Python vs Java

Python vs Java

Python vs Java

Python vs Java – Introduction

No programming activity can execute without the usage of programming languages. Selecting the best programming language, among others, is a complex task.

Python vs Java

Python and Java are the two essential programming languages, as these are highly used and preferred by the developers. If we make a comparison between these two languages, then it has been noticed that Python has progressed a lot since its existence while Java engraved in the same position.

Might be, you will get the same votes to use these programming languages. However, there are key differences between these two if you will go in-depth. Thus, it will be best to explain each language along with its essential attributes and finally compare them to their usage in computer science to grab the right choice.

In this blog, you will get aware of the following to make your decision of the best programming language:

  • About Python

Guido van Rossum released the Python programming language. It is a powerful and readable language. The intention behind developing this language is to finish the gap that arises between C and the Shell. The fact, establishing system administration uses C back at that time was highly daunting. The syntax used in this language is driven by some languages such as Pascal, ABC, and Algol68 to make this language clean and also easily readable.

  • About Java

Java is a concurrent and object-oriented programming language. It was designed as Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) language and also flawless to execute on any platform. This general-purpose programming language has syntax like C and C++. It means that they are familiar with several programmers. Even, it can be linked dynamically; thereby, users can download new code to execute rather than typing dynamically.

Comparison between Python & Java

Although it is a tough task to find out the exact winner between Python & Java, as Python has somehow more preferences than Java, let’s see whether it is accurate. To get the decision and exact differences, keep reading this blog to the end:

1. Python vs Java – Speed

When you compare Speed, Java wins as being of a compiled language. Java takes a little more time to process a code than Python. Python, being an interpreted language, is slower than Java as it needs to decide the kind of data at the run time that makes it a little slower than Java.

2. Python vs Java – Legacy

If we talk about legacy, then Python is below Java as it has a few legacy problems. It makes the users quite daunting to copy and paste the code, which makes it protective than other programming languages.

3. Python vs Java – Code

To clear up that confusion in which language is easier, it will be best to consider the number of lines needed to write a code in Java and Python.

Code in Python

stuff = ["Hello, World!", "Hi there, Everyone!", 6]
for i in stuff:

Same Code in Java

public class Test {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        String array[] = {"Hello, World", "Hi there, Everyone", "6"};
        for (String i : array) {

Java programming language is highly verbose as opposed to Python as it has only ten lines of code to read from a file in a Programming language like Java. However, only two lines of code are sufficient to read a file in Python. Thus, it is clear that Python is an easier language than Java when there is a need to read a file.

4. Python vs Java – Popularity

When making a comparison between two languages, one can easily judge with popularity. When we talk about Java, we had noticed that before the evolution of Javascript, Java was the most popular programming language; however, the existence of Javascript makes this language a little technical and ignored.

As per the words of Github’s Octoverse, Java programming language is considered as the second most required language on Github attended by Python.

As per a survey with Stackoverflow’s in 2018, Python programming language has considered the fastest growing language after C#. It became above PHP last year.

Moreover, Java has still grabbed the upper place by grabbing 45% of the votes of developers, but Python is also very nearby as it reaches 39%. Thus, clearly, it can say that both programming languages have the same popularity.

5. Python vs Java – Practical Agility

Java is considered a static language and mostly recommended for web and mobile applications, while Python behaves accordingly to the situation, and it is considered the most preferred language for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and a lot more.

6. Python vs Java – Syntax

Python is basically a typed language. When the users use it, they don’t need to decide variable types. They get the assistance of an interpreter who will infer these types. Also, the interpreter keeps checking in the runtime. It means Python has simple syntax like the English Language. Besides, while using this programming language, there is no need to follow indentation rules and enclosing braces. All this results in an easy understanding of codes and also a big advantage for beginners.

On the other hand, Java follows strict syntax rules; it’s a statically typed language where you need to explicitly declare your variable types, and shouldn’t an anomaly be spotted, the code will not compile, to begin with. While it’s not the easiest thing for beginners, some developers find comfort with the clarity of statically typed languages, many developers don’t feel comfortable following indentation rules, especially with large codebases.

7. Python vs Java – Salary

Being one of the preferred programming languages, most of the peoples are really getting surprised that this language will get replaced by the most popular programming language i.e., Python.

Thus, Python is being grabbed more popularity over Java in the last few years. Moreover, if you have experience and knowledge of either, you can start your career as a software developer. Besides, nowadays, artificial intelligence and automation-related jobs are more in the market; thus, preferring Python over Java is more. Therefore, if you are going to start your career by learning any programming language, then learning Python will be easier for you that will even help you to find a job easily.

According to Glassdoor, the average Java Developer Salary of freshers is 15,022/- per month.

