DevOps Engineer Salary in India [2024]

ctor has added DevOps, the most popular methodology for achieving corporate goals, to this list.

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DevOps Engineer Salary in India

With the advancement of technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), the IT sector has added DevOps, the most popular methodology for achieving corporate goals, to this list. DevOps has been around for over a decade and is gaining popularity and adoption in businesses all around the world.

DevOps is regarded as highly advanced by many major organizations, resulting in a diverse range of career opportunities in India. Accenture, IBM India, Dell International, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, etc., are constantly on the lookout for DevOps specialists. Because major companies demand DevOps skills, we opted to address it in this piece, which includes salary in India depending on several factors – Location, Experience, Employer, Qualification, Skills, Certification.

DevOps- Overview

DevOps – stands for Development and Operations, is one of today’s most prominent buzzwords. DevOps is more than a software methodology or a shift in personnel from the operations team to the software development team. Its primary focus is on incorporating collaborative chatbots into cloud-based continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solutions. When the DevOps framework and Agile methodology are integrated, iterative, efficient projects for continuous product development can be managed. When combined with ITIL or ITSM on the cloud, DevOps focuses on effective development approaches that result in less work by applying Lean principles and practices. Furthermore, it enables secure, predictable, and consistent change management stages in IT organizations.

Many organizations believe that DevOps may be readily incorporated by beginning with a basic prototype, such as a small application, to get a sense of its new methodologies and practices. DevOps is being deployed in phases across many software projects and teams, integrating between work activities and delivering continuous processes that include KPIs targeted at a faster incident response time and fewer production failures, in addition to large organizations.

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Benefits of DevOps:

  • Breaking down silos and increasing integration between development and operations teams.
  • Faster product development.
  • Faster Incident Management
  • Less downtime product deployment.
  •  Improvement to the overall agile methodology through continuous builds, validations, and product deployment
  • Automation reduces the number of skilled tasks needed by development and operational teams. 
  • Greater accountability and ownership of the code during the development process 
  • Skills and roles are improved in both development and operational teams.

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What is the real work of DevOps Engineer ?

A DevOps engineer is a technical person who executes IT operations and aligns both software development and IT-related complex processes to enhance software delivery’s efficiency, speed, and reliability. A DevOps engineers work on creating and managing the tools and environments needed for developers to build, test, and deploy software seamlessly.  They primarily aim to work with both the development and operations squads, breaking down silos and fostering a space of continuous improvement.

Some specific tasks include configuring and managing deployment pipelines, monitoring and analyzing system performance, implementing version control systems, and automating repetitive tasks. A DevOps engineer is likely to play an important part in ensuring both the security and scalability of software applications throughout their development lifecycle.

In a nutshell, a DevOps engineer is something like a connector that switches between two teams: software developers and IT operations and performs the related tasks. Their main job is to ensure that creating and delivering software runs smoothly.

What are the responsibilities that a DevOps developer carries on?

A DevOps developer has essential responsibilities in making and delivering software. Here’s what they do:

  1.  Building Automation Magic: They create unique spells, or automation scripts, that automatically help do repetitive tasks. This makes everything faster and reduces mistakes.
  2.  Making Tools Talk to Each Other: Imagine that different tools are like foreign languages. The DevOps developer helps them communicate so that everyone understands each other. This is important for smooth teamwork.
  3.  Setting Up the Software Kitchen: Just like setting up a kitchen with all the right equipment for cooking, they set up the environment where the software is developed, tested, and sent out into the world.
  4.  Detective Work with Monitoring: They examine and figure out the working principles of software. If there’s a problem, they get to the core of the problem, find the loophole, and make it rework.
  5.  Guardian of Security: They ensure the software is like a fortress, keeping bad things out. This is crucial to keeping everything safe and

DevOps Salary:

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the salary of a DevOps engineer will vary depending on their experience and skillset.

DevOps Developer Salary Based on Experience

Many companies may seek experienced employees based on their requirements, which may range from DevOps Engineer with 2-5 years of experience to DevOps Architect and other management roles with 10 years of expertise or more. You must also have professional expertise or the equivalent, as well as the technical expertise of various DevOps methodologies.

