MEAN Stack Developer Salary in India

Do you know what the average salary in India is for a MEAN stack developer? The need for MEAN stack developers will continue to grow if new technological advances are made. The typical salary for a stack developer in India varies depending on a person's skills, experience, and position.

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MEAN Stack Developer Salary In India

Do you know what the average salary in India is for a MEAN stack developer? The need for MEAN stack developers will continue to grow if new technological advances are made. The typical salary for a stack developer in India varies depending on a person’s skills, experience, and position. MEAN stack, on the other hand, is one of India’s best-paying jobs. We will explore how much an average MEAN stack developer salary is in India in this article. In this post, we will look at how a MEAN stack developer’s salary in India varies based on experience, qualification, skill set, location, employer, certification, and technology.


  The MEAN stack framework can help developers to develop strong and web applications since it is built on open-source technologies. MEAN stack development is sometimes referred to as a Full-Stack Development Framework since it integrates client (Front-End) and server (Back-End) applications development. A “MEAN Stack” is a collection of JavaScript’s that run from the client to the server and from the server to the database. Because JavaScript has become one of the most used programming languages, the MEAN stack has become increasingly demanding. 

MEAN stack is made up of four main technologies.

  • MongoDB is a data storage and retrieval NoSQL database.
  • ExpressJS is a NodeJS-based server framework for developing Single Page Applications (SPAs), Multi-Page Applications (MPAs), and Hybrid web applications. It is used to send and receive database queries.
  • AngularJS is a framework is built on the JavaScript programming language. It is used to receive requests from users and respond to them.
  • NodeJS is a JavaScript server-side execution environment. It is responsible for both the client and server requests.

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MEAN Stack Developer – Overview

A JavaScript-based application developer who specializes in the MEAN stack is known as a MEAN Stack Developer. MEAN stack developers work on the application’s server and client sides, which are both written in JavaScript. Because they primarily use JavaScript to develop web and mobile applications, MEAN Stack Developers are also known as JavaScript Full-Stack Developers. They must be proficient in all the skills required by Full Stack Developers, as well as a few other technologies. Therefore, the MEAN stack is seen as an adaptable chosen career by many programmers, software engineers, and web developers.

MEAN Stack Developer Salary in India Based on Location  

The Average Salary of MEAN Stack Developer in India based on location is as follows: 

MEAN Stack Developer in Bangalore may make roughly Rs. 8.0 L per year, MEAN Stack Developer in Mumbai around Rs. 7.8 L per year, MEAN Stack Developer in Hyderabad around Rs. 7.7 L per year, MEAN Stack Developer in Gurgaon around Rs. 6.8 L per year, MEAN Stack Developer in Chennai around Rs. 6.7 L per year, MEAN Stack Developer in Pune around Rs. 6.6 L per year, MEAN Stack Developer in New Delhi around Rs. 5.1 L per year, MEAN Stack Developer in Ahmedabad around 4.7 L per year.

 Bangalore, followed by Mumbai, has the most possibilities and provides the highest salary packages for MEAN Stack developers at the mid-and high level. The lowest salary packages are offered to entry-level developers in Pune, New Delhi, and Gujarat. (These statistics are from surveys taken by Indeed.)

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MEAN Stack Developer Salary in India Based on Experience

A MEAN Stack Developer’s average salary in India is about Rs. 5.2 L –6.4 L per annum. Freshers (those with no more than three years of experience) may expect to earn between Rs. 3.6 L and Rs. 5.6 L per annum. Mid-level professionals with 4-8 years make an average yearly salary of Rs. 6.6–9.7 L, while those with more than 9+ years earn an average annual salary of Rs. 15–20 L (These statistics are from surveys taken by PayScale and Glassdoor.)

Experience MEAN Stack Developer Beginner (1-3 years)MEAN Stack Developer Senior -Mid-Level (4-6 years)MEAN Stack Developer Senior – Experienced (9+ years)
Salary In India. (Rs. Per Year)3.6 L – 5.6 L6.6 – 9.7 L15-20 L

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MEAN Stack Developer Salary in India Based on Employer 

Professionals with a MEAN stack certification will be able to find high-paying positions in companies all around the world because organizations are constantly looking for qualified employees. Having an internationally recognized qualification improves your chances of promotion to a higher level of job in emerging countries. (These statistics are from surveys taken by AmbitionBox.)

