Angular Developer Salary in India

Many individuals and organizations utilize open-source technologies to develop mobile and web apps for e-commerce, social networking, and online transactions. These are valuable software features and solutions that can help create better user experiences and interfaces. Popular frameworks like Angular make developing functioning and improved applications a breeze.

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Angular Developer Salary in India

Many individuals and organizations utilize open-source technologies to develop mobile and web apps for e-commerce, social networking, and online transactions. These are valuable software features and solutions that can help create better user experiences and interfaces. Popular frameworks like Angular make developing functioning and improved applications a breeze. 

Angular- Overview

Angular is a Front-End framework that allows you to create dynamic, innovative, and faster online apps while also reducing redundant code. In recent years, it has gained a lot of traction in the IT industry, as major organizations and professionals have started to adopt it.

The term “Angular” applies to a variety of distinct frameworks. There have been numerous versions of Angular since its creation in 2009. The framework was originally known as Angular 1, however, it was later renamed AngularJS. Then came Angular 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9,10,11 versions, and finally Angular 12, which was released on June 30, 2021.

The angular framework provides a standard structure for developers to construct large, manageable projects, which has obvious benefits. It allows developers to add new features to their applications without having to start from scratch, saving them time.

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Reasons Why Angular Is Preferred

 Angular is preferred by developers above other JavaScript frameworks for a variety of reasons, which are outlined below.

  • Angular was created by Google and is maintained by its worldwide community. 
  • Angular is a framework for building feature-rich, large-scale applications.
  • The Angular framework makes creating chatbots a breeze.
  • By using reactive techniques to establish dependencies on Angular-specific element properties, you may use a variety of development methodologies and activities. 
  • Angular is used to build MVC client-side applications.
  • Cross-browser interoperability is a feature of the Angular framework, and JavaScript code is handled automatically.
  • Angular is a free and open-source framework that is used by developers worldwide.

Angular Developer – Overview 

In the last few years, there has been a surge in demand for Angular developers in India. It’s a JavaScript-based web framework for creating dynamically updating single-page applications (SPAs). Angular programming language’s exceptional responsiveness makes writing and executing code a snap for Angular developers. Besides, as it is one of the most effective ways for Angular developers to gain hands-on experience with Angular, and it can be used for both web and mobile development. Angular developers can improve debugging, reduce bundle sizes, remove build issues, and speed up debugging by learning the Angular programming language. Because of the rising popularity of the Angular framework, being a successful Angular developer in India necessitates the acquisition of a wide range of additional skills.

If you have mastered JavaScript or Typescript, Angular is an excellent career choice. The most important aspect in deciding on a career path has always been the salary. The greater an individual’s salary, the more experience they have. A lot of things impact an Angular Developer Salary in India. So, in this post, we will look at average salary, as well as the factors that impact it, such as Location, Experience, Employer, Qualifications, Skills, as well as what an individual can reasonably expect.

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Angular Developer Salary Based on Experience

An Average Salary of Angular Developer earn in India is Rs. 11.3 lakh, with a bonus of Rs. 4.3 K . The Average Salary for an entry-level Angular Developer (with 1-3 years of experience) is Rs. 8.1 lakh per year. A senior-level Angular Developer (8+ years) on the other hand, makes an average salary of 14.2 lakh per year (These statistics are from Glassdoor and AmbitionBox).

Experience Angular Developer Beginner (1-4 years)Angular Developer Senior -Mid-Level (5-8 years)Angular Developer Senior – Experienced (8+ years)
Salary In India. (Rs. Per Year)3.5 L – 5.7 L 6.2 L -9.2 L14.2 L

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Angular Developer Salary Based on Location

The Average Salary of Angular Developer in the metros is as follows: 

The average Angular Developer salary in Gurgaon is Rs. 8.66 lakh per year, Rs. 7.66 lakh in Bengaluru, Rs. 6.13 lakh in Chennai, Rs. 6.12 lakh in Hyderabad, Rs. 5.90 lakh in Noida, Rs. 5.90 lakh in Mumbai, Rs. 5.67 lakh in Pune, Rs. 5.32 lakh in Delhi. 

Experienced Angular Developers in metro cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Chennai earn considerably more income than in cities like Pune and Delhi (These statistics are from Indeed.)

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Angular Developer Salary Based on Employer

Angular developers are in great demand in today’s competitive environment; nearly every company is seeking them. As a result, the company needs an Angular developer that can perform a variety of responsibilities.

As professional companies are always seeking skilled and qualified personnel, professionals with Angular Certification will be able to acquire high-paying employment in global businesses. Having a globally recognized certification enhances your chances of getting promoted to a higher level of work in global corporations. (These statistics are from AmbitionBox.)

Company NameAngular Developer Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year)
TCS3.5 Lakhs – 7.8 Lakhs
Accenture5.0 Lakhs – 11.0 Lakhs
Capgemini 3.8 Lakhs – 12.0 Lakhs
IBM5.0 Lakhs – 6.5 Lakhs
Tech Mahindra 3.6 Lakhs – 5.0 Lakhs
Genpact 4.5 Lakhs – 8.1 Lakhs
Cognizant 4.2 Lakhs – 11.0 Lakhs
HCL Technologies3.3 Lakhs – 12.0 Lakhs
Infosys3.6 Lakhs – 7.0 Lakhs
Wipro 4.0 Lakhs – 8.0 Lakhs

Angular Developer Salary Based on Qualifications

A B.Tech/BE – Computers, B.SC (Computers), or BCA(Computers) from an institute or university is required for Angular Developers. Competent IT workers are always in high demand since the web or mobile application development process is a constantly increasing professional career in the IT sector. Besides bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees are preferred since skilled professionals with a high level of education are in great demand.

