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In today's highly competitive digital world, businesses confront ongoing economic development problems, such as when a consumer demands more than just a product or service. To compete in today's fast-paced, ever-changing IT sector, companies seek the best and most trustworthy Full Stack Developers.

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In today’s highly competitive digital world, businesses confront ongoing economic development problems, such as when a consumer demands more than just a product or service. To compete in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing IT sector, companies seek the best and most trustworthy Full Stack Developers. It is a rapidly increasing job demand in the field, with significant potential for both beginners and experienced professionals who recognize it. The most challenging element is developing professional relationships and converting them into potential clients.

Choosing the perfect career may be a challenging task. With so many career options available, deciding on the best one will be difficult. A full-stack developer is one of such career options. In this post, let us take a look at the Full Stack Developer overview, Full Stack Developer Salary in India, as well as why Full Stack Developer Certification is essential for developing your career and landing a position at a top MNC or start-up company.

Full Stack Developer Salary – Overview

In the IT sector, a Full Stack Developer is responsible for maintaining the development of a software product or application. Full Stack Developers nowadays frequently utilize frameworks to transform client demands for software application design into the application framework. Along with their ability to design, develop, and execute the project, they are in great demand in areas such as Information Technology, Healthcare, Scientific, Military, etc. 

Full Stack Developer or Engineers outperform conventional web developers on both the front and back ends. When a company hires a Full Stack Developer, it gains the advantage of relying on a single expert rather than hiring many specialists. Besides, a Full Stack Developer will also assist the company in acquiring consumers and promoting an interesting and comprehensive application online. As a result, the company’s personnel, resources, and operations will be less expensive.

Full Stack developers are constantly in high demand, and according to a recent survey, there is a Python developer shortage in nations like India and the United States. A Python Developer is a programmer who is an expert in the Python programming language, which includes all modules, plugins, and utilities. This does not mean that Full Stack Python Developers are unaware of other languages or emerging technologies. An experienced Python Full Stack Developer must be familiar with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS. Besides, many Python-based frameworks, such as Django and Flask, excel in scalability and may be used for web development, and this code library facilitates Full Stack developers in designing and managing responsive websites.

Java is used to build Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Microservices, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and Distributed Systems, all of which are projected to gain prominence over the next decade. Many job seekers and aspiring programmers may be unsure whether this programming language is required to be mastered. Because of the upcoming Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud standards, Java will remain a popular development environment. Java will continue to fulfill service standards, and its widespread use will almost definitely result in powerful and diversified corporate support services. However, Java has continued to lead the E-commerce and IT industries and become the most popular programming language, with all job seekers and aspiring programmers benefiting from it. 

A full-stack developer’s profession is unquestionably one of the most well-paid in India. It should be noted, however, that a Full Stack Developer’s salary in India is affected by a variety of factors, including Location, Qualification, Experience, Skills, And Employer.

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Full Stack Developer s Salary in India Based on Location  

The Average Salary of Full Stack Developer in India in the metros is as follows: 

Full Stack Developer in Bangalore may make roughly Rs. 8.06 K per year, Full Stack Developer in Mumbai around Rs. 7.82 K per year, Full Stack Developer in Hyderabad around Rs. 7.77 K per year, Full Stack Developer in Gurgaon around Rs. 6.89 K per year, Full Stack Developer in Chennai around Rs. 6.79 K per year, Full Stack Developer in Pune around Rs. 6.62 K per year, Full Stack Developer in New Delhi around Rs. 5.16 K per year, Full Stack Developer in Ahmedabad around 4.76K per year.

If you want to work as a Full Stack Developer in India, hunt for a job in and Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai (All of these statistics were obtained from Indeed.)

Full Stack Developer Salary Based on Qualification

Full Stack Developers must have a university or college degree. IT experts are in high demand since programming is a growing career path and the IT business is continuously evolving. Full Stack Developers with a master’s degree will be highly considered since a college or university degree is becoming increasingly necessary for individuals who work in the software industry. Besides, experts in the IT business with highly specialized skills, on the other hand, are in great demand regardless of academic background.

