Top 10 Most In-demand Data Science Certifications in 2024

The best data science certification can provide you an advantage if you want to advance into a certain profession, such as a data analyst, data engineer, or even a data science manager. Top data science certifications are highly valued by many firms in the technology, healthcare, financial, and other sectors.

Data science is a career path that is growing more and more appealing, with a 28% growth in demand for data scientists over the preceding five years. The growth of data science credentials, which are accepted evidence of a data scientist’s abilities and knowledge, illustrates the importance of the field.

This post will help you make a data-driven decision by showcasing the top data science qualifications worth investing in for 2024. To improve your marketability and competency in the data science job market, each certification offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Bring you one step nearer to being a data scientist.

Nothing will ever happen if you keep hypnotizing me about how I can get a career in data science at any of the Fortune 500 IT companies. To get a symbol of recognition in any of those Fortune 500 companies, it is essential to boost your resume with programs in the form of certifications that recognize your Data Science talents in accordance with the standard market standards. Are you working to earn the title that will allow you to go above and beyond for better performance and dependability as evidenced by your portfolio? Let’s examine the following seven data science certifications and contemplate switching occupations if we wish to experience improved development in terms of our job responsibilities and other areas.

The data science certifications listed here (which are listed in alphabetical order) will help you whether you’re looking to show off your data analytics expertise, gain experience as a recent graduate, sharpen vendor-specific skills, or do all of the above. (Are you experiencing problems locating what you’re looking for? (For a rating of the top credentials in big data and data analytics, visit our page). Unlock the power of data with our comprehensive Data Science course in Pune.

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What Does a Data Scientist Do?

A data scientist is a person who focuses on data analysis and uses that expertise to address problems and anticipate future outcomes. Using their data science skills, which include statistics, data visualization, mathematics, programming, and machine learning, they reveal insights from data that would otherwise be hidden.

How to Begin When Thinking About Certifications?

It’s critical to take your starting point and long-term professional objectives into account while thinking about data science credentials.

The best data science certification can provide you an advantage if you want to advance into a certain profession, such as a data analyst, data engineer, or even a data science manager. Top data science certifications are highly valued by many firms in the technology, healthcare, financial, and other sectors. Additionally, some companies may stipulate that applicants must hold a data science certification. A certificate from a company like the Data Science Council of America can be useful in these circumstances.

Cloudera Data Platform Generalist Certification

Cloudera CDP Certification offers the benchmark for assessing your experience with the Cloudera Data Platform. Your ability to use the platform, including system administration, solution design, data analysis, and other tasks, is assessed on each role-based CDP test. The CDP certification exams consist of multiple-choice questions, are safely proctored online, and are awarded with digital badges that can be shown on professional forums.

The Cloudera Data Platform Generalist certification, which attests to platform proficiency, has replaced the Cloudera Certified Professional  and Cloudera Certified Associate certifications. The new exam measures competence across several platforms and various positions, including administrator, developer, data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, and system architect. The test consists of 60 questions, and you have 90 minutes to do it.

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Principal Data Scientist of the Data Science Council of America

In contrast to the Senior Data Scientist certification previously mentioned, the Principal Data Scientist certification is designed for seasoned professionals in the data science and analytics industries who have substantial experience in data analytics and intelligence.

The top candidates have demonstrated abilities to transform data and business intelligence infrastructures within companies, as well as a track record of managing and architecting enterprise-wide business intelligence systems. These individuals are considered as thought leaders, concept pioneers, and technological innovators within the data science field.

For data science professionals with ten or more years of big data experience, the Data Science Council of America provides the Principal Data Scientist certification, which has three routes. The exam covers a wide range of topics, from fundamental to sophisticated data science concepts, including best practices for big data, business data strategies, encouraging cross-organizational support, machine learning, natural language processing, academic modeling, and more. “Experienced and high-achievers data science thought and practice leaders” are the target audience for the exam.

Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

By mastering the fundamentals of AI, you may launch your career and get ready to explore more of Azure’s numerous technical options. Possibilities that could have seemed like science fiction not so long ago are now possible thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). You can develop technologies, create solutions, and improve your apps in a range of fields, like financial management, healthcare, and environmental protection, to name a few.

The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals certification verifies your comprehension of machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts and how they relate to Microsoft Azure services. Due to the fact that the exam just covers the fundamentals, you don’t need to be very knowledgeable to pass it. If you’re new to AI or AI on Azure and want to show potential employers your abilities and knowledge, here is a terrific place to start.

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Certification as a Microsoft Associate Azure Data Scientist

The Microsoft Certified: Data scientists and other professionals who work on data science and machine learning projects on the Azure platform are eligible for the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification.

The certificate verifies your proficiency with MLflow and Azure Machine Learning for data science applications.

Your capacity to build up and manage machine learning workloads on Azure is heavily weighted in the Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate certification. Candidates take a test that includes questions about computer vision, NLP, machine learning, and predictive analytics, among other topics. You must be able to deploy and manage resources as well as implement and manage storage, virtual networks, identities, and governance.

