RPA UiPath Interview Questions and Answers(For 2023-24)

It is a leading provider of robotic process automation to help companies to automate their operations efficiently. People who study UiPath have a lot of options open to them. If you're going to an RPA UiPath interview, below is the list of often asked UiPath Interview Questions and Answers to help you.

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RPA uipath Interview Questions and Answers

RPA UiPath interview questions and answers 

If you’re looking for RPA UiPath interview questions, whether you’re a fresher or a professional. Over the years, robotic process automation has grown in popularity and has been adopted by businesses worldwide. 

It is a leading provider of robotic process automation to help companies to automate their operations efficiently. People who study UiPath have a lot of options open to them. If you’re going to an RPA UiPath interview, below is the list of often asked UiPath Interview Questions and Answers to help you.

Describe the RPA? 

Robotic Process Automation refers to the concept of training robots to execute repetitive and time-consuming activities in the same way as humans do. Robots are qualified to perform complex tasks independently, under predefined rules and regulations, in this process.

Explain the UiPath?

It is a Windows automation tool that automates repetitive tasks on the desktop. UiPath is the most basic automation method for automating repetitive and time-consuming processes and removing the need for human intervention.

Describe the benefits of Using RPA?

The use of robotic process automation has many benefits, including:

●      Cost-cutting: It reduces the workers by automating routine jobs, allowing you to save money.

●      Faster, more efficient results: They never make mistakes in the same way as we do. If you have correct data and the correct laws and regulations, they will do the same without errors.

●      No coding required: We do not need to write any lengthy codes to automate any procedure or application using robotic process automation. This is mainly done with minimal code. 

●      Simple to use: the code needed for automating tasks is written so that anybody can use the UiPath.

What are the RPA life cycle’s main phases?

The life cycle of the RPA is divided into four stages:

●      Analysis: This is the first and most crucial step in bringing the business and architectural teams together.

●      Bot development: The development team will collaborate to find and design bots during this process.

●      Testing: The developed procedure is reviewed in this phase to determine consistency standards and identify defects

●      Support and maintenance: At this stage, the automated process is monitored closely, and the support staff can solve it quickly if anything goes wrong.

How long does it take to create a framework of organizational agility?

It is expected to take 4 to 12 weeks from the beginning of the project to build an operational agility framework.

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What makes UiPath different from Selenium? 

Selenium is a well-known testing tool that can test a wide range of websites and applications. It is not possible to merge with other applications when it comes to the integration part. When it comes to the Robot Process Automation tool built to automate tasks previously done by humans, it is also impossible to deal with virtual worlds like Citrix and others. UiPath allows you to automate complicated tasks with minimal coding.

Describe the distinction between RPA and chatbot?

A chatbot and an RPA are not the same things.

●      Chatbot: A bot is pre-programmed, human-like software. These chatbots assist visitors in taking the desired actions. Chatbots are intelligent because they learn from previous experiences and change their behavior.

●      Robotic process automation: RPA is a broad concept, and chatbots are an RPA sub-topic. RPA is used to simplify complicated tasks, while chatbots are unable to do so.

What are the fundamental RPA requirements for automating frontend and backend processes?

RPA is a well-known and influential technology for automating both frontend and backend activities while maintaining high quality and security. It’s easy to use and takes care of both frontend and backend tasks. The backend and frontend automation systems are almost similar, so consumers don’t have to worry about it. The settings are easy to implement and maintain.

In the automation process, what are the principal things to consider?

If you have found the right tool for automation, the next move is to choose the best framework. You must select the various items labeled In Scope and Out Scope that are desired depending on the type of task. The next thing to remember is the testing environment, and the recognition of deliverables is among the essential measures to consider.

What is RPA information collection?

To accomplish the tasks allocated for the robots in RPA, raw information or data are needed. We can also feed data to robots to execute tasks based on manually obtained information from different sources.

Difference between a thin and thick client?

●      Thin client: An application in which we cannot obtain all of the properties we need when using the RPA tool. Citrix is a good example.

●      Thick client: A thick client is an application that contains several attributes provided for using the RPA tool, like Internet Explorer, a calculator, and so on.

In UiPath, define the value and data types?

Variables are used in UiPath to store data and change their values. There are different types of data contained in the variable. In UiPath, we have various data types such as number, text, date, time, universal value, and data tables. 

In UiPath, Define the flowchart activities?  

In UiPath, for general configurations, the flowchart is commonly used. These flow charts can be used for various kinds of projects despite their complexity and length. Flowcharts allow companies to build and separate logical operations, create complex business models and integrate other things.

