JMeter interview questions and answers for Freshers and Experience

JMeter is open-source software designed to load functional test behavior and compute performance. It was developed by Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a very worthwhile software used to analyze and calculate the performance of web applications or
JMeter Interview Questions and Answers

JMeter interview questions and answers for Freshers and Experience

What is JMeter? 

JMeter is open-source software designed to load functional test behavior and compute performance. It was developed by Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a very worthwhile software used to analyze and calculate the performance of web applications or other services also.

The term “performance testing’ means to test a web application to aware of heavy load, concurrent, and increased traffic. It is highly recommended to test the FTP application and Web Application. In this technological era, this software is appreciated for a database server test, functional test, etc.

Why JMeter?

Do you test a web server to aware of how adequate it works? Do you want to aware of concurrent users handled by a web server? Obviously, you got puzzled about getting the answers to these questions? Let’s understand the actual use of JMeter with an instance:

Let’s consider your boss assigns you the task of test the performance of of 200 users. What can you do?

The fact is, it will not be possible for you to arrange 200 people with PC/laptop and internet access concurrently accessing Thus, to make this task easier and instant, you must have a software named JMeter, which will straightly help you to simulate real-user behaviors and load or performance test of your website.

This domain is significant to know as we are part of a world where performance testing becomes essential.

If you are going to attend an interview regarding performance testing, you must be aware of JMeter interview questions and answers. Else, you will wind up with the wrong impression of the interviewer.

No matter, either you are fresher or an experienced candidate going for an interview, the JMeter Training also will be highly helpful for you.

Q 1: What is JMeter? 

A 1: JMeter is an open-source software used to load functional test behavior and compute the performance of the server or client’s application. It is a 100% Java desktop application. Basically, it was designed to test web applications only, but later it has been used to test other applications as well. The users can test the performance of both static and dynamic resources like Perl scripts, Java Objects, files, Servlets, Queries, FTP Servers, Data Bases, and more.

Q 2: Name other applications that can test with JMeter?

A 2: JMeter can test other applications like Regression, Functional, and Unit testing.

Q 3: Can you tell me the basic workflow of JMeter?

A 3: Yes, of course! It is a tool used on a group of users delivering requests to a target server. It assembles responses from the target server and also from other statistics which reveal the performance of the server or applications via tables or graphs.

Q 4: Name some significant attributes/features of JMeter?

A 4:

  • It is open-source software.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It has a smooth and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • It can test the load and performance of numerous server types such as Web – HTTP, SOAP, Mail via POP3, HTTPS, Database via LDAP, JDBC, and JMS.
  • It designed test plans in XML format
  • On Unix or Linux, users can open it by clicking or tapping on the JMeter shell script. But for Windows, users have to request the jmeter.bat file.
  • It is also used to test automated and functional testing performance.

Q 5: Which protocols support JMeter?

A 5: Web Protocol (both HTTP and HTTPS), FTP, Web Services (both REST and SOAP), LDAP, TCP, MOM, JDBC, MongoDB (NoSQL), and Mail servers (POP3(S), SMTP(S), and IMAP(S))

Q 6: Do you know about Test Plan in JMeter?

A 6: Yup! I know. A test plan is a tool used to define and provide a layout of what and how to test. It has one or more of these elements- ThreadGroup, Controllers, Listeners, Assertions, Timers, Configuration Elements, Post-Processor Elements, and Pre-Processor Elements.

Q 7: Do you understand about JMeter controllers and their types?

A 7: Yup! Basically, JMeter controllers have two types. One is Samplers Controllers, which permits JMeter to post particular kinds of requests to a server. The second one is Logical Controllers, which allows controlling the arrangement of the processing of Samplers. Some of its examples are Loop Controller, Throughput Controller, While Controller, Run Time Controller, etc.

Q 8: Can you tell me about the execution sequence of test elements in the Test Plan of JMeter?

An 8: Yes, I know about it. The order sequence of Test Plan elements is Configuration elements- Pre-Processors- Timers- Sampler- Post-Processors- Assertions- Listeners.

Q 9: What are the benefits performance testing gets from JMeter?

A 9:

  • It is used to test the performance of static and dynamic resources.
  • It provides a graphic or tabular analysis of performance reports.
  • It can seamlessly handle numerous concurrent users without any interruption.
  • It saves much of the time of persons concerned with computing the performance or load of servers.
  • It always provides accurate and instant results.

Q 10: What do you mean by the assertion in JMeter? What are its types?

A 10: Assertion in JMeter helps to verify either the server under test, providing the best results or not. There are five commonly used assertions in JMeter, such as Response Assertion, Duration Assertion, Size Assertion, XML Assertion, and HTML Assertion.

Q 11: Which kinds of processors are used in JMeter?

An 11: Two kinds of processors are used: Pre-Processor executes before the main sampler, which can amend the scope of the sampler, and Post-Processor executes after the main sampler. It is also applicable to all samplers with the same scope in Test Plan.

Q 12: Name some plugins supported by Jmeter?

A 12: Jmeter can support different types of plugins such as Thread Group Plugin, Listeners plugins, Samplers Plugins like Webdriver, etc. to generate high-quality results.

The above-mentioned interview questions and answers are the best to read and learn before going to a performance test or JMeter interview. These are highly asked questions by the interviewer since then. Thus, you must prepare these thoroughly before a day or days of your interview to influence the interviewer and get selected.

All the Best!

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