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1. What is the difference between an opportunist and a loser?

There is a significant contrast between the two aspects. An opportunist is always flexible, ready to learn, confident about everything. They are always looking for extraordinary, plans effectively, understand the requirements of the organization, and work accordingly.

While on the other hand, a loser is the complete opposite of an opportunist. A loser is never confident about things, gives up on things easily. They may be an introvert, thinks he is incompetent to handle a particular job and considers himself under-qualified.  

Candidates should consider all these things before attending an interview and make sure that the interviewer finds you as an opportunist that reflects through your confidence and posture.

2. What is Catalyst?

If you are from a Science background, you must be aware of the term catalyst which works magically in the world of chemistry to boost chemical reactions. Likewise, in the corporate world, if a candidate contains extraordinary skills that will help the organization to boost its work and get it done within no time, the candidate’s abilities will work in the form of a catalyst for the organization. This is one of the major reasons why every other candidate must learn extra skills and certifications who are looking for a job in one of the best companies in the industry. 

3. What is a Career Catalyst?

  • A person who gives you tips for the betterment of your career.
  • Gives you a gameplan for your career.
  • Evaluate you from different prospects of the interview 
  • Who holds your hand and guide you during your journey to make you reach your desired goal.
  • We have our Director Mr. Ritesh Sharma who has been working with different organizations. He keeps motivating and guiding candidates. He conducts career counseling sessions to ensure each candidate achieves their set career goals.

4. What all Certifications are in demand?

The certifications in the IT sector can make way for a lucrative career in IT. With the never-ending demand for IT professionals in the industry, below are some of the highest-paying certifications in demand right now:

  • AWS-Solution Architect Associate
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Selenium Certification( CP-SAT)
  • Software Testing Certification ISTQB
  • Oracle Certified Java Professional OCJP
  • DevOps Azure
  • Data Science with Python
  • Python Certification
  • Angular Certification
  • Tableau Certification
  • Salesforce Certification

5. What is PBL?

PBL refers to Project-Based Learning. It is a method of teaching that involves complex real-world based problems that are effectively used as a vehicle for promoting students learning of principles and concepts. This is achieved by a medium of direct presentation of concepts and facts. It is one of the most dynamic approaches for the students to acquire deeper knowledge and understand the real-world challenges at work. 

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6. How to move from one profile to another profile? Is it feasible?

There comes a point in life when there are multiple hurdles in your current job profile and you desperately need a change from the existing job profile. This is completely normal and feasible because if a candidate doesn’t enjoy his work they cannot give their at work. So to switch from one profile to another effectively, the following generic things should be kept in mind:

  • Evaluate your current job satisfaction.
  • Consider alternative careers.
  • Assess your interests, values, and skills.
  • Set up a job shadow (or two).
  • Check out job options.
  • Check out training course options.
  • Update yourself on current trending technologies that offer the best job profiles in the industry.
  • Make a note of qualities that make you stand out among all your other competitors. 
  • Speak to people who are already working in the technology you are interested in.

By understanding all these points you should come with two or three options for your career in which you can move in.

There should be always a reason to justify your switch from one career to another. Your answer should be unique and logically correct to convince HR easily.

In short, if you can connect all the dots in your career and the next chosen career path is in-line with your earlier experience, you are done.

7. How to attract employers?

There are various ways by which you can impress employers. However, the most important one always remains the same, your “skills”. Apart from that following things should be taken care of for attracting your employers with your profile.

  • Join some competent Social networking websites like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Post your updated resume on job portal websites such as,, etc.
  • Contact a local reliable staffing firm. They can be a good job provider. 
  • Lead with your strengths, your career highlights, and your achievements.
  • Attend a networking event like a meetup/webinar or join a club that interests you.
  • Write different cover letters for the different positions that you’re applying for. It should be small and crisp and relevant for the job.
  • Make the right and positive impression in front of the interviewer and the other staff in the company.
  • You should send a Thank you letter as a gesture of follow-up or may perhaps make a call.

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8. Why do we complain so much?

First things first, most people do not realize how often they complain about a particular thing. It just becomes a habit like the other habits of day-to-day life. The habit becomes so familiar that it seems invisible to us. This is not good if you intend to grow in your career. A candidate should learn to adjust to things and try to enjoy every aspect of work as a challenge other than complaining. 

We keep complaining because we do not show our determination to achieve the goals. We fail to accept that we can be the reason for our failures. We are not ready to shout, “ I will WIN”.

We always try to blame others for our failures. If we get rid of this habit, WE WILL WIN. The Only Mantra of VICTORY is “NEVER GIVE UP”.

9. Why are there always a few people who get success in every step they take?

At some point in our lives, each one of us thinks that few people always touch the success step without any efforts. But this is not true. People who achieve success in their lives have worked harder to reach there and one should never give up due to this reason. Everyone should keep trying confidently no matter what. Success is just a step away waiting to be achieved.

The common thing you observe in people who gets success in their career or any decision is.

  • They speak less.
  • They listen carefully.
  • They observe keenly.
  • When they plan something, they don’t take a rest until they execute it in the same way they have planned.
  • They cross-check their strategy with succeeders and their seniors. They join different communities, interact, and exchange their ideas with people of the same ideas.

