Python Developer Salary in India

Average salary of python developer in India

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Python Developer Salary in India

Python Developer Salary in India

The average salary of a python developer in India

Level of Experience Years of Exp. Qualification Min. Annual Salary Max. Annual Salary
Entry-level python developer salary in India 0-1 IT Graduate 170000 400000
Python Developer 2-6 IT Graduate 325000 1000000
Python full stack developer salary in India 6-8-More IT Graduate 900000 2400000

Python Payscale according to experience in India

Python Developer Salary in Pune

Level of Experience Years of Exp Qualification Min Annual Salary Max Annual Salary
Python developer salary in Pune for freshers 0-1 IT Graduate 150000 400000
python developer salary in Pune 2-6 IT Graduate 400000 1100000
Python full stack developer salary 6-8-More IT Graduate 1000000 2500000

Python Developer Salary in Bangalore

Level of Experience Years of Exp Qualification Min Annual Salary Max Annual Salary
Python developer fresher salary in Bangalore 0-1 IT Graduate 200000 400000
Python Developer 2-6 IT Graduate 300000 1100000
Python full stack developer salary 6-8-More IT Graduate 800000 2500000

Python Developer Salary in Mumbai

Level of Experience Years of Exp Qualification Min Annual Salary Max Annual Salary
Entry-level python developer salary 0-1 IT Graduate 150000 300000
Python Developer 2-6 IT Graduate 200000 600000
Python full stack developer salary 6-8-More IT Graduate 700000 2200000

Python Developer job roles

Experience in years Positions offered
Fresher  0-1 Intern, Python Developer, Backend Developers, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Fresher Python Developer
Python Developer  2-6 Python Developer, Lead Developer, Backend Developers, Software Engineer, Application Developer, Data Scientist
Experienced 6-8- More Lead Data Scientist, Sr Data Developer, Sr Python Developer, Principal Data Scientist

As one can observe, the openings available for people with 1 year + experience is good, but initially, one has to work as an intern to get 1-2 years of experience. Above mentioned is python developer salary in India in 2019, the trend is on the rise in python developer salary in India in 2020.

Salary of python developer in India per month ranges between 32000/- to 250,000/- depending on experience and various skillsets acquired.

Introduction to Python Programming Language

Python is a language created by Guido van Rossum in 1980. It’s the most popular and most used programming language in the current scenario. Most of the leading companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Mozilla, Quora, IBM, NASA, Dropbox, and many more prefer to use Python. This has resulted in extensive demand for professionals trained in Python. Also, most of the students and job seeker professionals prefer Python replacing languages like R, Java, C++, C#, etc

It’s a general-purpose language mostly preferred for simplicity in syntax, easy to learn, standard libraries, extensible and Embeddable, is a high level interpreted language

It is a multi-paradigm programming language with features such as

  • Object-oriented programming
  • structured programming
  • functional programming
  • aspect-oriented programming
    • metaprogramming
    • metaobjects [magic methods]
  • design by contract
  • logic programming

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Python is only leading to better and more job opportunities

Artificial Intelligence- Artificial Intelligence has already become a major part of our daily living from Alexa Google, Directions, traffic guidance, time prediction to reach a certain place from Google Maps. Various cybersecurity solutions, traffic signals, controls depending on traffic congestion, we are going towards driverless cars.AI predicting diseases, and guiding doctors towards right analysis, help in operations. In Legal matters, AI is exploring mines of legal data and offering correct legal solutions.

It all is happening with the help of various algorithm programs written by various software engineers, after writing correct solutions for analyzing data, and programs for self-correcting actions by robots, machines. It’s going to affect Defence, Medicine, Sports, Law, Education, business, space programs, and the list goes on.

This field has the sky as a limit and expanding at exponential speed and creating huge opportunities for Python and related experts in this field. That field is only going to grow, and Indians have excellent opportunities in Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

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Big Data –
As with new technologies big companies, Governments, and other institutions are collecting getting exposed to huge data, there is also challenge to organize, analyze this data in a manner to make it useful, make it presentable so all the people in decision making role can use it for generating profits for the company, heads of a country understand national requirement and use resources, where they are required and if its big institutions like United Nations working for Child and women empowerment, poverty eradication, they can use the data for targeting right solutions to the appropriate population. If it is a small consultancy firm, it can analyze market potential for its clients and guide product development.

Currently, across the world, including India, there is a huge shortage of people trained in Python. As well as in Data analysis. This requirement is increasing as more and more companies and Government agencies generate more data. Old small-time analytical tools are useless for big companies like Amazon, Walmart, etc. whereas there is hardly any talent available in the market. This demand has just started, and this will be the job field of the next decade.

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Even in networking, Django python is huge in demand, and candidates are getting excellent salaries in India. Python web developer salaries in India are considerably on a higher level and have excellent prospects.

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Python is used in all type of sectors

Python is useful for

  • Python developers
    • To build dynamic websites
    • Data algorithm optimization
    • Solve data analytics criticalities
    • Implementing data protection and security
    • Creating reusable, testable, and efficient codes
  • Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Educator
  • Financial Advisor
  • Data journalist
  • Health sector
  • Almost in all aspects of human life

As one can learn to organize scattered data, analyze and present the data in a useful manner, python is getting acceptance in all spheres of careers from medicine, construction, engineering, social service and Govt. organizations, Banking, and you name it all.

Support from community

As Python is there for almost 40 years, excellent studies and work have happened in this language. Therefore Libraries with specific focus are also available like nltk for natural language processing or scikit-learn for machine learning applications. Any new or experienced person can immediately find a solution to his requirements. The Python language has countless uses in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, etc

As the language is compatible and Dynamically typed, expressive, object-oriented, extensible, Embeddable, with GUI programming, portable, free, and open-source with large standard libraries, most people now prefer this, and large support data is available.

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Specializations in Python

Mostly Python is used in

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Networking

All these fields are in the future, which is changing the way humans live, think, and behave, its 2nd Industrial revolution in progress.

There are many frameworks, and libraries are available for python language, such as:

  • matplotib for plotting charts and graphs
  • SciPy for engineering applications, science, and mathematics
  • BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing and XML Web scraping
  • NumPy for scientific computing
  • Django for server-side web programming development
  • Pandas to sort and filter data and search trends

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Various contents of Python programming

  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Web frameworks
  • Multimedia
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Test frameworks
  • Automation
  • Web scraping
  • Documentation
  • System administration
  • Scientific computing
  • Text processing
  • Image processing
  • Machine learning
  • Data analytics

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