AWS Cloud Engineer Salary

Professionals with AWS knowledge have consistently been essential resources in the IT sector due to how quickly and comprehensively organizations have implemented AWS services into their business processes.

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AWS Cloud Engineer Salary in India

Professionals with AWS knowledge have consistently been essential resources in the IT sector due to how quickly and comprehensively organizations have implemented AWS services into their business processes. Besides, the demand for this profession is increasing, and there is a severe global scarcity of qualified workers. Employees in India and abroad, both novice and expert, are becoming aware of this.

AWS Cloud Support Engineer – Overview

To work as an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, you must have the AWS Solutions Architect Certification. One of the most important roles of AWS Engineers, who are part of Companies’ Solution development teams, is application and service development. Creative solutions and insights, and technical competence must make software and hardware applications and services more useful and relevant for organizations.

AWS Solutions Architects must also possess the requisite business abilities to comprehend end-user problems and work processes and translate them into effective solutions. Besides that, they are conveying the technical features of a project to end-users and management teams, fixing scalability concerns with software and hardware applications, and third-party app integration challenges for clients.

Many freshers and experienced developers and architects who aspire to work as AWS Developers or Architects may have a promising financial and professional future ahead of them. Large corporations are looking for experts and are ready to pay a higher salary for someone familiar with equipment and processes.

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As a result, AWS Solution Engineer or Architects must have both business and technical skills, and they collaborate closely with business architects. They are accountable for collaborating to develop solutions that are both effective and feasible for organizations. 

The following are some of the other responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect in an organization:

  • Creating a cloud-services strategy.
  • Cloud platform monitoring and control
  • Design and development of cloud-based applications
  • Application development necessitates programming skills in Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and BASH.
  • To improve security, data security and compliance measures are necessary. 

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According to Glassdoor, an AWS Developer’s average entry-level salary in India is about 607k a year. If you lack experience and cannot work for a multinational company, you may have to start your career with a 383k minimum income. It might be as high as Rs. 1,537 K a year depending on if you work for a multinational corporation (MNC), your level of expertise, and your location.

Depending on your skills, experience, and certifications, you may be able to apply for various positions. Recruitment agencies are looking for the following positions:

AWS Engineer, AWS Cloud Engineer, AWS DevOps Admin, AWS Network Specialist, AWS System Integrator, AWS Big Data Specialist, Cloud Architect, SysOps Admin, AWS Cloud Developer, Cloud Sales, and Purchase Manager, AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Manager, AWS Cloud Software Engineer.

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AWS Expert Salary in India Based on Location 

The average salary for an AWS Cloud Support Engineer in the metros is as follows:

In New Delhi, an AWS Expert may make roughly Rs. 7,67K per year, in Mumbai, around Rs. 1,195K per year, in Chennai, around Rs. 6,44 K per year, in Hyderabad, around Rs. 5,51K per year, and in Kolkata, about Rs. 9,50K per year. (All of these statistics were obtained from Glassdoor.)

AWS Engineer Salary in India Based on Experience 

Your annual pay is exactly proportionate to your years of relevant expertise. As an AWS Cloud Support Engineer (Beginner) with less than a year of experience, you should prepare to put in some work, build proficiency, and acquire specific special skills and expertise.

Experience AWS Cloud Support Engineer Beginner (1-5 years) AWS Cloud Support Engineer Senior -Mid-Level (6-14 years)AWS Cloud Support Engineer Senior – Experienced (15-19 years) AWS Cloud Support Engineer Senior – Experienced (20+ years)
Salary In India. (Rs. Per Year)4,80 K-8,00 K 1,300 K – 1,800 K1,900 K – 2,400 K2,500 K – 3,000K

AWS experts working for a global firm as a Senior Solution Architect with experience might pay up to Rs. 5,000K per year. (All of these statistics were obtained from LinkedIn.). Sign up for the best AWS and DevOps Course!

AWS Engineer Salary in India Based on Employer 

For AWS Cloud Solution Architects, the majority of organizations with Associate Certifications pay well. Those with an AWS Certification will pursue high-paying jobs in worldwide companies since large corporations are always looking for certified employees. In multinational firms, having an internationally recognized certification enhances your chances of being promoted to a higher level of employment. (All of these statistics were obtained from PayScale.)

Company NameAWS Cloud Engineer Min Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year) AWS Cloud Engineer Max Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year)
Tech Mahindra350K2M
Wipro Technology400K2M
Ericsson Inc436K3M

AWS Engineer Salary in India Based on Skillset 

Working for a large organization in a profession that demands your skills and expertise is essential. If you have a better understanding of technology-related abilities and expertise, you will be more effective and competent in your current profession. This expertise may also assist you in increasing your salary. (All of these statistics were obtained from PayScale.)

Technology-Skill SetSalary In India (Rs. Per Year)
AWS Cloud Engineer (Certified)400K – 2M
AWS DevOps Engineer725K
Technical Architect2M
IT Consultant1 M

AWS Engineer Salary Based on Qualification

A bachelor’s degree is required, then other graduate degrees are considered; however, a master’s degree is recommended. Individuals with special technical knowledge, however, are in high demand regardless of qualification. Programming languages (Java, Python, etc.) and qualified individuals from IITs with Machine Learning and Big Data will always have a higher package.

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1. What professional route ought a cloud engineer to take?

As a cloud engineer, you might work in various capacities, such as network and computer engineer, cloud architect, and cloud security specialist. For cloud engineers, landing one of these jobs is a significant accomplishment.

2. Is a career in cloud engineering viable?

Because cloud computing is becoming widely used by enterprises of all kinds and the cloud technology market is expanding, cloud engineers and their roles are in great demand.

3. What makes becoming a cloud engineer a good career choice?

Cloud engineers are in great demand due to the growing number of businesses that are transferring their operations to the cloud. The increasing adoption of cloud computing by businesses has led to a corresponding surge in the need for cloud engineers.

4. Is cloud computing a good option for new hires?

Indeed, it’s a fantastic option to start with. Work and career opportunities are abundant for professionals with expertise in cloud computing across all industries and businesses.

5. How does Linux fit into the cloud computing landscape?

Ninety percent of cloud computing platforms run on Linux. These days, almost all servers and embedded devices run this operating system. Incorporating a practical comprehension of Linux into the curriculum vitae of a cloud architect, network engineer, or network architect is imperative.

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