Full Stack Developers are useful in a wide range of industries, including local and global companies that require a wide range of technological skills. A technical specialist is not necessary if Full Stack Developers must completely grasp both the client (Front-End) -server (Back-End) aspects of a software application and act responsibly in terms of security issues. Python may be utilized as a first programming language for those who are interested in the Full Stack Python Developer Career because there are no prerequisites. 

As the Java programming language is extensively used in organizations of all sizes, Full Stack Java Developers should be fluent in it if they want to work in the IT industry and build a successful career. Java may be learned and mastered by anybody who has a basic understanding of C/C++ programming concepts as well as an understanding of Object-Oriented programming principles. However, regardless of whether you want to start a career as a Full Stack Python or Full Stack Java Developer, you will need a strong understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms to develop responsive business applications. Algorithms are a popular approach for problem-solving, whilst Data Structures are numerous methods for data storage, and Full Stack Developers should be conversant with both fundamental concepts.

Full Stack Developer Salary in India Based on Experience

An Average Fresher’s Full Stack Developer Salary in India is Rs. 3.75K. A Full Stack Developer with 1-4 years of experience makes an average of Rs 5.53K per year in India. With 5 to 9 years of experience, a mid-level employee can expect to earn between Rs 12 and 14 Lakh. Senior Full Stack Developer in India can earn between 15 and 35 Lakh (All of these statistics were obtained from PayScale and Indeed.)

Experience Full Stack Developer  Beginner (1-4 years)Full Stack Developer  Mid-Level (5-9 years)Full Stack Developer  Senior – Experienced (10+ years)
Salary In India. (Rs. Per Year)4.9 Lakh – 6.7 Lakh8.8 Lakh – 9.3 Lakh15 Lakh -37 Lakh

Full Stack Developer Career Opportunities in India

A Full Stack Developer is capable of working in a variety of job roles. Full Stack Web Developer, Mean Stack Developer, Senior Full Stack Developer, Project Manager, System Architect, Team Leader, Database Engineer, and DevOps Engineer are just a few of the fantastic career opportunities you have.

Full Stack Developer Salary Based on Skills

To further one’s career as a Full Stack Web Developer, one must have software development knowledge, with an emphasis on Full Stack application development. Full-stack development necessitates mastering core principles of web programming, from the client to the server. In a nutshell, Full Stack Developers must master several frameworks as well as the aims and objectives of a company. The MEAN stack, LEMP stack, LAMP stack, Django stack, Ruby on rails stack, and MERN are some of the most popular frameworks. As a Full Stack Developer, one must also have extensive experience in user interface (UI/UX) design. They may also serve as a Project Manager, System Architect, or Team Leader (All of these statistics were obtained from Indeed and Ambition Box.)

Is it that tough to be a Full Stack Developer? Freshers and professionals alike frequently raise concerns. It is also rare for someone with no prior expertise to become one. The vagueness and “completely competent” sense of entitlement of a Full Stack Developer perplexes many professionals.

You should be mindful, however, that each position has its unique set of responsibilities and expectations. The same is true for a Full Stack Developer. The following technical skills are required:

  • A Full Stack Developer must be proficient in Front-End technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript. jQuery, Angular, React, etc. 
  • A server-side (Back-End) programming languages, such as Java, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, or any similar language. 
  • Database (DB) Administration and caching operations. 
  • Familiarity with databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, etc. 
  • Server and configuration management.
  • GitLab, GitHub, and Beanstalk are all version control systems that one should be familiar with.
  • Developmental Experience Inspecting code for errors/ bugs.
  • Aware of security risks.
  • Agile methodologies knowledge- quickly and efficiently.
  • Should have problem-solving skills.

