What is A Selenium RC Test Case

The Selenium testing tool is one of the most well-known ones out there right now. The tool aims to make it easier for web apps, platforms, and browsers to test their functions automatically.

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When you think of automation, Selenium is the first thing that comes to mind. A vital part of the Selenium test suite is Selenium Remote Control (RC), which lets you write test cases in any computer language and run tests automatically.

In addition to explaining what Selenium RC is and how to use it, this article also covers installing and starting a Selenium server, testing remote controls, and many other topics.

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Why Selenium RC?

It’s important to know what Selenium does before we figure out what Selenium RC does.

The Selenium testing tool is one of the most well-known ones out there right now. The tool aims to make it easier for web apps, platforms, and browsers to test their functions automatically. The open-source community that supports it has helped it gain popularity.

Selenium RC lets users make test tools for web-based apps written in Java. The person using it can pick any computer language they want. This version, Selenium RC, fixes many problems present in Selenium IDE or Selenium core. There were holes in the Selenium Core, and it was severely limited. Because of this, it was hard for people to get the most out of the tool. The testing method is very time-consuming and complicated to complete.Check out Online Selenium Training. Enroll now!

 Selenium Remote Control (RC): What Is It?

The Selenium suite includes Selenium Remote Control, which consists of client libraries and a server that automatically launches and closes the browser. It is a Java-implemented server. It can receive HTTP commands for browsers. Selenium no longer supports Selenium Remote Control and is obsolete in the most recent version of Selenium.

You can create automation tests in Selenium Remote Control using any programming language, such as Python, C#, Java, etc. Selenium Remote Control allows you to write automated tests for testing web applications. An application under test can function in the browser as though it is available within the proxy server’s domain, thanks to the proxy server that is part of Selenium Remote Control. We must first launch a Selenium Remote Control server instance to begin running tests.

Before the creation of Selenium WebDriver (Selenium 2.0), the primary Selenium project that endured for a considerable time was Selenium Remote Control (RC). Right now. Although WebDriver has greater functionality, Selenium Remote Control is rarely used anymore, but users can still use it to create scripts.

With the full power of programming languages like Java, C#, Perl, Python, and PHP, it enables us to construct automated web application user interface tests. From there, we can create more complex tests to read and write files, query databases, and email test results.

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Advantages of Implementing Automated Tests

Automating test cases makes it easier to run them repeatedly.

  • It makes testing a big test matrix easier.
  • It is possible to execute in parallel.
  • Implementation promotes the testing professional’s unattended execution.
  • The task increases accuracy and significantly lowers human-generated errors.
  • You can save time and money at the same time.

There is no doubt that the advantages lead to a quicker go-to-market and a higher ROI. The software testing industry recognizes and values several of the benefits of automated testing.

There are times when questions such as “Will it be too expensive?” The question “What is the best tool to automate web-based tests?” appears. Either “Would it be simple to adjust to?” Selenium may be the straightforward solution. The following justifies the preference for selenium: Enroll our Selenium classes in Pune and become an expert in Software Testing.

  • It’s an open-source platform.
  • There are lots of users, and the communities are really beneficial.
  • Selenium works with a variety of browsers and platforms.
  • The repositories are undergoing active development.
  • There is support for many language implementations.

Pros and Cons of Using Selenium RC

Pros :

Although Selenium WebDriver is the preferred method for web automation, there are a few benefits to using Selenium RC (Remote Control) as well:

Multilingual Support:

Selenium RC supports many programming languages, including Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and many more.This enables testers to create automation scripts in the language of their choice.

Adaptability in the Conduct of Tests:

With Selenium Grid, Selenium RC makes it possible to conduct tests across several operating systems and browsers. This makes cross-platform and cross-browser testing possible.

Backward Compatibility:

Older Selenium versions are backward compatible with Selenium RC. You can continue using an existing Selenium RC codebase without making significant changes.


The following are a few of Selenium RC’s limitations:

Dependency on External Server

Before running tests, Selenium RC requires the startup of a separate server known as the Selenium RC Server. This complicates things and adds a step to the setup procedure.

Performance Problems

Because of its architecture, Selenium RC has performance problems. Compared to Selenium WebDriver, it may execute more slowly because it depends on JavaScript injection to communicate with the browser.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

It could be problematic for Selenium RC to get consistent cross-browser compatibility. Because it depends on JavaScript-based automation, test results may be erratic and untrustworthy due to browser inconsistencies.

Limited Browser Support

There isn’t much support for more recent browser versions in Selenium RC. As browsers change and evolve, Selenium RC can require assistance to be compatible, which could cause problems and inconsistencies.

Maintenance Difficulties

No active maintenance exists for the deprecated software Selenium RC. It might not get bug fixes, updates, or support for updated browser versions. Maintaining a codebase based on an antiquated and deprecated framework can need time and effort.

Complex Test Writing

Compared to Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC requires more intricate test writing. The test scripts are more difficult to read, comprehend, and manage because they employ various commands and techniques.
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The Selenium RC: How Does It Operate?

The components of the Selenium RC determine how it functions. Each part plays a distinct role in carrying out the test scripts.

RC Components

Automating the test scripts is the responsibility of the Selenium RC components. These are:

  • The Selenium Server’s job is to start and terminate the browsers. The test program would send Selenium commands and interpret and execute them. As the HTTP proxy, they intercept and verify HTTP communications delivered from the AUT to the browser.
  • A client library is available for each primary programming language, allowing users to connect to the Selenium server.

