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Be the Industry’s DevOps Expert with 3RI’s DevOps training in Pune

Quite simple as it is nowadays, the quicker and the better ones win! In the last two decades, the introduction of software led to automation and amplifying the functional efficacies of operational units. However, with quicker innovations turning out to be the need of the hour, it, in turn, has now become necessary for software companies to churn out software applications in lesser time, thus restoring their competitive edge over their counterparts. DevOps, which is a combination of development and operations, the two inherent factors of the software lifecycle process, in simpler terms, could be described as a software boosting technology that increases the software application and service delivery speed of an organization. Basis the need for DevOps professionals, owing to its functional capabilities, with this blog, nevertheless, we’d be looking at the academic dimension of DevOps, and how 3RI Technologies, with its DevOps training in Pune, contributes qualified and industry-ready professionals to the eternally demanding technology industry.

A Brief about DevOps

Development and operations, being the most fundamental aspects of software, often consume a considerable amount of man-hours with their trying and testing procedures. This adds to the overall delivery time, thereby also slowing down the pace at which the technology is supposed to be delivered to the client, resulting in delays. DevOps isn’t standalone, but an incorporated technology blending cultural philosophies, tools, and practices aimed at increasing development and operational efficiencies, also reducing the time required to fulfill the objectives of both these activities. It is an out and out modern day technology with speed being it’s clear-cut and the foremost agenda. Therefore, as compared to the ones yet stuck with conventional practices, companies deploying DevOps are better competitors technically as well as commercially.

This is exactly why DevOps professionals have been in demand lately, and 3RI Technologies, the most industry-friendly software training institute in Pune, supports this demand by creating highly qualified and skilled DevOps professionals. Keep reading to take a look at the course outline of the most celebrated DevOps classes in Pune.

3RI Technologies DevOps Training in Pune | DevOps Classes in Pune

The course takes you through the basics, further graduating you to learn the advanced features of the DevOps technology. Here’s how the course is designed.

  • DevOps Basics : This includes Linux Basics, Networking Basics, Storage Basics
  • DevOps Basic to Advanced: DevOps Overview, Version Control Systems, Building and Testing, Continuous Integration, Jenkins – CI Server, Infrastructure as a Code, Infrastructure Provisioning Tool – Terraform, Configuration Management Tool – Ansible, Amazon Web Services – AWS, Docker – Software Packaging Tool, DevOps Tools – Puppet, Overview of Chef – DevOps Tools.



Why Choose 3RI Technologies for DevOps Classes in Pune?

The course is designed considering the industry’s requirements, and therefore, delivered in an aligned manner, so as to serve two objectives – the first one being fulfilling the industry’s professional needs, and the second one, to increase the employability of students, thus directing them towards a great career in the years to come. Besides, the course is delivered by software trainers who’ve got a complete conceptual as well as practical hold of the technology. The course is meant for existing project managers, system administrators, architects, support engineers, developers and software testing professionals to whom learning DevOps would be an added advantage and as an addendum to their skill set. Working as DevOps engineer is a lucrative and rewarding career option, complemented by a lot of professional challenges letting you through a lot of tests, to help you bring out the best in yourself!

3RI Technologies, through its competitive DevOps training in Pune, ensures a simplified and organized entry into the DevOps domain in the industry. So, for all those who wish to carve a career out of DevOps, there isn’t a better place than 3RI Technologies. Enroll yourself today, and get on your marks for a high flying career! Visit to read more about the DevOps course outline.


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