In addition to technical skills, a diversified full stack developer should have the following soft skills: flexibility and openness to upskilling and learning new things. Besides, excellent communication and time management are both important. A JavaScript Full Stack Developer Salary in India is around Rs. 5.9 L per year. A Python Full Stack Developer Salary in India is around. Rs. 5.9 L per year. If you know Node.js, the package might go up to Rs. 6.2 L each year. Java Full Stack Developer s may expect to make around Rs. 5.8L per year, whereas React.js developers can expect to earn around INR 7.8 L. To make at least Rs. 3.5L per year, Full Stack Developers need master Angular.js. (All of these statistics were obtained from PayScale and AmbitionBox.)

Job RoleAverage Salary in India (Rs. Per Year)
Full Stack Developer4.5 Lakh
Mean Stack Developer4.0 Lakh
Sr. Full Stack Engineer12.3 Lakh
Full Stack Engineer6.5 Lakh
Full Stack Software Developer5.5 Lakh
Member Technical Staff12.6 Lakh
Project Manager20 Lakh
System Architect 18 Lakh
Team Leader12.6 Lakh
DevOps Engineer11.0 Lakh

Full Stack Developer Salary in India Based on Employer 

A Full Stack Developer should be certified in a range of web design, development, and programming languages, in addition to HTML, CSS, Angular, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Java, PHP, C#, Python, and other related certifications. Besides, employees with certifications will be able to seek high-paying jobs in multinational organizations, as major corporations are always on the hunt for competent professionals. Certification provides a Full Stack Developer a competitive advantage by allowing you to be more productive, develop your skills, and eventually get chances in the IT sector. Besides, earning an internationally recognized certification improves your chances of getting promoted to a higher level of work in multinational organizations. (All of these statistics were obtained from Glassdoor and AmbitionBox.)

Company NameFull Stack Developer Salary in India. (Rs. Per Year)
TCS4.6 Lakh
Cognizant 5.9 Lakh
Accenture6.5 Lakh
Capgemini 6.0 Lakh
IBM5.0 Lakh
Wipro5.4 Lakh
Deloitte 8.4 Lakh
Tech Mahindra5.1 Lakh
Infosys5.8 Lakh
Amazon13.4 Lakh

Full Stack Developer Future and Scope 

As a Full Stack Developer, you have a wide range of career opportunities, and Full Stack Developer are in high demand all around the world for Full Stack Developers are available in India and other major countries; however, due to high demand. If you are new to this profession and want to know if there are enough jobs for a Full Stack Developer, we have put together factual data in this post for you. Both the organisation and the individual have a wide range of possibilities due to the current high demand for this profession and its flexibility. Full Stack Developer salary in India is substantially greater. Nonetheless, many potential Full Stack Developers, both new and experienced, need not be concerned because this is a stable and profitable career. The following advantages come with this career path:

Multi-Skilled Employees Are in High Demand: Small business owners formerly relied only on Full Stack Developers. However, there has recently been an increase in demand for them in the sector. Global corporations are looking for developers who can accomplish multiple tasks, and the ideal option is a Full Stack Developer.

Increased Accountability Leads to Increased Productivity: In comparison to other developers, Full Stack Developers have a competitive advantage. They could very well master the skills of several roles at once because they operate on both the client (Front-End) and server side (Back-End)  of the project. This increases overall company productivity.

Growth Comes from Learning : The truth is that this ever-changing and increasing level of professional obligation is constantly altering. Because a Full Stack Developer  is not an expert developer, there will always be areas and chances for learning. As a result, one must constantly learn new skills in terms of career development, responsive, and open to new opportunities.

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Career possibilities and jobs for Full Stack Developers and Engineers have increased significantly in recent years, and there is a large global community supporting its upgrade, maintenance, and expansion. Because it is one of the most sought-after job roles, it is sought and recruited by all types of organisations in order to compete in the market.

You may plan your future career to your preferred job now that you have a better understanding of the Full Stack Developer Overview and Full Stack Developer Salary in India. Obtaining a certification allows you to demonstrate your professional expertise. Enrol in a course provided by a respected training company like 3RI Technologies that specializes on real-world Full Stack Developer training.

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