Explain about Flow Switch in UiPath?

The only distinction between a flow chart and a flow switch is the addition of a “flow step,” which is not limited by a true or false branch of the flow switch.

What are the sequence activities in UiPath? 

The sequence is known as a small project which quickly clears the path between activities.

It’s a single block operation, and these blocks can also be reused many times.

What is the state of a machine? 

When performing a single task, a machine must go through different states. Machine state refers to the various forms of a machine. If the operation is triggered, it transforms into multiple states.

What is the UiPath Project Creation Procedure?

You must first build a folder with your name and then choose a location to be saved if you want to do an UiPath project. The newly generated folder will automatically save in the default directory.

How many recordings are available at UiPath?

We have four recording types in UiPath.

  • Essential: It assists in generating the complete selector for each activity but does not have a container. As a result, the recording’s automation process is much slower, so it’s best for single operations.

●      Desktop: It is ideal for a wide range of desktop applications and actions. Compared to bare, container and partial selector characteristics are much faster.

●      Citrix: It supports virtualization, keyboard automation, images and allows text recording.

●      WEB: It’s mainly used to record web pages and browse them. It can build their container.

How is data scraping essential in UiPath? 

Data scripting is a method of extracting structured data from the web or other applications and saving it to a database, spreadsheet, or CSV file. Structured data is an easy-to-understand and predictable sort of knowledge. We use the scraping wizard to recover structured data in UiPath.

Explain the assigned activity in UiPath?   

The Assign activity in UiPath helps the assigning of values to different variables. They are normally used to maximize the output of a variable or when there is a loop. You can save the values in the same variable or save them in the other array after applying the value.

Explain the objective of the UiPath do-while activity?

If the condition is proper, the do-while condition in UiPath can run a specific part of Automation. If it is false, the condition will not be satisfied. It’s used to do a particular task repeatedly.

Explain If activity in UiPath? 

Suppose activity is primarily used to compare two values and two actions. In this process, the two conditions are compared. The result is correct where the first condition is met; otherwise, the result would be false. If the variable includes the values, the statement is used.

Explain the switching activity in UiPath?

The switch activity is used to switch between the values of the expression. The argument activity of the integer transfer is the default, but we can change this by simply clicking on the properties panel and choosing the required argument.

Explain the break activity in UiPath? 

In UiPath, the break activity is used to break a loop at any point, allowing you to do other activities at that time.

Explain automatic recording in UiPath? 

You will have the ability to record actions in UiPath automatically. It can be parameterized and customized freely. The steps created for automatically recording the activities are click, type into, and check select items.

How can the data from the database be extracted?

The data can be extracted using Linq.

Explain the best way to connect to the database and read it?

Using Database connectivity, we can connect to the database and read the decentralized data activity.

What is the Element Exists?

It’s used to check whether a UI Element is present or not when the program is executing. Element exists support is provided for only Boolean.

Explain the contentions in UiPath?

Developers can make a contention for project improvement in UiPath using contention.

Explain Package manager.

The package manager consists of a set of different elements to automate the process. Frameworks, libraries, and wrappers are also included in the package manager.

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Explain the Delay activity

The UiPath delay is used for a period to pause or stop the Automation. It is primarily used in projects where a specific application needs time to wait and start. Applications waiting for information retrieval may also use delay activity.

Describe the Do While Activity in UiPath

When the state is valid, the do-while activity allows programmers to perform the specific part of Automation. The loop, however, cannot be executed if the mentioned condition is false. The Element that is present in the array is used to step through. So, while exercise also allows to execution of certain activities many times.

Explain project debugging concept in UiPath

The debugging concept is used to identify and display errors in a project. Breakpoints and recording are both available. Debugging also helps you collect project information and step by step highlight errors.

Describe the meaning of publishing an automation project?

The automation package must publish to be archived. In a specific folder, the associated files are sent to and executed by a robot.

Describe the Blue Prism Robotic Automation Platform hardware requirements.

Developers may use either a front-office or back-office method to develop software. It can run on any desktop machine.

Describe the session variable?

The UiPath session variable refers to a single instance process. If the process runs several functions simultaneously, the session variables can be the same but with different values.

Explain the UiPath append range?

The project planning team will use the UiPath append range to insert or edit the existing workbook data; it can be used to enter data from a workbook. The data will not overwrite if the developer appends it to the current data.

Explain switch activity

The switch activity is used for accepting objects based on the defined character values. It uses the integrative argument that can change the properties panel by selecting the type of argument expected.