Company NameSalesforce Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year)
TCS4.9 Lakh
Cognizant 5.7 Lakh
Accenture6.4 Lakh
Capgemini 6.7 Lakh
IBM6.7 Lakh
Wipro5.0 Lakh
Deloitte 8.8 Lakh
Tech Mahindra5.1 Lakh

MEAN Stack Developer Salary Based on Qualification

A university or college degree is required for MEAN Stack Developers. Programming is a developing professional path, and the IT industry is always growing, thus IT professionals are in great demand. Because a college or university degree is becoming increasingly relevant for those working in the software development industry, MEAN Stack Developers with a Master’s will be highly considered. Furthermore, regardless of educational background, IT workers with highly technical abilities are in high demand.

MEAN Stack Developers must be competent with both the Front-End and Back-End components of a software application, as well as be accountable for security considerations. JavaScript may be used as a first scripting language for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a MEAN Stack Developer. In addition, any widely-used programming language, such as Java, is extensively utilized in businesses of all sizes. As a result, MEAN Stack Developers must be fluent in one of the major programming languages to work in the IT industry and have a successful career. Besides, any individual with a basic understanding of C/C++ programming concepts and Object-Oriented programming (OOP) principles may learn the Java programming language. To work as a MEAN Stack Java Developer, you must understand Algorithms and Data Structures as fundamental concepts for creating responsive web and mobile applications.

MEAN Stack Developer Career Opportunities in India

A MEAN Stack Developer may work in a range of career paths. MEAN Stack Developer, Senior MEAN Stack Developer, Senior JavaScript Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, Project Manager, and Technical Architect are just a few of the more advanced career opportunities.

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MEAN Stack Developer Salary Based on Skills

Is it that tough to become a MEAN Stack Developer? Freshers or graduates and experts alike frequently voice their concerns. It is also uncommon for someone with no formal education or experience to advance to mastery.

Keep in mind, though, that each position has its own set of responsibilities and expectations. A MEAN Stack developer is in a similar situation. The following technical skills are necessary.

  • Front-end and back-end operations expertise.
  • A MEAN Stack developer should be familiar with HTML, CSS, Java, Python, C#, Bootstrap, XML, JavaScript, jQuery. 
  • MEAN Stack Programmers must be well-versed in programming templates as well as architectural design concepts.
  • Web development, integration, and cloud technologies expertise
  • Familiarity with database architecture.
  • Databases like MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, etc., must be well-known, and hands-on expertise is required.
  • Experience in Agile development and knowledge of the SDLC.
  • Expertise in developing and implementing apps that will help the organization achieve its objectives.
  • Hands-on expertise with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS is required.
  • Should be capable of problem-solving.

In addition to technical skills, a diversified MEAN Stack Developer should have the following soft skills: adaptability a desire to acquire new skills. Communication, participating in teamwork, and time management are all necessary skills.

Job RoleAverage Salary in India (Rs. Per Year)
MEAN Stack Developer4.0 Lakh
Sr. MEAN Stack Engineer12.8 Lakh
Senior JavaScript Developer8.2 Lakh
Full Stack Engineer6.5 Lakh
Sr. Full Stack Engineer12.3 Lakh
Technical Architect18.0 Lakh

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MEAN Stack Developer Future and Scope 

As a MEAN Stack developer, you have a fantastic career and opportunities all over the world; but, owing to high demand, MEAN Stack developers are always available in India and other large nations. If you are new to the field and want to know if there are adequate jobs for a MEAN Stack developer, we have tabulated the above statistics for you in this post.

Starting a career as a MEAN Stack developer is both rewarding and demanding since it benefits both the company and the individual. If you are determined to work with a variety of skills and are familiar with a few programming languages and technologies, you will be a successful MEAN Stack developer. After acquiring expertise as a MEAN Stack developer, you can easily advance to Technical Architect.

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MEAN Stack developers have witnessed significant growth because of their flexibility in developing secure, responsive, and maintainable web and mobile applications, and demand for MEAN stack development has grown. Another fantastic incentive to master MEAN Stack is the employment prospects it provides; companies in competitive industries hire MEAN Stack developers.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the MEAN Stack Developer Overview and MEAN Stack Developer Salary in India, you can plan your future career in your desired profession. Obtaining a certification might assist you in demonstrating your professional proficiency. Enroll in a MEAN Stack developer certification course offered by a reputable MEAN Stack project development training institution like 3RI Technologies


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