Selenium Automation Tester Salary In India

As the software industry advances, so does the demand for software testing. It is not surprising that challenges occur from time to time in the software testing profession because it is an ever-changing field.

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Selenium Tester Salary in India

As the software industry advances, so does the demand for software testing. It is not surprising that challenges occur from time to time in the software testing profession because it is an ever-changing field. Manual testing is a time-consuming procedure in which testers encounter a lot of challenges, thus even testers face challenges. Furthermore, automation testing seems to be a technological breakthrough, with evidence that it assists all testers.

Selenium is a web-based software testing tool that can handle most software testing needs. This illustrates why Selenium Automation Tester will be in great demand in the future. If you wish to work in the IT industry, selenium testing might be a good place to start to gain experience and a higher income. Besides that, Selenium Automation Tester Salary in India is highly competitive for both new and experienced testers in almost every industry.

 The testing environment’s effective deployment has been considerably assisted by the innovation process and agile development. Selenium is a well-known continuous software development and delivery test automation technology in the IT industry. Besides, in a highly competitive market, Selenium’s importance in the software testing business has risen by delivering benefits like performance, flexibility, platform accessibility, reusability, and interoperability.

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Selenium Automation Tester Salary in India Based on Location  

Both freshers and experienced testers want to start a career in software testing in India or other developed countries, where salary is based on location. Besides, the Average Salary for Selenium Automation Tester varies substantially depending on geography, availability, and other economic factors. The Average Salary of Selenium Tester in India based on location is as follows: 

Average Salary of Selenium Tester in Bangalore may make roughly Rs. 7.8 Lakh per year, Selenium Tester in Mumbai around Rs. 7.6 Lakh per year, Selenium Tester in Hyderabad around Rs. 7.5 Lakh per year, Selenium Tester in Noida around Rs. 6.9 Lakh per year, Selenium Tester in Chennai around Rs. 6.5 Lakh per year, Selenium Tester in Pune around Rs. 6.2 Lakh per year, Selenium Tester in Thiruvananthapuram around Rs. 5.3 L per year, Selenium Tester in Kolkata around 4.7 Lakh per year.

 Bangalore, followed by Mumbai, offers the best career opportunities and salary packages for Selenium Automation Tester. Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kolkata have the lowest salary packages for software testers. (These statistics are based on Indeed surveys.)

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Selenium Automation Tester Salary in India Based on Experience

The average yearly salary for a Selenium Tester in India is around Rs. 6.5 lakh. For those with less than three years of experience, a Fresher Selenium Tester Salary in India might vary from Rs. 3.9 lakh to Rs. 5.5 lakh per annum. The average salary of Mid-level Software Testers in India earns Rs. 6.8–9.1 lakh with 4–8 years of experience, and those with more than 9 years earn an average salary of Rs. 14 lakh per annum. Selenium Testers are provided with health insurance, incentives, and other perks. (These statistics are based on Ambitionbox surveys.)

Experience Selenium Tester Beginner (1-3 years)Selenium Tester Senior -Mid-Level (4-8 years)Selenium Tester Senior – Experienced (9+ years)
Salary In India. (Rs. Per Year)3.9 L – 5.5 L6.8 – 9.1 L14-18 L

Selenium Automation Tester Salary in India Based on Employer 

Professionals with a Selenium certification will be able to find high-paying positions in companies all around the world because organizations are constantly looking for qualified employees. Having an internationally recognized qualification improves your chances of promotion to a higher level of job in emerging countries. (These statistics are from surveys taken by AmbitionBox.)

Company NameSelenium Tester Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year)
TCS5.2 Lakh
Cognizant 7.5 Lakh
Accenture6.8 Lakh
Capgemini 6.2 Lakh
Infosys6.4 Lakh
IBM5.5 Lakh
Wipro11.3 Lakh
Deloitte 7.7 Lakh
Tech Mahindra9.1 Lakh
HCL Technologies5.1 Lakh

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Software Tester Career Opportunities in India

A Software Tester might pursue several career opportunities. In general, the advancement of your Software Testing career will vary according to the organization. Career paths include QA Analyst, Sr. QA Analyst, QA Team Coordinator, Test Manager, and Senior Test Manager. Other career opportunities for software testers include Automation Test Engineer, Performance Test Engineer, And Business Analyst.

