Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Various marketers have shifted to become social media managers in the marketing team. To get hired by a renowned company, various candidates start preparing for their social media interview questions as soon as possible.
Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Answers

The field of social media marketing is not always the field that has been taken into serious consideration. Even though the digital world has come up with numerous social networking websites, marketers and managers wonder whether they choose the promotion of products and services as their plan. But as the world is coming up with new advanced technology now and then, brands have been recognized and invested a lot in social media campaigns. 

Various marketers have shifted to become social media managers in the marketing team. To get hired by a renowned company, various candidates start preparing for their social media interview questions as soon as possible. To support them in their preparation, we have framed the top asked interview questions. Prepare yourself thoroughly and start your journey!

1- Define social media marketing 

Gathering attention, building the brand, increasing website traffic, and sales are termed social media marketing. Various companies and individuals who desire to make their brand renowned can publish their content on social media channels to engage their followers towards their brand and run a social media campaign. 

2- State the five pillars of social media marketing

The five pillars on which social media marketing effectively works are 

● Strategy 

● Planning and publishing

● Engagement

● Analytics

● Advertising 

3- Which social media platform can one use for their business?

The answer to this social media interview question can depend solely upon the type of company you are interviewing for. For example, if you are going for e-commerce, local, B2C, or B2B company, you can frame your answer based on the same. 

4-Briefly describe the consequence of social media on marketing 

Due to the high internet usage, it’s been discovered that social media usage is very high these days. That’s why it’s become necessary to use social media platforms to promote their brands and reach targeted or potential customers. Also, social media can improve SEO ranking, brand authority and establish a great customer-employee relationship. 

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5- State the reasons to depict why social media is popular

There are numerous reasons which can show the popularity of social media. Some of them are 

● Social media will help in staying connected with friends and family. 

● Social media can help you to find new people daily. 

● These sites are free to be used, so any company can also use them for their cost-effective promotion strategy. 

● Also, social media can be used for researching products. 

6- State popular social media tools

Popular social media tools are 

● Social clout 

● OptinMonster

● Audience

● Tweeps

● Socedo

● Socialbakers

● ZeroFox

● Followerwonk

● CrowdBooster

7- How can LinkedIn be used for marketing? 

If any social networking site is on top for promoting brands and business, it’s only LinkedIn. If the company publishes engaging and valuable content, it will get its brand recognized easily. Engaging and rich content helps increase the engagement rate. Also, if the company sponsors their post, they will quickly get the hike to their brand. 

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8- What are the methods of boosting tweets or Twitter posts?

Best methods or practices for boosting tweets are 

● Post the content by finding out the best timings. 

● Engage the company with cross-promotional activity by reaching and connecting with influencers. 

● For getting potential customers, try twitter paid ads. 

● Use limited and best hashtags on your content. 

● Schedule the tweets and use calendars. 

9- How can social media boost the growth of the business?

Through social media, the company can quickly get brand awareness and recognition. In addition, it can optimize customer experience as they had the opportunity to connect with the brands directly. Furthermore, they charge nothing to advertise on social media sites so that small companies can utilize it to the fullest. 

10- What is the procedure for measuring social media success?

The procedure of measuring success for social media are 

● Measure through the growth of the followers.

● Through likes and reactions towards the content. 

● By tracking mentions.

● By reaching out to the posts.

● Through comments and replies to the posts. 

11- State the best practices of Twitter

Some best practices of twitter are 

● Keep the tweet post short, crisp, and hitting.

● Use max two hashtags. 

● Find which tweets are trending and improve your business. 

● By managing the accounts activity.

● Through the Twitter tools, which means plan and schedule the tweets. 

12- How to optimize social media to help website blog promotion?

The following strategies can be used for blog promotion

● Through sharing and promoting content on various social media sites. 

● To create a short video of the blog post and share it on networking sites. 

● By converting them to infographics and sharing on networking sites. 

● By using unique and different titles and descriptions.

● By promoting on Pinterest. 

13- State the tips for the success of business on social media

Some advice to be followed for the success of the company are 

● Finding the best platform for your business. 

● Through connecting with the audience by publishing engaging content. 

● Keep the goals fixed and measure them periodically for ultimate success. 

14- What are the reasons for failing google plus?

