What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services, popular as AWS, is a leading cloud ecosystem that offers infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. Using AWS, companies can develop and test highly scalable and robust applications. Moreover, these companies need to pay only for the service they use for a specific time.

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what is AWS

What Is Cloud Computing? What Is AWS?

Are you using a mobile phone? Do you face issues while storing pictures and songs? Memory shortage is the common problems that a common user faces.

In such situations, cloud computing can be of maximum use. It started with a simple service of providing a storage facility on a remote server.

Now, as individuals, we may not have to worry about storage on mobiles. We can upload all pictures and songs on the cloud environment and access them as and when needed.

Through cloud computing, many companies can share the infrastructure available and achieve cost optimization simultaneously. Also, through cloud computing, they can save on the expenditure incurred on maintenance and management of infrastructure.

Advantages of using cloud computing

  • Little or no investment
  • No maintenance cost
  • Focus is entirely on developing applications
  • Pay as you use

The different prominent cloud providers available in the market are Amazon(leader in terms of popularity), then we have Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

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Overview of AWS

Amazon Web Services, popular as AWS, is a leading cloud ecosystem that offers infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. Using AWS, companies can develop and test highly scalable and robust applications. Moreover, these companies need to pay only for the service they use for a specific time. This saves the cost of infrastructure for the company.

AWS can primarily offer 175 products and services ranging from data warehousing tools to deployment tools, storage to content delivery. This makes it possible for small scale and large scale companies to migrate their whole or partial infrastructure to AWS.

AWS has the capability of providing higher computing power at the time of more increased traffic. What resources can be allocated to meet the network traffic? This can be achieved without any extra cost, so it is cost-effective to scale-up only when needed as a user.

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History of AWS

AWS introduction needs to begin from where it all started.

The idea of AWS was sown in 2002 with the release of the beta version of Amazon.com, an interface to the product catalog offered by Amazon.

With its huge success, it came up with combining infrastructure with user-friendly developer tools in 2003 that could help automate the entire process.

Back in 2004, an official announcement about the development in this field appeared in a blog post.

Amazon officially launched AWS in March 2006, where it offered S3(Simple Storage Service) and EC2(Elastic Cloud Compute) services. Soon after that, SQS (Simple Queue Service) was launched too.

The year 2009 saw EBS (Elastic Block Store), CDN(Content Delivery Network), and Amazon Cloud Front being offered to the public by Amazon. It also penetrated the European market.

Starting in 2013, AWS penetrated the defense and essential service sectors in the US.

April 2015 saw what all were looking for, AWS became a profitable entity of Amazon.com with an operating income of $265 million.

2019 saw AWS reporting 12% of the total profit earned by Amazon. It also reported a 37% yearly growth in the same year.

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What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

AWS(Amazon Web Services) is a cloud service offered by Amazon. It is free to sign in. You only need to pay for the service that you use and also only for the duration it is used. This saves a lot of money for companies who do not need all the benefits, nor they need them all the time.

It can be used to develop a reliable, scalable, and robust application. This ensures that the developer can focus on the development part only.

AWS services are available globally across 19 countries. They provide a platform, infrastructure, and software as a service.

The different products of AWS are data storage, security, enterprise solution, analytics, development tools, mobile, customer engagement, and networking.

All these AWS features have made several existing and new companies migrate their existing or new application to the AWS cloud. They are thus increasing the market share of AWS to 35%.

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AWS Services Overview

AWS Services Overview

Now I will be discussing the commonly used services offered by AWS are

  • AWS EC2(AWS Elastic Cloud Compute)

This is a service provided by Amazon, which allows you to create your virtual server that works on a desired operating system without any hassles. Then the user can deploy their applications on these servers and test them.

Amazon EC2 is termed elastic as the user can create and run the virtual server’s instance for the time it needs to and pay only for that time interval.

  • AWS S3(AWS Simple Storage Service)

Amazon provides a storage space of up to 5GB that can be used for data backup. This data is stored in the S3 buckets. This can be also be used to store internet applications.

  • AWS RDS(AWS Relational Database Service)

Using AWS RDS service, you can easily support various databases to store & handle the data. This service is also used for managing the databases using several tasks like migration, backup, and recovery.

