Tableau Developer Salary in India

Large and small organizations generate more data every day, with the volume produced exceeding that of the previous decade because of the growth and widespread use of the internet. Businesses are increasingly seeking a business intelligence tool to assist them in analyzing enormous amounts of data.

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Tableau Developer Salary in India

Large and small organizations generate more data every day, with the volume produced exceeding that of the previous decade because of the growth and widespread use of the internet. Businesses are increasingly seeking a business intelligence tool to assist them in analyzing enormous amounts of data.

Tableau Developer or Engineer is a highly desirable job in the sector of Business Intelligence in 2021, whether you are a total novice or an experienced developer. The benefit of adopting Tableau as one of the best Business Intelligence (BI) tools is that no programming or technical abilities are necessary. 

Tableau Software Engineers are already in high demand, and this need will only grow in the future. Many aspiring Tableau Developers, both new and experienced, might have a bright financial and professional future. With the help of Tableau Training in Pune, you will explore your skill easily. Enroll in SQL And Tableau Certification Course at 3RI Technologies.

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Overview of Tableau

Tableau is one of the most advanced and fastest-growing data visualization tools in the fast-growing business intelligence domain. This business intelligence tool facilitates the translation of raw data into a readily comprehensible format, becoming increasingly important as larger companies become more data-driven. Tableau assists specialists from both large and small businesses in analyzing massive amounts of data, resulting in a rising need for Tableau developers in India and elsewhere. 

Tableau is an interactive, user-friendly BI tool that may assist with data analysis and advanced analytics in the business world. This is the primary reason for the increase in Tableau developer vacancies in India. Even small and major businesses are willing to pay higher wages to hire competent Tableau Software Engineers.

We will look at the Tableau Developer Salary in India and why Tableau Certification is so important if you want to work for one of the top Data Analytics and Business Intelligence companies.

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Tableau Developer Salary in India Based on Experience

Tableau Developer jobs are in high demand in the Business Intelligence industry, and the Average Salary of Tableau Developers in India is around Rs.7,68 K annually and a decent annual salary of Rs 20 lakhs per year for experienced, which is among the top sectors. (All of these statistics were obtained from PayScale and Indeed.)

Experience Tableau Developer Beginner (1-4 years)Tableau Developer Senior -Mid-Level (5-9 years)Tableau Developer Senior – Experienced (10-19 years)
Salary In India. (Rs. Per Year)5,17K-7,68K 8,94K-1,500K2,000K

Tableau Developer Salary in India Based on Location 

The Average Salary of Tableau Developer in the metros is as follows: 

In Delhi, Tableau Developer may make roughly Rs. 11,59 K per year, in Jaipur-Rs. 10,78K per year, in Gurgaon around Rs. 9,34K per year, in Hyderabad around Rs. 8,47K per year, in Pune around Rs.8,30K per year, in Bengaluru around 8,18K per year, in Chennai around 7,88 K, in Mumbai about 6,98K per year.

A Tableau developer with 7+ years of expertise earns 1,500K per year in Delhi.

Tableau Developers in other metro cities, like Bangalore and Chennai, may earn around Rs. 8,00K a year. If you want to work as a tableau developer in India, hunt for a job in Delhi (All of these statistics were obtained from Indeed and Naukri.)

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Tableau Developer Salary in India Based on Employer 

As large companies are constantly on the lookout for certified professionals, individuals with a Tableau Certification will be able to pursue high-paying positions in worldwide corporations. In multinational corporations, having an internationally recognized certification boosts your chances of being promoted to a higher level of employment (All of these statistics were obtained from AmbitionBox.)

Company NameTableau Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year)
Accenture4.3 Lakhs – 12.7 Lakhs
Capgemini 4.1 Lakhs – 8.3 Lakhs
IBM4.0 Lakhs – 8.5 Lakhs
Tech Mahindra 4.0 Lakhs – 7.3 Lakhs
Genpact 4.5 Lakhs – 8.1 Lakhs
Cognizant 3.9 Lakhs – 9.3 Lakhs
HCL Technologies4.1 Lakhs – 9.0 Lakhs
Infosys3.6 Lakhs – 7.7 Lakhs
Wipro 3.6 Lakhs – 6.6 Lakhs

Tableau Developer Career Opportunities in India

A Tableau Developer is well-suited for a variety of career opportunities. Here’s a quick list: Business Intelligence Manager, Business Intelligence Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Intelligence Architect, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Tableau Consultant, Tableau Application Developer, Tableau Admin, Tableau Admin Developer, Tableau Architect, Lead Tableau Developer.

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Tableau Developer Salary Based on Qualification

A bachelor’s degree is required, then other bachelor’s degrees, with a master’s degree being preferred. Individuals with specialized professional skills, on the other hand, are in high demand regardless of educational background.

A Tableau Developer should be familiar with the following tools: 

  • ETL Frameworks and OLAP Data Analysis Tools.
  • SQL server skills, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) are also necessary.
  • Excel – Understanding the essential functionalities of Microsoft Excel is essential.

A Tableau Developer must have a strong analytical mind, comfort with data, and the ability to find the best way to define data using historical and previous data for easier business decisions and to find a solution to problems that will aid in the improvement of business processes in addition to the essential qualification and experience.

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Tableau Developer Salary Based on Skill Set

To enhance their career as a Tableau Developer, one should know Predictive Analytics principles, Statistical methods, R programming, Python, Cloud Repositories, Data extraction and loading, DBMS concepts. Individuals should understand Analytics and Business intelligence (BI) incredibly well to advance in their careers.

Tableau Developers or Engineers provide data solutions and services while also doing a range of other responsibilities inside the company, such as developing BI dashboards and reports, interacting with corporate designers, and extracting information for the development of the system.

As a Tableau Engineer, individuals must understand the data source and format, extract information, and convert it into a user-friendly representation; they may also serve as Tableau Server Administrators (All of these statistics were obtained from Naukri.)

Job RoleAverage Salary in India (Rs. Per Year)
Tableau Developer3.6 Lakh
Tableau Engineer3.6 Lakh
Business Intelligence Developer3.6 Lakh
Business Intelligence Architect3.6 Lakh
Tableau Architect12.3 Lakh
Lead Tableau Developer12.3 Lakh
Business Analyst12.3 Lakh
Data Analyst12.3 Lakh

Tableau’s Future and Scope 

Tableau’s huge popularity in the business sector is largely due to the volume of data generated each year. Tableau is the most powerful tool for analyzing data and developing technological solutions based on it. Because of the high demand for Tableau Software Engineer, salary is quite high; nevertheless, individuals need not be concerned because this is stable and satisfying.

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Tableau Developer or Engineer career opportunities and roles have expanded significantly in recent years. As a result of it being the fastest growing business intelligence tool used for data visualization in a user-friendly manner, making it one of the most desired technologies to be used by all types of enterprises, small, medium, and large, and has a strong community behind it.

Now that you have a proper insight into the Tableau Developer Overview and Tableau Developer Salary in India, you can plan your career route to your desired profession. You may showcase your professional experience by acquiring a Tableau Developer Certification Training certification. Enroll in a Tableau-certified course offered by a recognized training provider that focuses on practical Tableau knowledge just like 3RI Technologies does.

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