Microsoft offers a wide range of study resources to aid with test preparation. These involve handling data, looking around the workspace in Azure Machine Learning, or selecting machine learning models automatically. These learning tracks each comprise of modules that range in length.

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SAS Certified AI and Machine Learning Professional

Created for individuals who wish to showcase their aptitude for AI and analytics through knowledge extraction from data utilizing open-source and SAS tools. Candidates must be proficient in machine learning, computer vision, model forecasting, optimization, and natural language processing, Candidates will be given the SAS Certified Professional: AI and Machine Learning designation after earning the credentials for SAS Certified Specialist: Machine Learning, SAS Certified Specialist: Forecasting and Optimization, and SAS Certified Specialist: Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

One example of how open source software along with AI and analytics know-how may be leveraged to extract meaning from data is the SAS AI and Machine Learning Professional certification. To acquire the certification, you must pass a series of exams on subjects like machine learning, model forecasting, and model optimization. You must pass the SAS Certified Specialist examinations in Machine Learning, Forecasting and Optimization, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision in order to obtain the designation of AI and Machine Learning specialist. To Know More About courses Visit Job Oriented Course In Pune.

SAS Certified Data Scientist

The SAS Global Certification Program outlines the steps necessary to become a certified data scientist who is knowledgeable in machine learning and various models of data visualization, skilled in R, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and capable of creating intricate data management models that methodically influence business decisions. This curriculum, which really costs more than $180, has three primary pathways. Four courses make up the first path, called Data Curation Professional. Nine courses make up the Advanced Analytics Professional program, which is the second option. Five courses make up the Professional in AI and Machine Learning track, which is the third track.

You can use additional resources like the Certification Professional directory and Certification Community to your advantage if you have any questions regarding Deep Learning, Data Visualization, or Machine Learning to find knowledgeable responses. Instead of focusing on obtaining credentials that will boost your resume, you should navigate the topics covered in this well-known SAS program and acquire an in-depth knowledge of advanced data analytics technologies repeatedly through the courses that are well-tailored with any of the program’s three basic pathways.

The other two SAS data certifications are combined under the SAS Certified Data Scientist moniker. It covers programming methods, data administration and enhancement, data access and manipulation, and the use of popular data visualization tools. Apply for your SAS Certified Data Scientist title if you have the Big Data Professional and Advance Analytics Professional credentials. You must successfully complete all 18 courses and the five examinations in order to get any of the two certificates.

Recommender systems are very widely used in the recommendation process. They prioritize the features of an app or system that a user would find most interesting while working with large amounts of complex data. Almost every major search engine, OTT service, and online retailer uses a similar data-driven recommender system. masters in the skills of Data Analytics Enroll in Data Analytics Course In Pune.

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Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Employing managers specifically look for a data scientist who can “transform complex data into valuable insights and actions,” which is exactly what the vendor-neutral Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification attests to:

someone who can comprehend the data, come to logical conclusions and communicate to important stakeholders the significance of those data points. You must apply and meet a number of conditions before you may take the CAP or associate level aCAP tests.

You can take the CAP certification exam if you have a related master’s degree, five years of relevant professional experience, a related bachelor’s degree, or any other degree that is unrelated to analytics. To be eligible to take the aCAP exam, you must have a master’s degree and no more than three years of relevant experience in data or analytics. Enroll in the Data Analyst course in Pune to master Data Analytics.

Data Science Council of America’s Senior Data Scientist

The Data Science Council of America offers a Senior Data Scientist certification program for persons with at least five years of expertise in research and analytics. Students should be comfortable with databases, spreadsheets, statistical analysis, SPSS/SAS, R, and quantitative methodologies in addition to object-oriented programming concepts and RDBMS. The program features five tracks that will appeal to a wide range of applicants; each track has unique entry requirements in terms of prerequisites, degree requirements, and work experience requirements. Students must have at least five years of data science expertise, a bachelor’s degree, and in some courses, a master’s degree or other credentials in order to enroll in any course.

IBM Professional Certificate in Data Science

 The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is the right course of study for you if you’re new to data science and want to start a career. This certification proves a candidate’s ability to employ statistics and data science techniques to solve problems in the real world.

Students must master important tools like Python, SQL, Jupyter Notebooks, and software for data visualization and analysis. Using datasets from actual locations, machine learning models are also developed and assessed as part of the program using Scikit-learn and SciPy.

When all courses in the Coursera program have been successfully completed, the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is awarded. Data science, machine learning, data analysis, data visualization, open source tools, Python, databases, and SQL are all topics covered in the nine courses that make up the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. The curriculum is concluded with the last practical data science capstone. Through Coursera, you can finish the certification programs in as little as three months on average, however, you are free to take longer or less time. You can create a portfolio using the course’s practical projects to show prospective employers your data science skills.

