AWS Interview Questions & Answers for Fresher’s and Experts

AWS Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers and experts

AWS Interview Questions And Answers for Fresher’s and Experts

Below given is one of the top lists for the most common questions and answers asked during the technical AWS interviews.

AWS Technical Questions and Answers

These questions will be beneficial to both; fresher’s as well as for experienced AWS professionals at any certain level. These questions can turn out to be midway to nearly advanced AWS professionals; however, whether you are a novice or a fresher, you will be able to comprehend the detailed explanations of the answers which we have provided below. So let us check some of the top AWS Training in Pune which will take your career to the next level.

AWS Certification in India-

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

We also have Online AWS Certification.

Q1. What are all the components required to build the Amazon VPC?

Ans: NAT Gateway, Peering Connection, Virtual Private Gateway, Egress-only Internet Gateway, Subnet, HW VPN Connection, VPC Endpoint for S3, Customer Gateway, Internet Gateway, Router.

Q2. How can one safeguard the EC2 instances while running in a VPC?

Ans: In a VPC, the security of groups is used for the better protection of EC2 instances. INBOUND, as well as OUTBOUND traffic, both can be configured from the group of security, which further allows secured access to the instances of EC2? The group of security robotically refuses any kind of unauthorized access done on your EC2 instances.

Q3. In the case of VPC, how many EC2 instances can be used at a time?

Ans: At the initial stage, there is a limitation for launching the 20 EC2 instances in a one-time procedure. While the maximum size of VPC is nearly, approx 65,536 instances.

Q4. In VPC, can one establish a connection that is peering in a particular REGION?

Ans: Unfortunately, this is not possible in VPC for different regions. While the connection of peering is only possible between the VPC that belongs to a similar region.

Q5. Is it possible to connect one VPC to another VPC having another AWS account?

Ans: Yes, this is, fortunately, possible to do. Provided the user of another AWS account allows your connection request.

Q6. When was E2 officially launched?

Ans: E2 officially launched in the year 2006.

O7. When was S3 officially launched among these,

  • 2003
  • 2006
  • 2010

Ans: S3 was officially launched in the year 2006.

Q8. Who is the AWS CEO and Chief among these, Jeff Bezos, Lisa Su, Denise Morrison?

Ans: Jeff Bezos is the CEO and Chief of Amazon.

Q9. What do you mean by elastic computing among these,

  • Automatically VMs will be added and remove
  • Data will be replicated to different AZs
  • You can spin up and spin down VMs

Ans: You can spin up and spin down VMs

Q10. What is the procedure for encryption in AWS S3?


  • In Transit: SSL/TLS
  • At Rest
  • Server-Side in Encryption
  • S3 Managed Keys – SSE-S3
  • AWS Key Management Service, Managed of Keys – SSE-KMS
  • 6.Server-Side Encryption with Customer Provided Keys – SSE-C
  • Client-Side Encryptions

Q11: What are some of the major platforms of storage in amazon?


  • Low-cost Achieve Storage in the
  • cloud
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Amazon EBS
  • Block Storage for EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • Scalable Storage in Cloud
  • AWS Elastic File System
  • Managed File Storage for EC2
  • On-Demand Compute
  • AWS Snowmobile
  • Exabyte-scale Data to Transport
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Hybrid Storage Integration
  • Amazon Snowball
  • Petabyte-Scale Data Transport
  • AWS Snowball Edge
  • Petabyte-scale Data to Transport with

Q12. In Linux, what is the procedure for updating the AMI tool during the BOOT time?

Ans: # Update to Amazon EC2 AMI tools

echo ” + Updating EC2 AMI tools”

yum update -y AWS-AMI tools-ec2

echo ” + Updated EC2 AMI tools”

Q13. Which are the top then advantages of using cloud computing?


  • High Productivity.
  • Environment-Friendly.
  • Pay as you Go Model.
  • Increased Mobility.
  • Easy to Manage.
  • Less Deployment Time.
  • Dynamic Scaling.
  • Shared Resources
  • Less or No CAPEX.
  • High Availability.

Q14. What are some of the best benefits of AWS cloud computing?


  • Easy & Agile Deployment.
  • Reliability, Scalability & Sustainability.
  • Low Capital Expenditure.
  • Lower TCO.
  • Device & Location Independent.
  • Pay As You Use.
  • Frees from Internal Resources.
  • Utility-Based.
  • 24 * 7 Support.
  • Secure Store Management.