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Selenium Automation Tester Salary Based on Skill Set

Companies will hire and train Freshers in new technologies, and Freshers who have never used Selenium before may be able to learn it fast. As your career progresses, you will be given multiple tasks and projects after 2-3 years of work experience. After 4-5 years of experience, you will be able to work as a QA Team Lead, Senior Software Tester, Senior Test Manager, Senior Test Engineer, Senior Performance Engineer, Senior Automation Test Engineer, Senior Automation Engineer, Automation Test Lead, and other leadership roles. As a result, if you’ve built a Selenium Automation Tester career, you’re more likely to advance and succeed. 

If you wish to work as an automation tester in India, the technical skills listed below might help you earn the highest Selenium Automation Tester salary. Further, these are the skills you’ll need if you work as a tester.

  • Understanding and experience with Linux commands are required.
  • A thorough understanding of a testing tool like Selenium. 
  • A strong understanding of programming languages like JavaScript, Perl, and Shell is also necessary. 
  • It is necessary to have prior expertise with test management technologies and methods. 
  • Database expertise, such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc., is essential. 
  • Knowledge and hands-on expertise with defect tracking tools such as Bugzilla, Mantis, Jira, etc.,
  • At least one programming language, such as Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, and others, is required.
  • A thorough grasp of IDEs and version control systems a good comprehension of the Selenium Apache POI API, as well as the ability to read and write data from and to Excel (GIT or SVN).
  • Frameworks testing familiarities such as JUnit or TestNG.
  • Expertise with Selenium Automation frameworks and open-source tools like Maven and Jenkins is required.

In addition to technical skills, you’ll need the important soft skills listed below to become a competent software tester. 

Strong Analytical Skills: As a professional software tester, you must be able to analyze and deconstruct a software application into its many components to have a better understanding of it and produce test cases.

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Communication: A software tester’s ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally is essential. Dealing with software developers, for example, in the case of errors or bugs and other challenges, will require some inventiveness and endurance. The Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) software testing artifacts should be readable and understandable.

Task Management, &Time Management: 

Automation testing may be challenging at times, especially during deployment, because a software tester must be responsible for tasks and time management to perform effectively. 

Technical & Organizational Skills 

As technology advances, software testers must maintain technical and organizational skills while adhering to a consistent approach. (These statistics are from surveys taken by AmbitionBox.)

Job RoleAverage Salary in India (Rs. Per Year)
QA Engineer6.7 Lakh
QA Analyst7.0 Lakh
QA Lead 12.8 Lakh
Senior QA Analyst9.1 Lakh
QA Team Lead10.7 Lakh
Quality Assurance Engineer5.4 Lakh
Test Manager15.3 Lakh
Senior Test Manager17.4 Lakh
Senior Test Engineer8.6 Lakh
Performance Test Engineer7.3 Lakh
Senior Performance Test Engineer9.9 Lakh
Performance Test Lead12.6 Lakh
Performance Analyst6.1 Lakh
Performance Test Analyst6.6 Lakh
Senior Performance Engineer13.2 Lakh
Automation Test Engineer5.5 Lakh
Senior Automation Test Engineer9.6 Lakh
Senior Automation Engineer9.0 Lakh
Automation Test Lead13.0 Lakh
QA Automation Engineer6.0 Lakh
Manual Automation Tester4.5 Lakh
Automation Tester5.0 Lakh
Automation Test Analyst6.5 Lakh
Test Automation Architect18.2 Lakh
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Selenium Automation Tester Salary Based on Qualification

To begin a career as a software tester in the IT industry, a university or college degree, such as BTech/B.E., MCA, BCA, or BSc- Computers, is required. Software testers with a Master’s degree will be in great demand since many people who want to work in the IT field now have a college or university degree. Besides, highly competent IT workers, such as software testers, are in high demand regardless of their university or college degree. And, to have a better understanding of the STLC, you will need to obtain a software testing certification, such as CSTE or ISTQB.