Java Developer Salary in India - Glassdoor

According to Indeed, the average salary of a Python Developer in India is 4,90,524/- per year

Python Web Developer Salary_Indeed

Also, the availability of a job is the basic reason for learning this language. And learning Python first than Java will be the better option for you.

8. Python vs Java – Whitespace

Python welcomes whitespace as a part of its syntax while Java programming language entirely ignores it. Java ignores whitespace along with the usage of curly braces, parentheses, and semicolons. However, Python takes care of the tab for nesting along with a full colon to work with loops and conditional blocks. The fact is, reading Python codes is easier as compared to Java.

Python uses whitespace that ends debates of formatting code. There is the only option that is left to use black lines. Moreover, Python snippet has shorter lines than Java that arises a big difference in the large programs. The difference arises as of no closing braces. Thus, the brevity of the Python language is much as opposed to Java.

9. Python vs Java – Performance

Both these programming languages can collate to bytecode and execute in virtual machines. However, the fact is, Python collates code at runtime; however, Java collates it in advance.

The exact analysis of performance between both these languages is not easily feasible. Moreover, a simple binary tree test executes 10 times quicker than in Python.

10. Uses and Applications of Java VS Python in diverse fields

Game Development

There is no valid point to discuss that for PC game development, both of these languages can compete well as compared with C# or C++ as of having a massive ecosystem. The fact, the industry of game development really needs those languages that can work flawlessly in favor of users, and Python or Java does not work slow and steady. Thus, these can compete with other languages using to develop different games. JMonkeyEngine is one of the popular open-source game development engines that used with Java. However, it can’t work seamlessly with Unity and Unreal as they both have a robust engine that is highly needed to establish some amazing and daunting games.

Moreover, whenever users need to establish a game from the very beginning with computer graphics, then you need to take the assistance of OpenGL as it offers the perfect bindings for the Java language. Moreover, Python is not considered a powerful option to create games of its own. However, there are some frameworks used to create games with Python-like Panda3d, Cocos, and a few more. Thus, Python has been becoming one of the useful programming languages to create games as it has been getting improved day by day.

Both these languages have made their position in backend web development. It means these both are concerned with established up the software that can execute flawlessly on the server. As per backend web development, this one is a highly famous field ever used.

The fact, writing or working on your own backend technology from the very beginning is not only daunting, however entirely tough as there is a need to cover all design requirements like reliability, security, effectiveness, etc. That is the reason the developer has established up the software to build a backend technology without much effort.

The truth, the ever used and preferable frameworks for Python are Flask and Django. Being a micro web framework, Flask is used to give the basic functionality without any effort, while Django is a more featured and powerful backend as it is equipped with the ORM layer that offers dealing databases and assists in performing distinct operations required in the data easily and seamlessly. Moreover, Django is not used as much nowadays. However, it is one of the best options for creating enterprise-level applications.

For the java programming language, Spring has been used as a prominent Java backend framework as of having a big ecosystem and along with having an immense community around it. Many big enterprises are using this backend of Java-like Dell, Orange, etc.

Machine Learning

Undoubtedly, one of the prominent languages used for machine learning is Python. It appears to be one of the well-known general-purpose languages for duties starting from backend web improvement to finance to modeling the environment. It vibes excellent to reveal that Python has an aggressively easy and simple to understand syntax that is famously easy to learn and work for newbies. But it’s also effective, with an array of 0.33 party libraries for almost every practicable project.

There is no surprise to reveal that Python has determined full-size adoption in the machine learning infrastructure. By using this language for machine learning, users can boil down to constructing actual algorithms in scraped Python. Even the same can be done with a famous library like TensorFlow, Sklearn, etc.

Java is one of the oldest and maximum popular languages in great use these days. One cause to use Java for device gaining knowledge of, consequently, is really due to the fact there may be a lot of it around.

Many corporations have massive Java codebases. Moreover, much of the open-source stack is written in Java used in the processing of big data. This method that Java-based device machine learning projects will possibly be easier and flawless understandable to integrate with present repositories.

Like the programming language Python, Java also needs a lot of 3rd party Java libraries to work with machine learning. With the assistance of Deeplearning4j, there can be the advent of any form of the neural network along it is possible to support for famous algorithms like linear regression. Besides, users can go with Neuroph as an alternative. Moreover, Hyperparameter tuning is an elaborate phrase that factors at an exceedingly vital part of getting machine learning algorithms to execute seamlessly.

Moreover, Java language has considered an excellent alternative in terms of machine learning, and it’s clean to debug and use flawlessly. Moreover, it has already been used by small to large-scale applications.