Angular Developers must be familiar with the Front-End of a software application. Anyone interested in working as an Angular Developer should be familiar with JavaScript, a widely utilized scripting language used by individuals and major companies. In a nutshell, to work in the IT industry and have a professional future, Angular Developers must be skilled in at least one of the high-level programming languages. Angular programmers require both programming frameworks and architectural design principles. Web development, integration, and cloud computing are all skills that should be mastered. A strong understanding of databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and others is required. Experience with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile development is an advantage.

Angular Developer Salary Based on Skills

The technical and digitalization advancements accelerated as the digital era progressed. Many companies are looking for Angular developers who are skilled with the Angular framework to take advantage of new technological advancements.

Angular developer’s competitive edge in the IT business is determined by his or her ability to master the following skills.

JavaScript Knowledge

A skilled Angular developer possesses a wide variety of technical abilities. Employers want people with the appropriate skills and expertise since JavaScript is at the core of many other different frameworks. As a result, knowing JavaScript is essential, and learning JavaScript is a great way to start learning other frameworks.

TypeScript Command

Angular is developed fully in the TypeScript-JavaScript superset, a developer must be conversant with TypeScript. It emphasizes precise coding, which leads to fewer errors or bugs in web and mobile applications.

Expertise in UI/UX 

Thorough expertise in web architecture, with a focus on HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap is required. Besides that, an Angular developer must be familiar with both UI and UX principles.

Familiarity with JavaScript-related technologies 

Angular developers should be familiar with NodeJS, React, RxJS, and other JavaScript and associated technologies that make online and mobile development easier and more efficient.

To be a competent Angular developer, you will need certain soft skills in addition to technical skills.

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Capable of Analyzing Code 

Angular Developers must have a strong capacity for code analysis, the ability to pay attention to technical issues and detect and avoid problems early, and the ability to produce high-quality code, which saves time and speeds up the development process.

Effective Communication

To ensure that all clients’ expectations are met, a professional developer must be able to communicate effectively with them and have a thorough grasp of their app development needs. 

Team-Based Skills 

When working on any software development process from design to deployment in an IT company’s team-based environment, Angular developers must be able to communicate information, identify goals, share tasks and responsibilities, and engage with cross-team members.

Desire to Learn New Skills

Angular developers must keep the design dynamic, updated, and engaging, which demands a lot of practice and learning. A developer needs to stay up to date on the latest technologies and maintain their learning process as trends and technology evolve.

Problem-Solving Approach

An Angular developer who works in a team to solve difficulties must deal with a project and each task daily. As a result, every professional Angular Developer should approach each project with a problem-solving mindset.

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Angular Developer will provide a comprehensive Front-End solution that fulfills the company’s goals while utilizing technologies. Besides, capable of creating well-documented and well-tested JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to assure high-quality performance across all platforms (Desktop, Web, Mobile applications). They could be able to serve as a Technical Architect if you get adequate These statistics are from Naukri.)

Job RoleAverage Salary in India (Rs. Per Year)
Angular Developer4.0 Lakh
AngularJS Developer5.0 Lakh
Web Developer3.0 Lakh
UI Developer4.3 Lakh
Senior Developer9.6 Lakh
Front End Developer4.2 Lakh
Front End Engineer8.0 Lakh
Senior Front-End Developer9.0 Lakh
Technical Architect16.2 Lakh

Future and Scope of Angular

AngularJS is a client-side framework for building and maintaining high-performance, scalable web applications. Due to growing demand across a variety of industries, Angular developers have a bright future ahead of them. Now that you have learned about the wide range of abilities that an Angular developer possesses, as well as the many career paths open to you, you can expect a variety of career opportunities in this sector.

  AngularJS has risen in popularity in the IT industry, and it is currently being utilized to build SPAs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. If you know JavaScript, you’ll almost certainly have a great career ahead of you. Other JavaScript frameworks, such as ReactJS, NodeJS, and others, are used in web development, and new features are added regularly.

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This post contains all you need to know about Angular – Overview, Benefits, and salary factors. Website and mobile development are in high demand in today’s digital world. Many of them would want to start their careers as Angular developers. After all, being an Angular Developer is challenging if you’ve never worked with the technology before. Without the proper training, no individual can truly build a web or mobile application. As a result, those who are trained will have a better chance to succeed. There are a variety of online resources accessible, whether from a traditional learning center like a college or university or a training institution. You will be able to obtain a high-paying job in the IT industry if you master Angular from a reputable training institute. 

There are also Angular discussion forums all around the world. Freshers and professionals alike should join a global community since it is a great way to build professional contacts, get great suggestions, and learn more about Angular Core capabilities. Besides, you should acquire a certification if you want to learn a lot about Angular and advance your coding profession. From basic to advanced principles, and Angular Certification Training Course from a reputable institute like 3RI Technologies will train you how to utilize Angular to develop Front-End responsive websites.

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