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Google Professional Data Engineer Certification 

Many students will be able to learn the fundamentals of ML models and ways to operationalize them from this Data Engineer Certification given by Google, especially those interested in monitoring and developing data-processing systems. The $200 certification will also introduce you to Dataproc, a different fully managed & scalable solution that works best for data lakes.

Using Google Cloud’s modernization and ETL capabilities as well as Cloud SQL, a service for setting up and managing your relational databases, or databases, on GCP, you can move your current workplace to the cloud (maintained and updated by Google itself).

 I’ve been considering interactive data analysis and the science of utilizing globally accessible data in the most adaptable and user-friendly manner feasible. Yes, this certification incorporates BigQuery in its course material and is geared toward both of them.

As a result, all you have to do to assess your proficiency in ensuring the quality of solutions while designing, developing, maintaining, or operationalizing machine learning (ML) models or data processing systems is take this two-hour certification exam. If necessary, you can then pursue additional training in these systems and models while keeping in mind the exam’s structure and the required industry-level experience. And it is—I have worked for more than three years, and I have had at least one year of experience developing and managing Google Cloud solutions.

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Are Data Science Certifications Worth It?

A data science certificate may or may not be beneficial, depending on your career goals and current skill set. Data science credentials frequently act as accelerators for most people, elevating beginners to the status of qualified professionals. Standing out in the job market, gaining experience, and verifying knowledge already held can all be helpful. However obtaining a data science certification is not a cure-all. Look for data science certificates that encourage lifelong learning and practical practice.

Finding a Data Science Certification: What to Look for:

When comparing the top data science certificates, there are several things to take into account. Investigate them below.

Course Reputation

A highly respected course frequently has a proven track record of accomplishment, is recommended by experts in the field, and is acknowledged by hiring managers. Look for data science programs that have received good evaluations, have active alumni networks, and have industry-relevant curricula.

Course Support

Another crucial element is the caliber of the support offered throughout the course. This can include technologies like software and tools as well as resources like lectures and textbooks. However, assistance should also include community forums, mentorship opportunities, and access to teachers or tutors.

The top programs feature individual career mentoring and coaching, giving you access to business experts who can advise you, respond to your inquiries, and offer tailored feedback.

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Future Job Needs

Examine whether a certification fits with your professional objectives and the needs of the job market before choosing it. Make sure the certification covers the abilities and equipment needed in the field you seek.

See if the certification program addresses the requirements for the roles in which you’re interested by reading the job descriptions. Some jobs could additionally need particular certifications.

Earning Power

Additionally, one should consider the certification’s potential for income. Even if it shouldn’t be the sole consideration, a credential that boosts earning potential is frequently a wise investment. This refers to the opportunity for job progression as well as increased compensation.

Industry-recognized certifications can increase your employability and provide you with prospects for advancement and leadership positions. To determine the possible return on investment of a certain certification, investigate and contrast the average wages of professionals with and without that qualification. To Learn From the Experts Visit 3RI Technologies.

FAQs About Data Science Certification

What does a Data Analyst do?

A data scientist is capable of handling any mathematical or statistical assignment. Establishing business opportunities or challenges, manipulating data to find solutions, testing data models to identify business solutions, and developing code to implement the selected solution are all parts of a normal day for a data scientist. To gather and analyze data, data scientists use a range of programming languages, including Python, SAS, R, and SQL.

Will a Certification in Data Science Help You Get a Job?

Since the best data science certificate programs serve as proof of your abilities and expertise, it can greatly increase your employability. Many recruiters and hiring managers screen candidates by looking for certifications on resumes. It demonstrates that you underwent extensive training and met the criteria established by the certification agency.

Has the field of data science any future?

Already, data science is getting increasingly automated, and this tendency will continue. You may already have programmed a machine to determine the best commercial solution to a problem based on a variety of factors. Predictive models used to be manually created and updated by statisticians.

Given the rising data volumes and the complexity of business problems, this would be very difficult without adopting the data science principles. Data science is a fairly long-term trend in this context.

Cost of Data Science Certifications

Depending on the school delivering them, the depth and complexity of the curriculum, and the resources available, the price of data science credentials might vary significantly.

 Some online courses may only cost a few hundred dollars, while more comprehensive programs, especially those linked to colleges, may cost several thousand. It’s important to take into account both the cost and value of the course.

How valuable is a data science certification?

Data science certifications, which are frequently difficult to obtain, can attest to your data science expertise and demonstrate to potential employers that you have the qualifications they require when responding to data science interview questions.

Is a Data Science certificate worth it?

Depending on your professional objectives and present skills, a data science certificate may or may not be worthwhile. For the majority of people, data science certificates frequently serve as catalysts, advancing beginners to the level of qualified professionals.

How long does certification in Data Science take?

Both speak to the fundamental skills necessary for employment as a data scientist, data analyst, or business analyst. Finish at your own pace. There are both on-site and online schooling opportunities. The majority of learners finish their course material in 6 to 15 months.

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