Brief Comparision of both these languages:

If you want to get a brief look at both these language, then you have to look at the following table to get the right knowledge within some seconds:

Technology Java Python
Syntax It has difficult syntax as having a learning curve It has easy to learn, use, and understandable syntax
Performance It offers very high performance like other major programming languages It is slower in performance in Java. But still preferable as of having easy-to-understand syntax.
Popularity Java is a popular programming language and it has been used by many engineers Python is a popular programming language and it has been used by many engineers. Thus for popularity, both languages are almost the same.
Machine Learning Libraries Java used Tensorflow and Pytorch machine learning libraries. Thus, it is limited for use. Python uses Mallet, Deeplearning4j, Weka, MOA machine learning libraries. Thus, these have wide use as of having more stuff in the libraries.
Game Development Engines Java uses Cocos, Panda3d Python uses JMonkeyEngine
Backend Frameworks Java uses Flask and Django Python uses Spring and Blade
Job and Salary Learning Java language is tough as compared to Python. If a language is tough to understand, it means that you need time to learn and use this language. Thus, employment opportunity is only high if you are experienced or expert in this language. Learning Python language is not a daunting task as having simple syntax to learn. As it is an easier language to learn, it means that the interested people will learn it soon and also use it flawlessly. Thus, the employment opportunity is really higher than the Java programming language.
Which language should you learn first?

My personal verdict is that you ought to use Python for machine learning, but there is genuinely a case to be made for going with Java. Of course, the best decision will be to do it could truly be to study both. Once you get proficient in Python, then learning Java will be a lot simpler for you. And having command of two of the significant popular programming languages will possibly assist positioned your resume at the top of the stack!

The fact, machine learning scientists are working on sentiment analysis gives priority to Python (44%) and Java (15%). In contrast, the Java programming language is prioritized more in case of network security, fraud detection, and cyber-attacks. Only in these areas, the role of the Python programming language is lesser. While in natural language processing and sentiment analysis, only Python language is giving priority as of its easy and fast feature to establish up massively performing algorithms as of having an exhaustive range of specialized libraries that offered with it.

Python is prioritized very much for those where data science is the first field of study by 38%. This reveals that Python grabbed a very high position, also a significant part of data science.

The truth is, the front-end desktop application developers give priority to Java programming language by 21% than other languages as it is mostly used in enterprise-focused applications. Moreover, enterprise developers make use of this language in all projects including in their machine learning. However, this language is less preferred by those who have just entered this field as of having a very much tough nature. Fact, learning Java language is not as easier as you are considering.

However, playing with Python is easier and possibly even if you are entirely new in this domain. More than 38% ratio is preferring to work with that language only. Concisely, Python is recognized as the best for those working with machine learning.

If you are first-ever learning with programming is through machine learning, then your friends in our survey factor to Python because of the exceptional option, given its wealth of libraries and ease of use. If, however, you’re dreaming of a task in a corporate environment, be organized to use Java.

python vs java infographic

The final word on Python and Java

So, which language will you opt for now and the best for your future?

Do you know? The new support model of Oracle has amended the Java landscape. However, there is still an option that is free of cost where new schedule and support models give an edge to developers to take stock. The truth is, Java users will need to spend money to pay Oracle for support and also to change OpenJDK versions daily. Even they will need to depend on other providers like Amazon, etc. for security updates.

Nowadays, Python programming language has an essential hurdle with Python 3. The fact is, Python language has a high unified support model as compared with java and even the open-source developers are putting their efforts to frame up the latest version of this language. Hence, at that point, Python is more prioritized.

After working on huge projects in each language, I experience comfortable pronouncing that Python’s syntax is more preferable to Java’s. It’s simpler to rise and strolling quickly with a new challenge in Python than it’s miles in Java. Python gets the winning place here. Moreover, performance is wherein Java has a good-sized advantage over Python. Java’s simply-in-time compilation gives it an advantage over Python’s interpreted overall performance. While neither language is preferable in the case of latency-sensitive applications, Java continues to be a superb deal faster than Python. Whether Python’s dynamic typing is higher than Java’s static technique is subjective. The discussion between the two models simply concluded that Python Training should be your first priority.

Thus, instead of thinking more, it is concluded that if you are a newbie in that field, then you must take the assistance of Python first which will assist to build your base in a programming language. You will learn this language soon then you can take up the challenge of learning the JAVA language. Moreover, never try to learn both the languages concurrently as you will end up with confusion only. If you already have a base in Java programming language, then you can take up this challenge, else you must go with Python only. And you will learn and even able to use this language, you can go with Java Training in Pune to upgrade your resume.

Thus, don’t confuse, just enroll for Python Certification Course Online.

3RI Technologies also provide Python Training in Noida

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