Warren Buffet Says” An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”

10. Why always there is a place vacate on the top?

In every organization, there is a set of top management and they are usually overqualified, with huge years of experience and expertise. The top management takes care of the complete organization and makes sure the organization works smoothly without any hurdles. Sometimes it gets difficult for the organizations to fill in these vacant positions due to the requirement of higher qualification. These are few reasons because of which there is always a place vacate on the top. 

The Graph of life and Graph of Career is similar, let’s consider life as a triangle 

In the triangle, if you see the base, there is a huge space to retain there. However, the path to reach up is quite slippery and slant. You need to have specialized skills and practice to reach the top. As soon as you start pushing hard to go up you will have to work harder but still, be polite. So it is rightfully said that the people who keep complaining are the one who stays there on the bottom. They are the ones who keep complaining and always talking about their bad times. The people who would like to achieve the top position in their career keep sharpening their skills one by one and keep progressing. This is the reason there is always a space or an opportunity on the Top.

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11. Why several people like you without a job?

Internet is filled with motivational speakers and thoughts. Some trainers teach you the path they had followed to earn their desired dream roles, money, and other things in life. We love the way they narrate the whole stuff in a beautiful video or a fancy storyline presentation. But we forget the very basic thing the “Honest Effort” for achieving our goals.

In 2014, Economic Times has published an article that According to AICTE, 94% of the engineers from Engineering Colleges are unemployable. The majority of the Engineering Colleges are only focussing on the buzz words and premium facilities. However, there are fewer colleges that focus and invest their time and money to provide the best job-oriented and practical- based knowledge to their students.

3RI has clearly understood the gap between “University programs” and “Industry expectations”.So we are putting our efforts to fill this gap by providing top-class hands-on training to the freshers. We also keep them engaged in projects and certain activities to make sure, that in the end, they will become employable. We have designed a Course name STEP — “Software Training for Employability Program”, which is the most popular training program available at a very nominal price in online and the classroom mode in Pune.

A candidate should consider the following things to avoid unemployment:

  • Try to get into the mainstream of the industry by learning emerging technologies with 3RI. 
  • Keep yourself updated with current trending technologies.
  • Understand the market needs and always be ready to adopt new techniques or methods and trends.
  • Effectively work on communication since this is the key to success.
  • Let the confidence reflect through your voice and posture.

12. How can I become a successor in my career?

Here are some top career success secrets:

  • Take initiative. Today’s career requirements are highly developed and ready to take calculated risks. 
  • Be ready to learn. 
  • Be your evaluator. 
  • Communicate well. 
  • Your work will show itself, don’t boast of. 
  • Anticipate needs. 
  • Set goals to achieve. 
  • Gain trust. 

As we have mentioned in the LinkedIn article, a candidate needs to do little of reverse engineering. They need to analyze their dream role they want to achieve and their current skill set. The outcome of this process will lead you to take the right decision and taking the necessary steps towards your success.

13. What all options are open for me?

Many options can be adopted to grow your career in IT. Some of the ultimate options are:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Python Based Technologies
  • Automation Testing
  • Industry Automation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Visualization
  • Blockchain
  • Bigdata

14. What do you mean by training?

Training is something which gives you a chance to learn by doing it, as compared to courses that end up giving you only theoretical knowledge about the technology.

Like, you see the Diploma / ITI candidates are far better in achieving practically at their jobs as compared to Engineering Students. This is because Diploma & ITI candidates have their curriculum designed in such a way that they need to do all the stuff by their hands and simulate them. While on the other hand, in Engineering most of the concepts are theoretical, and even if practical is compulsory, the colleges make certain arrangements to just showcasing a few things to students to reduce their operations cost.

15. Why does everyone need training?

With the ever-evolving advanced workplace methods, improved strategies, and technologies, there comes a need for the employers and the employees of the organization to tune in with these upgrades in terms of, Abilities, Skills, Values and Technology, Methods, and Knowledge. The most effective method to upskill is through effective training. Getting employees exposed to consistent & relevant training can serve the organizations with enhanced results and performance at the workplace.

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16. What is the role of a mentor?

In everyone’s life, a mentor is the most important character in our life. A mentor is the one who always motivates his mentee and helps them to make sound decisions. A mentor shares their experience with their mentee to choose an appropriate career path with the best possible guidance, emotional support, and motivation. A mentor also helps the mentee to explore career options, set ultimate goals, identify resources, and develop contacts. 

In short, everyone needs success and it is always good that you get a mentor, who can guide you every time by observing your actions and evaluating your skillset. 

Swami Vivekanand would not have been grown so well and became Pride of India if he would have not have met Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans( Mentor of Swami Vivekanand).

17. How much and when we should use social media?

Although an average person uses Social Media channels for 300 minutes per day. But according to the expert, this time will increase to 500 minutes per day in the next two years. As per the recommendations from experts, a person should only spend 30 minutes of his day on Social Media channels. According to the study of Social & Clinical Psychology, limiting the use of Social Media channels to 30 minutes a day can lead to enhanced career & health outcomes. As long as the Social Media channels are helping you upgrade your skills or are a part of your daily work, it’s best to keep the use limited. 

In today’s world and the need for online connection, it cannot be ignored completely. Hence we strongly recommend the people who are associated with IT, can be on Social Media channels for 30 minutes in the morning before they start their work and 30 minutes in the evening when they finish their work.

According to experts, if you keep yourself engaged and working together the chances of work getting disturbed are 70% more than the usual work.

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