An Average Salary of an Entry-Level DevOps Engineer with more than 2 years of experience is Rs. 3.32 Lakh per annum. The Average Salary for a mid-level DevOps Engineer with 4-9 years of experience is Rs. 6.42 Lakh per annum. The Average Salary of a Senior DevOps Engineer with 10-20 years of experience is Rs. 12.8 Lakh per annum. (These statistics were obtained from Glassdoor and Ambition Box.)

Experience DevOps Engineer Beginner (1-3 years)DevOps Engineer Senior -Mid-Level (4-9 years)DevOps Engineer Senior – Experienced (10+ years)
Salary In India. (Rs. Per Year)3.15 L – 5.9 L 6.2 L -9.2 L12.8 L

DevOps Developer Salary Based on Location

The Average Salary of a DevOps Developer in Bengaluru is Rs. 9.52 Lakh Per Annum, Average Salary of a DevOps Developer in Gurgaon is Rs. 9.30 Lakh Per Annum, Average Salary of DevOps Developer in Noida is Rs. 8.77 Lakh Per Annum, Average Salary of DevOps Developer in Pune is Rs. 8.62 Lakh Per Annum, Average Salary of DevOps Developer in Hyderabad is Rs 8.50 Lakh Per Annum, Average Salary of DevOps Developer in Mumbai is Rs.8.13 Lakh Per Annum, Average Salary of DevOps Developer in Chennai is Rs. 8.06 Lakh Per Annum, Average Salary of DevOps Developer in Greater Noida is 6.89 Lakh Per Annum.

DevOps Developers in metro cities such as Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Noida, and Pune earn significantly more than those in cities such as Chennai and Greater Noida. (These statistics were obtained from the Indeed survey.)

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DevOps Developer Salary Based on Employer

DevOps is booming in IT organizations of all sectors, from small start-ups to large companies. According to survey findings, DevOps leaders include Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Netflix, and other social media companies. Large enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, will profit from DevOps deployment. In a nutshell, DevOps Developers are in high demand in today’s competitive market; almost every company wants them to manage a wide range of developmental and operational activities.

Professionals with an AWS DevOps Certification will be able to obtain high-paying career opportunities because corporate organizations are constantly looking for highly skilled professionals. (These statistics were obtained from the AmbitionBox survey.)

Company NameDevOps Developer Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year)
TCS4.0 Lakhs – 9.0 Lakhs
Accenture5.0 Lakhs – 11.0 Lakhs
Capgemini 4.2 Lakhs – 10.2 Lakhs
IBM4.0 Lakhs – 12.0 Lakhs
Tech Mahindra 4.0 Lakhs – 8.1 Lakhs
Mind Tree3.7 Lakhs –  8.0 Lakhs
Cognizant 4.0 Lakhs – 10.0 Lakhs
HCL Technologies4.0 Lakhs – 10.7 Lakhs
Infosys4.0 Lakhs – 10.0 Lakhs
Wipro 3.5 Lakhs – 9.5 Lakhs
Amazon4.5 Lakhs – 26.0 Lakhs
Oracle4.8 Lakhs – 20.0 Lakhs
Genpact3.5 Lakhs – 8.1 Lakhs
Reliance Jio4.5 Lakhs – 15.3 Lakhs
Deloitte4.3 Lakhs – 11.3 Lakhs

DevOps Developer Salary Based on Qualification

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar area is required for the majority of Entry-level(Beginner Level) DevOps positions. DevOps practitioners must be skilled in coding, testing, IT infrastructure & components, software architecture, and design. Individuals should improve their abilities as master’s degrees may be necessary for higher-level roles in this career path. Individuals must learn to code with a scripting language such as Perl, Python. Besides that, individuals must be proficient in programming languages such as Java and have a basic grasp of relational databases such as SQL Server.

Enlist all the factors that affect the DevOps salary in India.