  • Elastic Load Balancing

It is necessary to manage the response provided following the incoming traffic strength. This can be achieved using Elastic Load Balancing, where the incoming traffic to EC2 instance can be distributed to Single or Multiple availability zones.

  • AWS Direct Connect

We can securely establish a connection between AWS and Datacenter or any other office location through AWS Direct connect. It helps us to reduce network maintenance, better throughput, and better consistency in the network.

  • Amazon Route 53

It is a highly accessible and scalable DNS service offered for the Web. It easily converts the user domain address to the corresponding IP address of the Web for better connectivity. It provides a cost-effective solution to users.

  • Amazon EBS(Elastic Block Store)

It is used to store data when used along with EC2 instances through a network, thus consuming lesser bandwidth. It provides a reliable and accessible storage service over its single available zones.

  • Amazon VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)

The VPC network in which AWS services are launched is logically isolated. The consumers enabling this service will use AWS EC2 service using a secured virtual private network.

  • Elastic IP

An elastic IP address is an IP address reserved separately for an EC2 instance present in some specific region and released only when you wish to. Using this, you can cover up for any software failure by remapping it to another instance that might be present in your account.

There are many more services provided by Amazon Web Services. In-depth understanding and a job opportunity in AWS services is the prominent benefit of the AWS certification course provided by 3RI Technologies.

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Applications of AWS services

AWS services can be used for a variety of purposes. I have listed down below a few of its applications for understanding the benefit of AWS cloud computing.

  • Repository for data

AWS offers storage space to its business and common users. It can be used to store confidential data and is easily accessed from anywhere. The data can be stored as long as required and can provide faster reading capabilities.

  • Mobile, Web, and Social-based applications

AWS offers users to create their applications, especially for mobiles or online shopping websites that can be easily scaled up as the demand rises. Also, API codes can be used to develop more secure applications on AWS servers.

  • Big Data

Large storage is available inside AWS servers. As a result, the application can be indexed quickly and analyzed at higher frequencies. When coupled with Big Data, AWS provides you with the benefit of better infrastructure and intelligent applications developed on Big Data.

  • Websites

AWS can be exhaustively used for hosting any website. These companies can also host CDNs(Continuous Digital Network), DNS(Domain Name System), and domains.

  • Gaming devices

Global gaming network is available to AWS users to run their gaming applications. This also provides them with an enriching gaming experience without the hassles of infrastructure management.

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Companies using AWS

Several Fortune 500 companies use AWS services. A few of them are

  • Instagram
  • Playfish
  • SmugMug
  • Pinterest
  • DropBox
  • NetFlix
  • And many more.
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AWS Advantages

You might have heard of Netflix, popular online streaming applications today. It can deploy 1000s of its server on AWS environment and store its online media files of terabytes within minutes. This provides all its users to view these movies and shows without any buffering issues and network interruptions.

  1. AWS offers storage services to its business users by using familiar OS and programming models.
  2. It is a cost-effective service provided by Amazon as the user pays for the time it uses any particular service.
  3. Deployments of applications in AWS cloud is faster than other service providers. And, it is easy to add or remove any application from the AWS cloud.
  4. It is also possible to deploy the designed application across multiple regions spread across the globe without much effort.
  5. It is a cheaper alternative if we compare it to using a dedicated server for the business.
  6. It has a centralized Billing and Payment system.
  7. It is easy to access the AWS cloud to its fullest capacity.

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AWS Disadvantages

As we say, everything has two sides. The same is with AWS. There are some disadvantages faced while using AWS cloud computing.

  1. Separate paid packages need to be taken if there is a need for immediate help.
  2. Like all other cloud service providers, you might have to face issues like
  • Downtime
  • Low Latency
  • Restricted control
  • Protecting your backup

3. AWS cloud has put a specific restriction on certain resources like images, videos, snapshots. These restrictions might vary from region to region.

4. AWS cloud data can be accessed only when you are online. This restricts the access of files when there are network problems for specific reasons.

5. You might lose some critical data if servers are not synced correctly.

6. Also, AWS has certain restrictions to meet the security norms. Like AWS EC2 VPC, you face restrictions of only 100 security groups.

Now, after reading this blog, you might have got a brief understanding of What is AWS and its uses.

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