Be the Best AWS Professional with 3RI AWS Training in Pune

Be the Best AWS Professional with 3RI AWS Training in Pune

Business is dynamic, and so are the expenses required to run it! Today, most of the business owners (irrespective of the volume of business and their global reach) are confronted with the rising operating expenses, and therefore eternally searching for solutions that would require them to pay only used services and not the unused ones. AWS, somewhere, has emerged out of this concept, and therefore deals with on-demand cloud computing resources and services, thereby having the business owners pay only for the services they avail and not for everything that the association offers.

AWS, in layman’s terms, resembles a solution tailored to the industry’s requirements, thus rendering the static ones redundant. It is cost-effective, and with its functional efficiency, it is soft on time as well! This blog intends to acquaint people with the significance of pursuing AWS training in Pune and why they should choose 3RI Technologies as their educational partner for the AWS certification course in Pune.

With an ever-growing base of more than 1 million customers in over 190 countries, AWS is one of those fastest-growing business applications and is slated to undergo even more exponential growth in the years to come. However, its growth as a business application needs to be complemented by the growth in the number of professionals adept at AWS and its applications, and that’s exactly where this 3RI AWS training in Pune comes from! It emphasizes learning the most practically relevant and latest concepts associated with AWS. 3RI Technologies has developed this course intending to augment the AWS expertise of existing software developers, project managers, system administrators that are keen on deploying applications on AWS, solutions architects, etc. Besides the competitive course content, this course also involves a challenging real-world project that will put the students to the test and bring out the best in them. Here’s the course outline of the 3RI AWS certification course in Pune.

3RI Technologies AWS Training in Pune | Comprehensive AWS Certification Course in Pune

This training program is a 3 step course that includes the basics, the core course, and the project work.

AWS Basics: Linux Basics and Storage Basics

AWS Course Curriculum: Introduction to Cloud and AWS, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Identity and Access Management Techniques (IAM), S3, SNS, SWF and SQS, Networking: Setting up VPC and NAT, AWS Databases RDS and Dynamodb, Application Services.

Project Work: Project Work, Big Data Solutions, Bonus Brief Introduction to Docker Qualifying to pursue this course requires you to be equipped with the fundamentals of network concepts, and cloud computing concepts. Further, it also requires you to possess a working knowledge of IT security practices.

Why 3RI Technologies for AWS Certification Course in Pune?

3RI Technologies isn’t a new name in the education services domain. It has been imparting education for around nine years and has delivered several industry professionals that have excelled in the respective area of operations. Besides, the courses are designed and delivered by industry experts that have an understanding of the industry’s dynamics, which therefore makes the courses organically aligned with the industry’s requirements. Moreover, 3RI offers 100% placement assistance. It not only creates technical experts but aims at creating thorough professionals that are capable of performing well in the toughest of situations.

AWS Job Opportunities

The job opportunities available with AWS are widespread and diverse in nature. Since AWS is a growing technology, there are abundant job opportunities available in the industry. After completion of the AWS certification course in Pune, based on your skills and levels of expertise, you could get employed with SMEs or MNCs to work on AWS cloud computing, Container-based portable application building, etc. Besides, you could also have opportunities to work in areas such as cloud backup and disaster recovery, and, also as cloud architects.

For those who intend to become comprehensive AWS professionals, 3RI Technologies is the right place, since it focuses on developing overall industry skills, besides enhancing the technical proficiency of an individual.

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