Selenium Server

The test software sends Selenium statements, which the Selenium Server then interprets. Following test execution, the Server logs the program’s results. Injecting the Selenium Core and these bundles into the browser is a process that begins with the Selenium RC server. The Selenium Core is essentially a library of methods written in JavaScript. These methods use the browser’s built-in JavaScript interpreter to understand and carry out the Selenium commands.

The test application uses the Server’s simple HTTP requests to access the Selenium instructions. You can use any programming language that can make HTTP requests to automate Selenium testing in browsers.

Client-Side Library

Client libraries supply the programming environment required to execute the program’s specified commands. Every supported language has a client library of its own.. One way to access the API is through the Selenium client library. Here, you can find a set of functions the software uses to execute Selenium commands. Each interface’s internal programming function is compatible with all Selenium commands.

The client libraries’ APIs are in charge of communicating with a Selenium Server and providing Selenese commands. About the AUT or application under test, the Server then executes the tests or processes a particular function. It is also the responsibility of the client libraries’ APIs to receive the results and pass them on to the program. After that, one can assign the outcomes to a variable. Even better, the software may mark the occurrence as successful or unsuccessful. If something goes wrong, there is also a chance to fix it.

You may develop the test application by utilizing the client library’s APIs to write a program that runs some Selenese commands. The IDE also includes the capability to build Selenium code, which helps use pre-existing test scripts. The IDE can convert the commands into client driver API function calls. Interested to begin a career in Software Testing? Enroll now for Selenium with Python Course.

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How To Install Selenium

There is no need to install Selenium. Whichever language you wish to use, there are several libraries that you must download. After selecting the language, you would have to:

  • Install Selenium RC Server on your computer.
  • Configure the programming project using the language-specific client driver.

How is the Selenium Server Installed?

  • Since Selenium is a single Java jar file, installation is not necessary.
  • You must download this.zip file on your computer.

    You now need to extract it into the necessary directory. Installing the Selenium server requires doing that.

The Selenium Server: How to Start It?

It is necessary to launch the server before beginning the tests. To run the command, the user must navigate to the Selenium RCs folder.

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-.jar

Making an executable or batch file (.sh for Linux or .bat for Windows) with the above command might speed up the process. It is necessary to create a desktop shortcut for this executable file. Pressing the icon twice initiates the server. But, to launch the server, Java must be installed on the computer, and the PATH variable must be set up correctly. To verify a successful installation of Java, execute the following command.

java -version

If you get a Java version back, you can use Selenium RC if the version is 1.5 or later.

You can run the test using the Java IDE or the command line

The Java Client Driver: How To Use It?

Installing Selenium’s client driver is a prerequisite for utilizing Java with it. You can utilize the Java Client Driver by following the procedures below.

  • Downloading the necessary Java driver zip files is where you should start.
  • You would then need to extract the selenium-java.jar file.
  • The next step is to open an IDE that supports Java, such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Netbeans.
  • You will then be able to begin working on any Java project.
  • You must include the selenium-java-.jar files in your project.
  • The project classpath has to include the selenium-java-.jar file.
  • The console is the best way to operate the Selenium server.
  • You can run the test using the Java IDE or the command line
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The Python Driver: How To Use It?

Using Selenium would require having the Python Driver installed on the system. The instructions for using the Python Driver are as follows.

  • Installing Selenium requires PIP, and the necessary downloads are available here.
  • One option for writing the Selenium test is to use Python code, or you may export a script from the IDE into Python files.
  • Using the console, one may run the Selenium server.
  • You can run a test from the Python IDE or the console.

The.NET Client Driver: How To Use It?

When used, the installation procedure could be a bit different. NET with Selenium. This is the next step for you to take.

  •  You will need to obtain the Selenium RC from SeleniumHQ.
  • Similar to the other languages, the following step entails extracting the folder.
  • Installing and downloading NUnit is the next step.As a test engine, one can use NUnit. Otherwise, the tests can be executed using the main() function.
  • You would need to start by opening a.NET IDE, such as Visual Studio or SharpDevelop.
  • You can now construct a.dll class library.
  • The necessary DLLs need to have references added to them.
  • Writing the Selenium test requires knowledge of one of the.NET languages, such as C# or VB.NET. Next, to insert the code into a class file, you must export the script from the Selenium IDE to a C# file.
  • You could use NUnit if you had included it in the project. If not, you can use the main() program to execute the test.
  • To run the Selenium server, you must utilize the console.
  • You can execute the test using your NUnit GUI, the command line, or your preferred IDE.

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 Ruby Client Driver: How To Use it?

Ruby Client Driver installation is simple. Before working with the language, you must own it.

  • In the absence of RubyGems, you must first install RubyForge.
  • Afterward, execute the following command:

gem install selenium-client

  • Include the following line of code at the top of the test script: require “selenium/client.”
  • Some Ruby harnesses you can use to write the test script include Mini:: Test, Test:: Unit, and RSpec.
  • You can start the Selenium server from the command line.
  • To run the test, just follow the same steps as any other Ruby script.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Selenium provides a portable framework for automating web-based testing. It includes replay for the functional tests, so learning the scripting language is unnecessary. The majority of current browsers would be able to run these tests. Since it’s open-source, developers can download and use it without paying anything. To master the skills from industry experts at 3RI Technologies.

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