Various companies ask these frequently, and you can learn them from social media executive interview questions and answers. Google plus was shut down last year because it didn’t have the proper strategy to run this function. The groups on google plus are not clear like any other networking platform. It’s significantly less transparent and also follows a less symmetric system. 

15- Which various social media managers are managing online communities?

Creating the profiles and pages for content posting and then waiting for the job is not the job role of the social media managers. Instead, the ability to create great and engaging content for getting the highest SEO ranking is what is done by social media managers. 

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16- In what ways Facebook’s organic reach can be improved?

To improve Facebook’s organic reach, share the content to be designed to generate shares and grab attention, and give your time and effort to engage with the audience. Anyone can increase organic reach with the paid promotion. 

17- State the meaning of Facebook EdgeRank. Discuss the importance 

Facebook EdgeRank is a type of algorithm which Facebook creates for determining what users see in their news feed. Through EdgeRank, Facebook posts get valued, which depends upon several factors. With EdgeRank, Facebook will decide the publisher content which will appear on the newsfeed of the targeted users. 

18- Through which ways can one improve Facebook EdgeRank?

One can enhance Facebook EdgeRank through 

● Posting regularly

● Keeping the content short

● Finding the appropriate time

● Engagement

19- Why is social media effective for SEO?

Social media content gets indexed under search engines, and social media ranks the contents in the search results. Various social media channels are the search engine which enables people to search about the brand or business. If the contents are social media-friendly, it can help in increasing the traffic of the website. 

20- What are the methods of retweets?

There are elementary methods of getting retweets. Some of them are 

● Tweeting at the appropriate timing. 

● Ask for the retweet. 

● Using hashtags in the stipulated quantity.

● Talking in the language of the audience. 

● Ensure to leave the characters to be retweeted. 

21- What are the things to follow for dealing with negative comments on online reputation crises?

Some things to be followed are 

● Acting quickly

● Not ignoring it

● Informing the administration

● Responding to complaint

● Making a one-page answer to each question

22- How social media strategy benefits customers? 

Nowadays, businesses are attracted to social media mainly because they know that the platforms are about the people and can build vital customer service. Moreover, most people use social media whenever they feel any difficulty with the brand because social media companies will respond quickly. 

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23- What makes social media content successful?

A great reasons behind the success of social media content is 

● The content brings emotions, whether awe, wonder, happy or sad. 

● The impact of positive content can be seen on people in the real world. 

24- How can LinkedIn be used for the promotion of business?

By following the given ways, you can use LinkedIn for business promotion 

● Participation in the relevant groups. 

● Creating and nurturing the group.

● Sharing every business update.

● Trying to showcase pages.

● Using ads to attract more people. 

25- What is the method of optimizing Instagram effectively for social media marketing?

By following the below methods, Instagram can be optimized effectively  

● By utilizing product teasers that urge people to purchase the product. 

● To reach more audiences, using sponsorship ads.

● By connecting to influencers. 

● By crafting the brand consistently on Instagram. 

● Positioning to correct times. 

26- Discuss the strategy which will help an individual to succeed as a social media manager

A primary step for being successful as a social media manager is authenticity. No matter what type of company you run, whether targets are consumers or the business itself, an individual needs to be genuine to become a successful social media manager. 

27- State the responsibility of the social media manager  

Different job roles of social media manager include 

● Development of company content strategy 

● Creation of relevant content

● Participation in community and leadership 

● Developing the promotion strategies 

● For outreaching the efforts, expanding out the community. 

28- Discuss the skills which are required to become social media manager 

You should have the following skills

● Excellent understanding of social media networks. 

● The ability to connect to campaigns, content, and messages. 

● Giving excellent customer satisfaction and also listening to their complaints. 

● Knowledge of the products and services of the company. 

● Writing ability

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29- State some social media tools which social media managers will consider 

Some tools used by social media managers are 

● Zendesk

● HootSuite

● Sprout social 

● Radian 6

● Tweet deck 

● Crowd booster 

● Word press editorial campaign plugin

30- Describe the process of measuring ROI

To measure the social media ROI, you need to use the tool conversion management on Facebook to optimize COM. Also, you can use LinkedIn, Google because they have their analytics. 

31- Mention some tips for increasing reach on Facebook 

For expanding the reach of Facebook, consider the following tips 

● By improving Facebook EdgeRank.