Several factors influence the salary of a DevOps professional in India, such as a unique combination of experience, skills, location, company size, certifications, and a commitment to continuous learning. Check out the below-shared factors to learn more:

  1.  Experience Level: Like in a video game, the more experience you have, the higher your score. DevOps professionals with more years of experience usually earn higher salaries because they’ve faced more challenges and gained valuable skills.
  2.  Skill Set: Imagine you’re a wizard with different spells. DevOps professionals with broader skills, like knowing multiple programming languages or using various tools, often earn more. Employers value a versatile wizard.
  3.  Location: Salaries can vary depending on where you are. In big cities, where the demand for DevOps magic is high, salaries tend to be higher. It’s like the cost of living is higher in the magical town.
  4.  Company Size: Working for a big castle (company) might come with more treasures (salary) because they usually have more resources. More miniature castles might offer less, but they can be more agile and offer other perks.
  5.  Certification Spells: Imagine getting special certificates for mastering a specific skill. DevOps professionals with certifications often receive higher salaries because it shows they are experts in certain areas.

DevOps Developer Different Career Positions

Some career positions that are similar in DevOps organizations include DevOps Infrastructure Developers, DevOps Architect, DevOps Tools Architect, DevOps Automation Specialists, DevOps Build and Release Engineers, DevOps Site Reliability Engineers (SRE), Full-Stack SEO Developers, and DevOps Cloud (CI/CD) Engineers.

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How can one become a skilled DevOps engineer? 

A DevOps roadmap is like a treasure map for teams on their journey to better software development and delivery. It helps couples navigate the software development landscape, fostering collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement for a successful and efficient journey. Follow this simple guide to become a skilled DevOps engineer:

  1. Building bridges: DevOps is about teamwork. Being a connector between two separate teams: developers and operations. So they can achieve their goal together. This makes the journey smoother.
  2. Automating the Path: Imagine having a robot friend do repetitive tasks. DevOps is about automating these tasks so that people can focus on more creative and vital work.
  3. Setting Up Camps (Environments): Create safe and efficient spaces for building and testing software. It’s like setting up different camps for rest and preparation.
  4. Communication Beacons: Establish straightforward ways for everyone to talk. Good communication is like having beacons to signal each other, assuring every individual is going down on the appropriate direction.

 Guarding the Treasure (Security): Protect the software like a valuable treasure. Ensure that it’s safe from any threats or dangers along the journey

DevOps Developer Salary Based on Skills

DevOps is frequently defined as a methodology or multi-team with a specific job description or skill set. DevOps roles are more suited to IT specialists than specialists due to the vast industrial scope. There is no one-size-fits-all career path to become a DevOps engineer. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the position. To become a DevOps Engineer, a Software Developer must acquire technical skills such as configuration management. To become a DevOps Engineer, a systems administrator must be capable of coding and testing. Many DevOps engineers must have both technical and soft skills, such as familiarity with containers, Cloud Computing, and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Besides, to reach business goals, a DevOps engineer may be required to adapt processes and deal with organization-wide challenges.

  • Expertise with DevOps platforms.
  • A technical grasp of cloud infrastructure services such as AWS and Azure.
  • Expertise in Automation, Virtualization, and DevOps methodologies.
  • Administration experience with Linux/Unix and Windows environments.
  • Coding and Data Center maintenance expertise.
  • Expertise in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), including the use of popular design patterns.
  • Excellent understanding of relational database management systems.
  • Test-Driven Development(TDD) in Agile experience is a plus.

Other technical skills like developing and maintaining deployment automation, managing Azure nodes, debugging, and support of distributed applications, infrastructure, and network issues should be prior knowledge.

To be a competent DevOps Developer, you will need some soft skills in addition to technical skills.

  • Capable of debugging and analyzing code
  • Effective communication is essential
  • Teamwork abilities
  • Desire to acquire new skill sets
  • Approach to problem-solving
Job RoleAverage Salary in India (Rs. Per Year)
DevOps  Developer11.0 Lakh
Senior DevOps  Developer12.0 Lakh
Full-Stack SEO Developers9.2 Lakh
DevOps Consultant10.0 Lakh
AWS DevOps Engineer6.0 Lakh
Cloud DevOps  Developer9.6 Lakh
Associate DevOps Developer8.5 Lakh
DevOps Lead Consultant20.3 Lakh
DevOps and Build Release Engineer8.0 Lakh
Senior DevOps and Build Release Engineer11.5 Lakh
DevOps Architect16.2 Lakh

What are the most demanding DevOps skills?