Selenium Automation Testing Future and Scope

Selenium is an automated application framework with a bright future. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Free and Open-Source Framework

Selenium is a framework for building automated testing solutions that is free and open source. It is great for software testers and clients from companies and professional quality analysts who want to save financial resources on testing.

Cross-Platform Testing Framework

Selenium is a cross-platform testing framework that works with a wide range of operating systems and search engines. Therefore, Selenium Automation Testers can securely test their applications’ performance across all major devices and platforms.

Ensures Adaptability

When it comes to programming languages, Selenium is highly adaptable. Besides that, the Selenium IDE makes it simple to edit, debug, and record tests.

Selenium Automation testing has become one of the most popular professional automation testing solutions in recent years. Anyone who wishes to work in high-paying employment at top firms may use it because it is open-source software. Selenium testing is becoming more popular, and it has a bright future ahead of it, since it may help you advance your professional career. To master more about selenium and its frameworks, you may enroll in certified selenium courses offered by reputable training institutes. Certification in CP-SAT may help professionals grow in their careers in a wide range of sectors.

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Selenium Tester Salary in India for Fresher and Experienced

In India, the average income for selenium is approximately 1,950,000 per year. Professionals in the field of selenium earn between $1,000,000 to $4,200,000 annually. Numerous variables, including employment location, experience, education, company, certifications, and others, affect this compensation variance.

In India, the average income for a selenium tester is 7.0 LPA, while the entry-level wage is 4.2 LPA. Four years of testing experience translates into 6.1 LPA in pay. Professionals may receive more than what is indicated depending on their background in upskilling, experience, and skill sets.

Selenium Automation Tester Salary: Dependent on Experience

In India, the average salary for a Selenium Tester is Rs. 6.5 lakh per year. If you are a new Selenium Tester with less than three years of experience, you can expect to make between Rs. 3.9 lakh and Rs. 5.5 lakh a year. There is a range of Rs. 6.8 lakh to Rs. 9.1 lakh in annual compensation for software testers in India who have worked in the field for 4 to 8 years. People who have been employed in this industry for more than 9 years typically earn a yearly salary of 14 lakh rupees. Additionally to their pay, selenium testers get bonuses, health insurance, and other benefits.

Beginner Selenium Tester (one to three years of experience): The salary varies from Rs. 3.8 lakhs to Rs. 5.7 lakhs per year.

A mid-level Selenium tester with 4 to 8 years of experience might expect an annual pay ranging from 6.9 lakhs to 9.5 lakhs.

Selenium Tester with 9+ years of experience: The salary varies from Rs. 13.5 lakhs to Rs. 18 lakhs per year.


Companies are quickly adopting cloud computing and digital technology-based applications to grow their business. As a result, today’s business environment necessitates efficient services, deployment, and testing. Besides, the application must be quick and bug-free to deliver the highest degree of the client (end-user) satisfaction. Therefore, Selenium Automation Testers will be in high demand if technological services progress, ensuring that technology solutions meet end-user service expectations. Manual testers are rapidly transitioning to Automation testing as a matter of fact of their experience, and they are in high demand all around the world.

As a result of the increased demand, career opportunities in the IT industry have seemed to expand and improve. Now it’s up to you to choose the best career choices possible. A career in Selenium Automation Testing is unquestionably the best choice since it ensures a brighter future.IT companies are continuously looking for competent employees.

Many IT companies are willing to pay more than industry standards if selenium automation testers have the necessary skills and expertise. Furthermore, based on current salary rates, you may be qualified for promotions in IT companies, and your income will increase.

To conclude, obtaining a CP-SAT certification can help you advance in your profession and create a reputation. Taking courses online and workshops from reputable training institutes like 3RI Technologies will help you become a Certified Selenium Expert.

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