Q15. Tell us some of the merits of cloud computing?


  • Device Independence and the “always on! Anywhere and any of place”
  • A very Lower Cost of Computing.
  • Much Reduced Cost of Software.
  • Entirely free from the maintenance routine. It means that you need not worry about maintaining or administrating the infrastructure in AWS Cloud Computing.
  • Increased Data Reliability.
  • Highly Improved Performance.
  • Unlimited and a vast storage capacity feature enabled in AWS, where the space for storage will never run out of the capacity, as it is very much infinite.
  • Instantaneous Software Updates with AWS.

Q16. What are some of the features of S3 Bucket?


  • Encryption
  • Static web hosting
  • Object lifecycle management
  • Versioning
  • Unlimited storage

Q17. In RDS services, name and mention some of the database engines available?


  • Maria DB
  • MSSQL server
  • Amazon AURORA
  • Postgres DB
  • Oracle DB

Q18. Which are some of the cloud service providers for the private cloud?

  • IBM Private Cloud.
  • Rackspace
  • Redhat-Openstack
  • VMware

Q19. Which are some of the cloud service providers for the public cloud?

  • Amazon web services
  • Alibaba Cloud.
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud

Q20. What are the types of AMI which are provided by AWS?

  • A) Instance Store backed
  • B) EBS Backed
  • C)None its volume type and not AMI types
  • D) Both A and B

Ans: Both A and B

Q21. Which of the following Amazon AWS service used while hosting a static website?

  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3)
  • Amazon Route53

Ans: Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3)

Q22. Among the following, what is the maximum size of a bucket in S3?

  • 10 Terabytes
  • 3 Terabytes
  • 7 Terabytes
  • 5 Terabytes

Ans: 5 Terabytes

Q23. In S3, among the following options, how many buckets can be created at a time?

  • 250
  • 150
  • 100
  • 500

Ans: 100

Q24. Out of the following options given, which one of these is an availability zone?

  • Denotes an Entire Region
  • A Container where all your S3 buckets are stored
  • Collection of Regions
  • A location inside a Region that is protected from failures

Ans: A location inside a Region that is protected from failures

Q25: For what is Lambda used for in AWS?

  • Lambda is used for running serverless applications
  • It is a database service from AWS
  • It is a testing tool from AWS
  • It is an Anti Virus software from AWS

Ans: Lambda is used for running serverless applications

Q 26: What do you mean by a DDoS attack? How can it minimize?

DDoS is a cyber-attack wherein a perpetrator accesses a site and establishes a multitude of sessions, thereby the other legitimate users can’t able to access the service. The tools which are designed to deny the DDoS attacks on the AWS services are;

  • ELB
  • VPC
  • Amazon Route53
  • AWS Shield
  • Amazon CloudFront

Q 27: How can a user establish up a system to monitor site metrics in real-time in AWS?

With the help of Amazon CloudWatch, it is feasible to monitor the application status of different AWS services along with custom events. It assists you in monitoring the following;

  • Console sign-in events
  • Auto-scaling lifecycle events
  • AWS API calls
  • Scheduled events
  • State changes in Amazon EC2

Q 28: Tell about some AWS services that are not region-specific:

  • Route 53
  • CloudFront
  • IAM
  • Web Application Firewall

Q 29: What do you mean by AWS?

AWS means Amazon Web Services. It is a collection of remote computing services. AWS has a comprehensive and evolving cloud computing platform ensured by Amazon. It has a mixture of the platform as a service (PaaS), packaged software as a service (SaaS), and infrastructure as a service (laaS). AWS services offer organization tools like database storage, compute power, and content delivery services.


Q 29: How can a request be sent to Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is a REST service that is used to send a request with the help of REST API. Besides, AWS SDK wrapper libraries are also taking into consideration to wrap the underlying Amazon S3 REST API.

Q 30: Name the key components of AWS?

  • Route 53: It is a DNS web service
  • Simple Storage Device or S3: It is also a storage device that is mostly and comprehensively used in AWS service.
  • Simple E-mail Service: It is used to send an e-mail with the assistance of either with RESTFUL API call or a regular call.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2: It is used to offer on-demand computing resources in favor of hosting applications.
  • Elastic Block Store or EBS: It provides persistent storage volumes that are connected to EC2 to endow the users to persist data that past the lifespan of a single Amazon EC2 instance.

