How to create a LinkedIn profile

Table of Contents

How to create a linkedin profile

How to create a good LinkedIn profile?


Table of Contents

  1. How to create a LinkedIn Profile?
  2. What should be the title of your LinkedIn profile?
  3. What should be the Cover Photo for your LinkedIn Profile?
  4. How to mention the Company & Project that you have worked on?
  5. How to upload a snippet of your resume:
  6. How to add relevant connections?

For these 21st century days, the time is different and so is the hiring tactics. Nowadays few hiring happens through direct Job Portals. Most of the companies hire from other channels as well, like

  • Training & Placement Companies
  • Placement Consultants
  • Employee References 
  • Social Media Platform like LinkedIn 

The reason is every employer wants to hire a trustworthy and well-versed employee from a trustworthy and recognized source. Thus, in case of any fraud or likewise, there will be an intermediate level where the employer can contact and resolve that issue, either by getting alternative resources from the same vendor or rectifying the candidature with the help of the reference he has been hired. In the job portal’s hiring, this link is missing, hence it is not effective these days.

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How to create a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform that gives us a way that a normal or low profile person can directly get in touch with the CEO of the company.

Job Aspirants should take advantage of this. Stick to the below steps to make your profile most searchable.

Before we start here, I would like to mention that having more connections doesn’t make sense at all. I often hear people saying that I have 1500+ connections on my LinkedIn account. However, if they go and check the people they are connected on LinkedIn can not fit in one or two categories, generally, it is a mix of

  1. HR / Admin from companies across the world.
  2. Authors / CEO / CTO / CFO, from the irrelevant sectors
  3. Not active members
  4. Friends & Relatives
  5. Profiles which is similar to their profiles
  6. Company colleagues
  7. Students / College going students
  8. Few people from the Fashion Industry, etc.

Now you see if you are a person who is coming from an IT background and want a good job. You will find many irrelevant connections in your profile.


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Assume if you try to become relevant and start publishing a few articles and talk on a related topic, no one is going to understand and take an interest in your profile. As there are fewer connections with the same thought process.

So the first step in creating your profile is to remove irrelevant connections by making a list of them. Also, it is recommended you do not remove more than 100 connections in a day.

Only keep connections that are relevant for your goal.

Also, whenever you are sending a connection request to any individual, send a personal note with it. This will be useful to build a connection soon.

Say, for example, Sita is an IT aspirant and she is looking for a job. If she just sends a blank note while establishing a connection to HR of Persistent, she may not receive a response from them. You would need to send a personal note to connect initially. You may not directly put up a message asking for a job, this doesn’t look nice.

 You may send a simple note like, to introduce yourself. You may mention your common interest. Just mention to them that you wish to connect to them as you feel you can grow with this connection.

Say, for example, you may write, I am XYZ and I am also a follower of the ABC group. So thought we can connect as we share a common interest and have topics to discuss and grow individually. 

Once, the connection is established, you may develop a relationship with the recruiter or concerned person. This can be done by showing interest in any article published by them or congratulating them on their achievements. You may also seek general advice that you may be looking for.

 If you come across a job opportunity in the company where they are working, you may ask them regarding the application and interview process. You may also ask them to help you with connecting with the concerned person if possible to help you in securing the job.

Now the next few questions will give you answers to How to create a good LinkedIn profile.

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What should be the title of your LinkedIn profile?

  • The LinkedIn title says the employer everything about you in one line.

    The Title Line should be simple searchable keywords, it should be a mix of technology and profile.


    For Freshers:

    Once you decide the profiles like “Data Scientist” or “Artificial Intelligence”, the title can be:

    BTech CS Fresher | Enthusiast for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence | Proficient Python developer

    For Laterals:

    “AWS Certified Solution Architect | DevOps Engineer | Linux Administrator | Team Lead”

  • Use the Google search engine and learn about the tasks that are persistent to your experience. This will help you to make a few changes in your profile that will make it more relevant and up to the mark for the same position.
  • The title should highlight your skills and past work experience if any.
  • Your profile photo should be attractive with a clear close-up face image with a smile. Also, it should have a white background. Don’t forget that the human face reflects the first impression in the employer’s eyes.

how to make a LinkedIn profile

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What should be the Cover Photo for your LinkedIn Profile?

  • The cover photo is very important. You should get this created or download the sample cover photos which suit your professional expectations. Your skillset or the image which defines your expertise, career goals, and The Best in you.
  • Simple and relevant “Sample LinkedIn Profile Cover Photo” can be searched and downloaded directly from Google Search.

How to mention the Company & Project that you have worked on?

  • Elaborate your company or projects on the profile sections properly under the Experience section.
  • Make sure your roles and responsibilities are included in the profile. Also, they should resemble the JD profiles that you are searching for.
  • Also start from the most recent jobs or the current company for which you are working.

How to upload a snippet of your resume:

  • You can upload a snippet i.e.a small brief of your resume, to highlight it to the employers.
  • The more and consistently you work on LinkedIn, you will be able to create a more powerful profile. This will end up you getting multiple jobs in India and around the globe.
  • You make sure all the technologies, in which you want to get a job are added to your technical skills column.
  • Ask your friends, colleagues, and earlier corporate people to endorse you for the right technologies and write a recommendation for you.
  • This all techniques have been applied to multiple students and job aspirants. We found that LinkedIn profile is one of the strong factors to achieve their objectives.

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How to add relevant connections?

  • It does not matter how many contacts you have in your profile, but it does matters how relevant your connections are.
  • Our objective is to attract the employer and create an impression that you are the right fit for the job they have.
  • Use the filter criterion in the above search section, mention the profiles for which you are looking for.
  • In the search results, you will find the first top 10 results for the same profile candidates. Now you need to check the top 3 relevant profiles properly and try to take a few pointers from them to include in your profile.
  • In the above three candidates’ profiles, you need to note down the roles and responsibilities which can be added to your existing project or maybe taken care of while learning the technology.
  • You should always try to assume from an employer’s point of view as if you are an HR of the company and looking after few “BE 2020” passed out “Python” trained students within the “Pune” location. So if you have completed your BE from “Savitribai Phule University, Maharashtra’, do mention the same.
  • In the LinkedIn Search bar, the Boolean operators work the best. Say, for example, if you are searching for a “Python Developer” position in Pune and specifically not in “Bangalore”. You can write Python Developerand in the advanced filter, you can select the domestic area( eg: Pune) in which you are looking for the “Python Developer” opening.
  • While writing your roles responsibilities, project work, and company details you should always keep in mind that most of the searchable keywords are getting covered in your statements.
  • LinkedIn profile creation is a phenomenal thing, which cannot happen in a day or week. It needs at least 8 weeks of preparation that will make your LinkedIn profile in such a way that employer or HR people will directly send you the Job Openings from their end.
  • Once you finalize all the changes in your profile, try to add a few certifications that you may have earned to the profile.
  • Remove all the connections(except your friends) which are irrelevant and not up to the mark for your job hunting.
  • Join certain job openings groups. Do check the member count and location relevancy of the group before joining it.
  • Try sending the request to the HR and Hiring Authority in the companies, Employers in your local area, or the location where you are looking for jobs. No point sending a connection request if you are from India to a Nigerian profile, unless you are open to working in Nigeria.

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