded for TC shell. And it’s located in %TRICENTIS_HOME%. 

Explain Test data management

It is used to manage test data from test execution. It is part of the TOSCA Tricentis standard installation. It uses the same database for a common repository for test data management. 

Is it possible to do API testing with Tosca?

Yes, it can be done using TOSCA Testsuite. TOSCA API scan is the achiever of it. We can specify the URL or field path where XML is located. And we can send the request automatically, verification of response, and XML structure. 

Define Tql and state the usage of it

It is a powerful search method that is used to find anything which you want. For this execution, we need to write the issue in the system language. 

How many types of loops available in the TOSCA Testsuite?

There are mainly two types of loops available as 

●      Incremental loop – It can be executed for the set of several times.

●      Dynamic loop – This loop will not execute until and unless a condition is met like a do-while or while loop. 

Name the methodology under which the TOSCA tool is based upon?

linear(m) methodology. 

State the components of the TOSCA Testsuite package

TOSCA offers mainly four components 

●      TOSCA commander – This component of TOSCA is used for creating projects. 

●      TOSCA executor – It is used for executing test cases. 

●      TOSCA Xscan – It is used in the process of scanning and also to save the information on modules. 

●      Test repository – It is used for saving workspaces. 

With TOSCA, how much testing can be done?

With TOSCA, testing like GUI testing, mobile testing, API testing, testing BI, data warehouse testing, and exploratory testing can be performed. 

State the types of errors in TOSCA

Under TOSCA, mainly three types of error will be there 

●      Verification Failure – It is the failure or TOSCA error when results are not attained during execution. 

●      Dialogue failure – The application error has crashes, jams, and tries to change the path. 

●      User Abort – This is the failure where the user stops the execution of the test. 

How to run ExecutionLists?

It can be run by clicking the run option in the context menu of the TOSCA commander. And it can also be run by pressing the F6 key under the execution section. 

State the advantages of the TOSCA Testsuite

Various advantages which TOSCA offers to companies are 

● The function of Drag and Drop. 

● It enables scriptless automation. 

● It provides model-based automation. 

● It is easy to learn and has a user-friendly GUI. 

● It access reusability

● Through it, you can reduce regression testing time. 

Define TOSCA Testsuite

The TOSCA Testsuite is the testing tool that Tricentis Technology is developing with consulting GmbH. The primary language for building this tool is C#. Moreover, Java and VB6 are also used for the creation of this tool. Through TOSCA, you will be able to carry out end-to-end functional and regression testing on software. 

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State the steps to perform TOSCA connect HP ALM TOSCA integration

The steps are stated under 

● The REST API installation. 

● The installation is TaskTop with a license key. 

● The syncing of Test Case for test plan module in HP ALM. 

● The list of execution from TOSCA to Test lab in HP ALM. 

● The entry and latest test result sync from TOSCA to the test lab. 

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State the various help of TOSCA to companies 

The different help provided by TOSCA are

● It helps in delivering fast feedback for DevOps and agile. 

● It decreases regression testing time. 

● It maximizes maintainability and reusability. 

● It integrates and extends test assets. 

These are some TOSCA interview question and answer which a TOSCA aspirant must prepare before going to an interview to be hired as the TOSCA expert. All the best. 

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