Why Choose Salesforce in 2020

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Why to Choose Salesforce in 2020?

Salesforce is a CRM (customer relationship management) solution that turns customers and companies together. It is an integrated CRM platform that ensures all departments like commerce, sales, marketing, and service in a single shared view for all customers. Salesforce is a very innovative and valuable domain. Thus, the future of the Salesforce developer is viable.

In brief, Salesforce integrates your sales, marketing, services, commerce, and Information technology teams from anywhere with customer 360, and it means one integrated CRM platform that empowers our whole suite of integrated applications. By using customer 360, you can concentrate your employees to know what is significant right now: stimulating your business, etc.

In simple words, Salesforce is a cloud computing network as a SaaS that specializes in CRM. It permits businesses to indulge in cloud technology to better connect with partners, customers, and potential clients. Further, this software is regarded highly recommended for customer success and assists businesses to track customer activity, and other services.

Established in 1999 by a former Oracle, executive Marc Benioff, Dave Moellenhoff, Parker Harris, and Frank Dominguez, Salesforce is one of the first international companies to deploy a cloud-based CRM software successfully.

Salesforce has been able to support cloud technology and establish a variety of apps for companies to assist better ensure them key insights into their services via apps and analytics.

Salesforce is regarded as the market leader in customer relationship management that has been in the highlight in the world of marketing and sales of products and also with the services in many industries. In this technological era, companies can get individual client’s data with an intention to communicate with their respective clients’ at large scale by using real-time message, and much more. This type of interaction with clients really assists companies in grasping their client’s wishes or needs in a better way, thereby they can serve them in the best manner only and also retain them in such a competitive world.

The fact, Salesforce is one of the updated and advanced software, designed to fulfill the needs of the hiking up demands of every industry.

In 2014, around 47% of the entire CRM software profits were generated from the SaaS-based CRM app. Since then, Salesforce has been hiked more than 19% of the CRM market lately.

Besides, in the modish business world, businesses are moving towards Salesforce to increase organizational growth and also business productivity. Moreover, Consecutive hiking up the use of Salesforce by the companies makes it a more eminent part of the business world in 2020.

What is the work of a Salesforce developer?

To get advantages from a Salesforce setup, it becomes mandatory for companies to hire an expert Salesforce developer by their side. The fact is, the companies around the world are on a constant hunt to seek the appropriate Salesforce talent.
Also, Salesforce developer is one of the highly paid job profiles in the world, and the role of the developer is also viable. Within some years of experience, a Salesforce developer grows in terms of benefits and perks. This industry is booming at a breakneck pace.

What is the need for Salesforce certification?

Is salesforce certification worth it? If you are also thinking about to get Salesforce certification, you must know it is an ultimate benchmark that recognizes the expertise, skills, and real-world know-how of nowadays cloud specialists.

Do you want to be a Salesforce Admin who keeps Salesforce running flawlessly or a Salesforce Developer who creates new applications to customize and extend capabilities? If you’re going to become a professional in this domain, you have to learn this Salesforce to get this certification.

It does not matter to which background you are, and you can flawlessly learn Salesforce.

In the conventional IT systems, if you have to deploy your business ideas, then you must need to create your hardware infrastructure. Besides, you have to invest in buying much software, and you also have to conscious about the security mechanisms in your system. This entire process needs more time, money, and effort.

The fact is, you are not the only one who deploys business plans. It means every business needs its infrastructure. However, in a case, you will get a common infrastructure to commence a business, then you will get the following features by using the next infrastructure to your business:

You will not need to have a dedicated networking team

You will not need to deploy a security architecture

You will not need to install much software

You will not need to spend your resources like money, time, and others.

Above you noticed that service providers would take care of it. Did you know, who is that service provider? It is Salesforce. This will clear you how good is Salesforce.

Salesforce is the world no. 1 CRM platform ensuring enterprises to sell their products and services to their customers never like before. It is a platform, which assists the businesses to connect their customers in an entirely new way. Thus, it ensures an infrastructure for your business.

Moreover, if you are seeking, Salesforce will come to your DOS with a team, and you will establish it in your system, then you are entirely wrong. The fact is, Salesforce has established a built-in infrastructure in the cloud. When a business requires infrastructure for them, they will pay to the Salesforce team in return for their service.

The various certification training programs are provided in Salesforce. These are:-

Salesforce Master training -best training

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Self-Learning

Salesforce Admin

Salesforce App Builder

Salesforce Developer

What will be the 2020 Salesforce trends?