In DevOps, skills are like different spells in a wizard’s toolkit. The more spells you master, the more powerful and in-demand you become in software and technology. Sure, here are some of the most in-demand DevOps skills explained in simple terms:

  1. Automation: the ability to use tools and scripts to make repetitive tasks happen automatically. In simple words, it’s like owning a robot that supports you in handling complex tasks in an easier & quicker way, that too without any error.
  2. Cloud: knowing how to work with globally acknowledged platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web services) , Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. It’s like using magical clouds that is widely used by the end-users for data handling, storing and managing apps.
  3. Understanding Tools: Understanding containerization tools like Docker. It’s like packing your software into containers, making transporting and running anywhere easy.
  4. Version Control: Using tools like Git to trace all the changes made to the source code of the app. It’s like having a magical book that records every change in your spellbook, making it easy to go back or collaborate with others.
  5. Infrastructure Enchantment: Skills in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), like using tools like Terraform or Ansible. It’s like creating blueprints for magical castles (servers and networks) that can be replicated easily.
  6. Monitoring: the ability to use monitoring tools to monitor how your software is performing. It’s like having magical guardians that alert you if anything goes wrong.

What steps can one take to get a competitive DevOps engineer salary?

Remember, getting  a handsome DevOps Engineer salary is like mastering a game; it requires strategy, continuous improvement, and a bit of negotiation skills. Here’s a simple guide that one can follow to get a competitive DevOps engineer salary:

  1. Level Up Your Skills: Imagine you’re a hero in a game. The more skills you have, the stronger you become. Learn different DevOps tools and techniques.
  2. Complete Certifications: Think of certifications as special quests in the game. They show that you’ve mastered specific skills.
  3. Join a Big Company: More prominent companies often offer more treasures in the salaries game. Joining a well-known company is like entering a powerful guild.
  4. Put achievements on the HR table. Just like a game character displays their accomplishments, showcase your successful projects and the impact you’ve made. This can impress employers and lead to better rewards.
  5. Network with Other Players: In the job world, networking is like making alliances. Whenever get a chance to attend conferences try to join and begin connection with tech-professionals or Industry-Gurus. You might learn new strategies and discover hidden job opportunities.
  6. Choose Your Location Wisely: The location matters just as in some games. But also the salary packages can change depending on the location of office-premise. So, prior relocating to two-tier or three-tier city, do not forget to think on the cost of living and job opportunities there, play safely.
  7. Continuous Learning: In careers, continuous learning is like gaining experience points. So, it is suggested to always stay updated with the new technologies & IT-market .

DevOps Future and Scope

DevOps requires a transition from traditional SDLC to DevOps Implementation and Maintenance, and it has a bright future. DevOps has been adopted by many companies since it has a bright future in this new decade. Monitoring and management are the responsibility of the DevOps Engineer, and each phase has evolved its own set of DevOps methodologies. 

The DevOps methodology has revolutionized the SDLC by integrating production and testing environments, allowing developers to identify issues before applications are deployed more swiftly with operating automation. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing DevOps, making life easier for software companies and DevOps engineers. Besides, Companies are transitioning from DevOps and toward Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) and Data Operations (DataOps), which are focused on gaining control over log files and tracking key metrics.

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As the business environment evolves, more DevOps automated technology solutions will become available. DevOps Developers must determine which aspects of development and operations they can handle independently and must acquire technical skills and experience. Cloud services are becoming more widely recognized and employed by major organizations as a result of their reduced capital expenses. Configuration management solutions are rapidly being used by businesses to automate software deployment and administration infrastructure. Many of the Agile-enforced teams will almost certainly be maintained, with the inclusion of new departments to facilitate communication and smooth the transition from software or product development to deployment. 

To keep up with a large number of applications, Data Scientists use DevOps to develop production models with testing methods on models. DevOps professionals that are certified and experienced have a wide range of career opportunities. The fastest-growing specialized sector and most sought-after career in this new era are DevOps. This indicates that DevOps has a bright future ahead of it, with many more companies adopting the methodology. As new technology and tools are developed, DevOps processes evolve. We have covered the DevOps- Overview, the Average Salary of a DevOps engineer in India, the future scope of DevOps, and how it will help DevOps developers soon in this post. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in DevOps should enroll in a reputed training center’s like 3RI Technologies DevOps training and certification course.

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