● Don’t use third-party tools.

● Increase your likes.

● Buying some ads will work.

● Building of email list and websites. 

32- How to assess the presence of the company on social media?

For determining the presence of the company on social media, you need to follow these

● Check whether the company is registered under all social media sites like LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, and more. 

● Content publication frequency on social networking sites. 

● Variety of content. 

● Level of engagement of posts. 

● Does the description match the goals of the company? 

33- How to use Facebook with conversion measurement?

Using the feature of conversion, pixel, you can use Facebook for conversion management. This feature is nothing but the code which is pasted on the website. It will measure the rate of conversion to a product or service. 

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34- How to optimize content other than social media sites?

Bringing together the content creators and enhancing social media promotion from various communities like buzz clubs, viral content buzz drivers, etc., can optimize the content. 

35- Mention the difference between social customer service environment and social marketing environment

Social customer service environment Social marketing environment 
A social customer service environment requires the ability to resolve conflict, patience and empathy. In this, candidates need to recognize the condition which calls for escalation to management. In this service, you need to know that you are responding not to one but many customers.The social marketing environment calls for a conversational approach. The conversation of social media doesn’t revolve around sales; the best way of recognizing someone is in their purchase journey will guide them to their destination.

36- State the crucial task of social media managers 

If you think that the critical job of a social media manager is to get likes or sharing of the post and reneging the followers regularly, then you are wrong. Instead, it would help if you attracted the customer’s eye at once to get more and more customers and recommendations. 

37- How to distribute the budget for social media advertising?

To answer this question, the candidate needs to take the example to explain well. You need to take the budget for Facebook ads. And as per the type of company or market, you need to fix $500. Investment in the field of content marketing is mandatory for social media manager success. 

38- What are the different ways of considering the ROI? 

Numerous ways of considering ROI for social media budget are 

● Training

● Human resources

● Time

● Finance

● Monitoring, publish and reporting software

● Attention 

39- How to handle the online reputation crisis?

For answering this SMM interview question and answer, you can start by explaining the meaning of an online crisis. Then, you can respond by giving some social media policy or by stating the purpose of a reputation crisis. 

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40- State the responsibility of the social media manager 

Numerous responsibility of social media managers are 

● To understand the company goal. 

● For understanding the business model, products, market, and competitors. 

● To plan, strategy, and for creating a competitive environment. 

● Manages online reputation management. 

● To work with internal stakeholders. 

41- State the use of Google analytics under social media marketing

With google analytics, brands can track the traffic to their websites towards their website from numerous social media networks. 

42- How to measure the performance of social media initiatives? 

To measure the performance measures, it’s crucial to target KPIs for getting the desired results. Some critical KPIs used are 

● KPIs for reaching

● KPIs for engagement

● KPIs for conversion

43- State different social media marketing mistakes done by brands 

Some of the social media marketing done by brands are 

● Not applying social media strategy effectively. 

● Not understanding the demands of the customer. 

● Avoiding the bad comments

● Publishing waste content

44- Mention the elements of the viral video 

Various aspects of the viral video are 

● Target audience 

● Time

● Catching

● Distribution

45- How to manage the negative comments on social media 

For managing negative comments on social media, you can try out the various methods as stated 

● Quickly respond

● Creation of FAQs

● Consulting community managers

● No third reply

● Documents

46- What are the different ways of checking ROI

Numerous methods of checking ROI are 

● Acquisition of customers

● The traffic of the websites

● Revenue 

● Reach

● Entries of contest

● Lead generation

● Clicks

47- What are the various things on which the expenses of social media advertising will be done?

Some things are discussed as 

● Advertising 

● Content creation

● Growth of the follower

● Outsourcing

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48- On what breach can the ROI be measured?

Different breach to track ROI is 

● Engagement

● Generation lead

● Conversions

● Brand reach

49- How to be updated with different social media innovations, techniques, and updates?

Social media is the platform that changes its function and features now and then and always comes up with new updates and techniques. So you can learn different tips, tricks or stay updated with the internet to check the updates. 

50- State the vital thing which a social media manager needs to do

Monitoring, listening, and updating are things that social media managers need to do now and then. 

With the last question, the guide of social media executive question and answer comes to an end. However, we hope that this guide may prove to be useful for your preparation. 

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