Here’s a brief overview of what you might expect to see Salesforce trends in 2020:

If you are waiting to know about Salesforce trends 2020, then the following blog will be worthy for you:

Last year, Salesforce has established a storm with its pleasant acquisitions, and many of them touch to billions of dollars. Also, it intends to get many technological amendments into its future CRM by ensuring through these acquisitions, and some of them comprise synchronizing business data in the cloud, AI-based communication tools, location-based intelligence software integration, outlining data analytics, and improving field service ensuring in Salesforce Service Cloud.

1. Enhancing salesforce lighting experience

In 2015, Salesforce lighting was launched which is mainly considered as the backend of the Salesforce platform and also used to improve user experience. Moreover, this software becomes very popular as of its high functionality as of which Salesforce is going to include more functionality in 2020. This year, Salesforce is likely to add newer and great attributes to its lighting platform, which will also influence many companies to migrate from the perfect platform to the lighting platform. This new feature will make this platform more useful for businesses related to sales and purchases. Hence, a career in Salesforce is highly bright.

2. Integrated customer profile through customer 360:

As per the survey, it has concluded that abundant organizations in the market are going to switch to customer 360 to assemble and collect data from marketing, sales, and other components of the organizations to convert the similar data into something which can make it easier and instant for business organizations to forecast sales opportunities, resolve customer issues, work on a marketing plan, and decide about better product recommendations.

By using Salesforce customer 360, the users will be permitted organizations to send custom-made experiences to customers. Also, looking at its massive growth, Salesforce has created in Mulesoft and Customer 360, the users can consider the evolution of a unified customer profile in 2020.

3. Top-notch Marketing Cloud:

By using this platform, businesses will experience a bigger marketing cloud. Customers will also prefer to use this software as of high visibility. It is 100% sure that customers will be going to opt for this software as of having fantastic results as it has a vast array of skills and expertise.

4. Sellers requiring more mobile:

It is highly needed for companies like Salesforce to keep the mobility needs of sellers at the top which have been not fulfilled yet. Moreover, the introduction of 5G mobile networks is making it more significant to enhance security, speed, and also the reliability of the business and customer-grade mobile experiences.
To tackle these technical barriers between selling and sellers, Salesforce has introduced mobile SDK, which enhances its mobile competencies above field service agents. Moreover, it is somehow fixed that Salesforce is undoubtedly going to take more steps to offer more advanced and features in mobility to several horizons to improve sales capabilities. This updated feature makes the Salesforce future 2020 brighter.

Salesforce developer salary:

The interested aspirants are waiting for the salesforce developer’s salary as it is highly demanded in India. Many multi-national companies are needed to recruit Salesforce developers to make their selling process more straightforward and instant.

In India, the average salary of a Salesforce developer is around 6 lakhs per annum with an experience of 2-3 years as per surveys. However, within some years of experience and of course, with certification in Salesforce, the salary package hikes up to around Rs. 12-15 lakhs and also more if a Salesforce professional starts working in the cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore. Moreover, when a Salesforce developer starts assisting the company by offering many unique ideas, then the amount of the figure will be increased. The fact is, incentives and perky in the Salesforce industry is unbelievable.

Besides, the value of this platform is also high in other countries. However, the Salesforce professional will need to be perfected in all terms as these countries believe in perfection. In the US, the figure of the average salary for a Salesforce developer is striking.

The job for salesforce developers is very high in the US, and the average salary given by this country is around $78000, which is around RS. 50 lakh in Indian currency. This specifies, the value of this domain is very much in the US and also in other countries.

Thus, if you are seeking to become a professional in this domain, then you can start your career overseas too after collecting 2-3 years of experience in India too. This tactic will help you to get a significant hike in your salary package and also in possibilities too. Thus, doing a Salesforce certification Training will assist you in starting your career in India or overseas.


If you are looking to give a quick start to your career, no matter to which background you belong, certification in Salesforce is advisable as it is valuable in India and also abroad. Once completed the certification in this domain, you can either choose to start your career in India or overseas. For working or settle down abroad, you can get PR by completing this certification.

3RI Technologies is one of the best platforms offering Salesforce certification. You can join this course at this destination as you will be able to learn and deployment of this domain very well. This destination uses expertise and updated infrastructure; thereby, the output is 100%. Also, you will be able to learn and grab a certification in Salesforce via 3RI Technologies at budgetary prices.

To get more information about Online Salesforce Training, you can either send a mail or directly call over the phone to the 3RI Technologies’ team.


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