Explain while activity

When the status is valid, while activity helps in the preparation of action.

Describe the Each Activity

For each activity, arrays the data tables, lists, and other sets are used. It enables programmers to repeat the data and to process each piece of information independently.

Explain the difference between screen scraping and data scrapping?

Screen scraping differs from data scraping in that it is a technique for extracting structured data from a user interface element. Data scraping is a technique for extracting structured data from a document or the web and saving it to spreadsheets or databases.

What is an Array?

The array is a variable that allows developers to store multiple values in a single variable of the same data type. UiPath Studio supports arrays in a variety of arrays. Programmers can produce strings. Boolean, numbers, and other data types.

How to automate database?

Installing the Uipath database from the managed package allows UiPath developers to automate the database. In the activity properties, programmers will have all of the database details.

Describe the different types of decision activities available in UiPath.

UiPath has a variety of decision activities

● Switch Decision

● Flow Decision

● Switch Activity

● If Activity

Mention the limitations of UiPath Community Edition

● Nugget package manager libraries also are deleted, and tools require activation.

● There is no UiPath Orchestrator server in UiPath Community Edition.

Describe the types of robots that can configure in Orchestrator?

● Robot float: can run on either standard or template and can use several machines.

●      Standard robot: A common robot is a machine that is dedicated to a single standard machine.

What is a custom activity?

A custom activity is a reusable component designed to meet the requirements of a particular project or client.

Describe the reusable components in UiPath?

Any workflow which is replicated at various locations in the UiPath project is described as a reusable component.

Describe the Catch and Try the activity

In certain exceptions, the catch and Try activity is used. Try block is used to contain a group of activities that can fail. A catch block includes actions to be performed after an exception occurs.

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Explain the main difference between the Attended and Unattended bot?

As a human, the attended bot operates at a workstation. The user’s actions or events trigger it. Unattended robots, on the other hand, work in virtual environments where they are neglected. It can automate a wide range of processes. Learn more at 3RI Technologies

Explain UiPath Explorer

A custom selector for a UI element can be created using the UI Explorer tool. It’s only used if the project contains the UiPath, UI Automation, and Activities package.

Describe the main difference between step into and Step in UiPath?

The main distinction is that step into would be used to run step-by-step programs, while a step is used for fast execution.

Define outline panel?

In the Outline panel, you will find all nodes, project hierarchy, and variables.

How will Excel Macro be automated via UiPath? 

I am using UiPath to automate the Excel macro-Activity installed from the Manage Package Window.

List sections that are available in UiPath

UiPath has the following sections:

● Properties Panel

● Workflow Designer

● Activity Panel

● Projects Panel

Difference between a while and do while activity?

The distinction between a while and a do-while loop is that a while loop checks the condition before looping. When each statement in the loop is executed, the do-while loop checks the condition.

Describe an Orchestration job?

The job for which the execution of other jobs is orchestrated is known as the orchestration job.

Define the credential manager?

Programmers use the UiPath credential manager to automate the process. It is used to create, make, and delete the credential through dedicated activities.

What is an exception?

An exception is a kind of error during program execution. The error-handling activity consists of four key options:

● terminate workflow

● rethrow 

● Try and catch

● throw

Define the main Distinction between Excel and Workbook activity?

The main distinction between Excel and Workbook is that the user cannot access password-protected pop-ups to enter credentials in Excel. 

What is an Anchor base in UiPath?

An anchor base is defined as a container searching for the UI element using other UI elements. When a reliable selector is unavailable, this tool may use.

Explain Email automation

Email automation refers to the process of automating all manual tasks such as sending emails, receiving emails, attaching files to emails, and downloading them.

How to filter mail using UiPath?

Filtering mail can do in two ways:

● Email can be filtered using the if condition in each loop.

● Users can filter email with the option Get outlook filter to specify the criteria for filtering.

Define the Mainframe Applications and Non-Mainframe?

Non-mainframe applications use several screens, with control moving from one to another screen. The mainframe application is a keyboard and a single-screen solution. They usually have different built-in Blue Prism commands.

Define the properties in UiPath?

In Uipath, you can take advantage of many exercises to robotize web apps that can be found in the action board of the UI computing class. 

Describe the state machine in UiPath?

State machine uses many states for computerization during execution. It would only move from one state to the next if action is activated.

Define the expanding in UiPath RPA?

There’s a condition with respect to expanding in Uipath. It is used where an action takes place after a given situation after more than one arrangement. The articulation of conditions helps the program determine what behavior should be indicated if any condition is selected.

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