What is Tosca? Learn tool details, uses, and benefits.

TOSCA Cloud renders improvements in the deployment, termination, and management functions of cloud applications. It was developed by OASIS: a nonprofit organization that develops open standards for major vendors in the cloud world.

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What is TOSCA Automation Tool

In the past few years, cloud computing has driven more efficient technologies to develop networks and solutions for service providers. Their pay-as-you-grow approach has received immense support from a wide range of industries. Numerous sectors trust the scalability and flexibility of cloud services over other service models. 

What is the story of Tosca? 

Cloud computing lacked a standardization process in cloud services, their portability, and further developments. It became necessary to create a medium for moving cloud services between different cloud environments and setting standard service definitions. So, cloud computing introduced an all-encompassing model-driven language Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) for all cloud computing applications and services. It helps organizations form an application-centric platform for faster deployment with similar configurations and higher reliability. TOSCA templates are designed to manage complex challenges, enable network standardization, allow portability, improve automation, and easily overcome interoperability issues.

What is TOSCA?

TOSCA Cloud renders improvements in the deployment, termination, and management functions of cloud applications. It was developed by OASIS: a nonprofit organization that develops open standards for major vendors in the cloud world. The application configuration of underlying infrastructure and movement in the cloud becomes easy with Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA). So far, the TOSCA code has two versions: 1. Based on XML (2013) 2. Based on YAML (2016). This unique language has a broader mechanism to describe the domain and vendor-specific information depending on the services needed. 

The TOSCA topology uses Node Template to define nodes and Relationship template to build relationships between nodes. These two combined result in a Service Template. Node Templates define nodes and services. They add additional basic information about the occurrence of components and their reuse. Relationship Templates offer information about relations and their constraints. The Service Template has standard plans for usage and sets rules to define specific services to manage and provide data. 

Tosca Automation Tool

Tosca Automation Tool, a software tester, has gained gigantic attention owing to its vast range of features and options. Tricentis Tosca creates a balance between quality and performance. 

Tricentis Tosca Test suite combines multiple aspects of software testing to provide an effective test management process. A test project lifecycle including test case design, test data design, test automation, generation, and analytics to test API, CLI, and GUI are created and synchronized from the requirement management system. Being a paid tool comes with reasonable rates and is considered the best option in large-scale applications. 

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Tosca enables manual testers to function as automation specialists using continuous testing as a fully integrated software testing solution. This approach involves service virtualization and risk-based testing. Tosca Testsuite is recognized for its 10x testing improvement performance and smooth transition towards DevOps and CI/CD.

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  • Tosca automation tool offers support to HTML, JAVA, ORACLE, SAP, SOA, etc. 
  • Testers use it more efficiently as it has no prior requirement of the script.
  • Tricentis offers reasonable prices and vendor support after the purchase. 

Tosca Testsuite Components

The following parts make up the latest version of the Tosca Testsuite:

  • Tosca Commander
  • Tosca Executor
  • Tosca Xscan
  • Tosca Repository
  1. Tosca Commander

The Tosca commander is the primary element that facilitates the effective creation, execution, upkeep, and analysis of test scripts. The commander uses the workspace to administer the test scenarios.

Every operation of the Tosca commander follows the object hierarchy thanks to its well-structured and ordered elements.

The drag-and-drop feature allows users to rearrange the components anywhere within the application. The user can configure the setup as they see fit because of the docking functionality.

  1. Tosca Executor

The Tosca Executor executes the test cases on the test object after receiving them from the Tosca Commander. An ongoing sequence of screens controlled by automated testing is part of the test object.

  1. Tosca Xscan

You can use Tosca Xscan to capture screen content and input fields, then import the data into Tosca Commander as modules. These modules provide technical details for locating and controlling various screen components.

Its other name is the Tosca wizard.

  1. Tosca Repository

Tosca Commander uses standard repositories to handle database projects when in multi-user mode.

For settings with more than one user, a few types of repositories are available:

  • The MS SQL Server
  •  Oracle
  • DB2
  • Microsoft SQLite

Why should you explore the Tricentis Tosca automation tool?

  1. The tool helps enterprises recognize and target high-risk areas. You achieve test coverage with the recommended test cases.
  2. High rate automation testing reaches 90% or more, which is excess compared to the industry’s 30-40% average. 
  3. Manual testers can automate test cases and optimize productivity as there is no need for programming.
  4. It reduces QA expenses, decreases maintenance and support of code as the automation is script-less. 
  5. Tosca’s automation easily integrates with DevOps methodologies and CI/CD tools that improve quality and frequency. 

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Use of Tosca Automation Tool

  1. One-stop solution for various automation test types. 
  2. An enterprise tool that functions without a script. 
  3. User-friendly drag and drop features for desktop applications. 
  4. Helps testers with management test tools. 
  5. Both GUI and Non-GUI are supported. 
  6. No need for an Explicit framework
  7. Major support for technologies.
  8. Reduced use of artifacts and test data. 
  9. Tricentis gives the best vendor support.  
  10. Reduction in regression testing time from weeks to minutes. 
Tosca Certification Training


Enterprises need faster releases of products, and this becomes easier with faster testing of applications. Automated testing tools have become popular owing to their effective testing efficiency. Tosca automation tools increase delivery rates, free up manual testing work and reduce testing time. 

Advance your career with Tosca

The automation and testing domain demands trained testers to cope with the latest technologies. Tricentis Tosca certification leads to better career opportunities. The Tosca training at 3RI Technologies is an online course that helps you get certification in Tosca. 

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