Difference between Java and JavaScript
difference between java and JavaScript

Difference between Java and JavaScript

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Java and Javascript often peeve that they are related somewhere because JavaScript contains "Java" in its title. Although many programmers grumble about this mix, and many believe it is just…

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Python Vs. PHP

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Python conjures up images of new technologies such as machine learning and data science, while PHP conjures up images of old-school web development and interactive websites.

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AWS Vs. OpenStack

Cloud computing Technology came into existence nearly 15 years back. Amazon was the initiator of cloud-based services the way back in 2006. With Cloud computing technology, data is stored over the internet instead of the hard drive. It helps to get access to files, storage, servers, etc., via internet-connected devices like computers, tablets, smartphones. Cloud service providers store and process data in place different from the end user's site. It makes the organizations free from spending huge funds on purchasing, maintaining, and servicing mechanisms themselves.

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What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a method to analyze a software application's performance to see whether the designed software meets the prescribed criteria or not or whether to locate the flaws to make sure that the system is a fault to create a higher quality product.

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What is React JS?

React allows creating large web applications that can modify the data without reloading the entire page to the Developers. React generates astonishing results with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks that may include Angular JS.

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