Cloud_Watch: It endows the administration to look at and assemble keys. It also offers a notification alarm if any trouble arises.

  • Identity and Access Management: It provides improved security and also finds out management for your AWS account

Q 31: What do you mean by Snowball?

It is a data transport option used to source appliances to a massive amount of data in and out of AWS. It is possible to send a large amount of data from one location to another with a snowball. It also assists in declining networking costs.

Q 32: What do you mean by a redshift?

It is a big data warehouse product that is highly robust and fast. Besides, it is an entirely manageable data warehouse service in the cloud.


Q 33: Does it possible to vertically scale an Amazon instance? If so, then how?

Yup! It is merely possible to scale an Amazon instance vertically. For this, the users need to;

  • Spin up a more prominent example instead of that currently executing.
  • Then halt that instance and separate the root webs volume that is attached to a server and finally discard it.
  • Now, stop your live instance and separate its root volume.
  • The users must note the unique device ID and also needs to attach that root volume to a new server.
  • Finally, start it again to get the results.

Q 34: What do you mean by T2 instances?

It is designed to ensure moderate baseline performance and the competencies to burst the higher performance as needed by the workload.

Q 35: Which are the best security practices for Amazon EC2?

  • Use of AWS identities and access management to control access in the AWS resources
  • Restrict access with the assistance of permitting only trusted networks to access ports.
  • Also, review the rules daily in your security group.
  • It is only allowed to access the permissions that are needed.
  • Finally, discontinued the password-based login.

Q 36: Name key-pairs in AWS?

Key-pairs are of two types- Private-key and Public-key and secure login information. They are also used in virtual machines.

Q 37: How is it possible to create AWS with Elastic IPs?

With the assistance of 5 VPC Elastic IP addresses, it is possible to create AWS with Elastic IPs. 

Q 38: What are the roles?

When there is a need to take permission from entities that can trust within an AWS account, the roles are used. The fact, functions are like users. But, with features, the users don’t need to establish any password and username to work with the resources.

Q 39: What are the edge locations?

The area wherein the contents will be cached, known as Edge Location. Therefore, when a user tries to access any material, the content will itself be searched in the edge location.

Q 40: Does it possible to create a peering connection to a VPC in case of a different region?

Nope! It is not feasible to peer connection to a VPC in a different region. It is only possible in the same area.

Q 41: What are the benefits of auto-scaling?

  • It offers better availability
  • It assists in fault tolerance
  • It provides better cost management

Q 42: What is a subnet?

Subnet means a large section of IP addresses split into chunks.

Q 43: What is SimpleDB?

It is a data repository of a structured record. It influences data doubts and indexing.

Q 44: What do you mean by Amazon ElasticCache?

It is a web service wherein it becomes easy to develop, store, and scale data in the cloud.

Q 45: What is the role of AWS CloudTrail?

AWS CloudTrail is a tool that is uniquely designed for logging and tracking API calls. It is also used to audit all S3 bucket accesses.


Q 46: What is SQL?

SQL means Simple Queues Services that is distributed queuing service, which works as a mediator between two controllers.

Q 47: What do you mean by Geo Restriction in CloudFront? 

With Geo Restriction, it is possible to prevent users of particular geographic locations to access content that is distributing via a CloudFront web distribution.

Q 48: How can the buffer use in Amazon web services?

The butter aims to make the system more reliable to manage load or traffic by synchronizing different components. Parts are used to receiving and processing requests in an unbalanced manner. Thus, with a buffer, it is possible to balance the elements and make the process faster.

Q 49: In AWS, how many buckets can create by default?

It is possible to make up to 100 buckets only in AWS by default.

Q 50: What is the primary difference between EC2 and Amazon S3?

  • EC2 is a cloud web service, while Amazon S3 is a data storage system.
  • EC2 is used to host an application, while Amazon S3 is used to store any amount of data.
  • EC2 is like a big computer machine where users can either run Linus or Window and can also handle applications like Python, PHP, and more, while Amazon S3 has a REST interface. It has secure HMAC-SHA 1 authentication keys.

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