Python Developer Resume

Becoming a programmer is not an easy job, especially if Python is your chosen programming language. Do you know? A small error ruins the while coding. Therefore, learning this language should be as perfect and thorough as it can be.

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Resume Writing for Python Developer - Tips and Sample

Python Developer Resume

Becoming a programmer is not an easy job, especially if Python is your chosen programming language. Do you know? A small error ruins the while coding. Therefore, learning this language should be as perfect and thorough as it can be.

Besides, learning a Python language is a challenging process if your tutor is not an expert. Moreover, once learned this language, getting a job in this field is again a challenging task. Only a defined and well-designed resume can drag your resume towards the HR or hiring manager. Thus, sending a uniquely designed resume having all the attributes is required to sit in front of an interviewer. Else, it keeps rejected at the very first stage. So, get up to know how you can need to frame your resume to get a job as a Python programmer in your first attempt.

If you are the first time arranging a Python Developer Resume interview, then this blog is the right path for you to follow as you will get the correct information needed to frame a resume in the best manner. Moreover, you don’t need to spend on professional resume writing services. The fact, only you know about yourself thoroughly. Nobody else knows about you. Thus, framing your resume, you will be the better decision, however framing your resume yourself accordingly, the guideless mentioned below will be the best decision, and definitely, you will win.

As per the 2018 Eye-Tracking Study by Ladders, recruiters never spend 5 to 7 seconds to access a resume. In a case, a resume looks incomplete or unattractive, then it never goes ahead, no matter how knowledgeable you are in the Python programming language. Thus, make your resume yourself but professionally as written below:

Following, you will find a python developer resume example to know how to frame your resume for a python interview with ease and instantly. You will discover how to add essential tips to make your resume the best one among other candidates:

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Purposes of a Python Developer’s Resume

Obviously, if you are going to frame a resume, you surely need a job. You never expect that, at first glance, your resume gets rejected. If so, there will be no chance of an interview, and you again need to find another job opportunity to send your resume. Thus, if you expect, your resume should grab by the HR manager, then please follow the following four objectives:

  • FIRST: Being a fresher or having less experience in python, you need to take care of some factors while framing a junior python developer resume such as:
  • It must-have skills
  • It must have achievements
  • It must have experience if you have
  • It must have goals
  • It must have your role
  • It must have your education

While starting framing a resume for your python interview, you must first gather all the above factors as these are mandatory and play an essential role in making your resume selected than other interviewees.

Besides, you may also add the knowledge of Python frameworks like AI and machine learning, Python and ORM libraries, and other knowledge you have. You must write about other languages you know, like JavaScript, Java, CSS3, HTML5, or others. Writing about other programming languages will never make your resume overloaded. Knowing about the other languages is essential. It influences the interviewer as he will be able to know about your strengths. Thus, be sure to add these also.

  • SECOND: Your resume must be exhibit you like a star shining in the sky. It is only possible if you thoroughly know about the skills required by your employer. For this, you have to read the job specification carefully. Whatever the specifications required by the employer, your resume must frame accordingly. For instance: If a python developer resume for two years of experience is required, then you must frame a resume if you have experience of 2 years or more as a python programmer. Else, you don’t need to apply for the job.
  • THIRD: Disclosing about your communication skills will also be an influencing step as if you are good to communicate in 2-3 languages seamlessly, then surely an interviewer will become influenced to hire you. Moreover, if you can speak English at an advanced level, be sure to highlight it in your resume. Although speaking English like a professional is not mandatory for a python programmer, if you have this skill, then please don’t hide.
  • FOURTH: The purpose of a resume to know briefly about the candidate for a particular post. Thus, a resume should have every detail of yours in a very smart manner. It means you can use different fonts and colors to highlight the essence of your resume. All of this will capture the attention of recruiters directly to those points. But be sure that not to make your resume like a painting. Make sure to maintain simplicity.

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How to frame the perfect Python Developer Resume?

Framing a resume for your interview is not a big challenge if you are aware of the things or factors that need to add to a resume. It will not be the right decision to pay for professional resume writing services. You just need to know about the factors that your resume should have. To grab the best way of creating a Python developer resume, keeping reading this blog to the end. Moreover, you are permitted to download a python resume pdf to know about creating a resume thoroughly.

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1. Length and general rules

Writing a resume that is lengthy in size is now a good job. It is not an examination where you have to write accordingly the word count. You need to add all the essential and accurate information only. Length should not be a matter for you. If you are a fresher, then your resume length will be small as compared to a professional because he or she has to add about his experience and duties in the resume. But as a fresher, need to reveal about your qualification, other programming languages you have known along to join this position. Moreover, framing a resume concisely doesn’t mean that you will design your resume having a single page only.

As per the survey done from ResumeGo, it has concluded that recruiters are interested in hiring those candidates that have shown their resume in two pages as compared to a single resume. On the first page, there may be basic information, and on the second page, it should have professional information. The candidates having a long resume means skills, goals, professional qualifications, and experience are likely to hire first as opposed to others having basic information on a single page.

Moreover, accordingly, Harris Poll for CareerBuilder resumes having concise information in two pages have an 80% more chance of getting hired.

Follow the following ways of writing a python developer resume for three years experience or even for a junior:

  • Avoid writing long paragraphs or large sentences in your Python resume.
  • Be sure to add bullets or make a session to increase the readability.
  • Try to add percentages, volume, analysis, and amounts to make your resume different from others. For example, You can write that you are 90% able to perform a particular task. The fact, those resumes where no quantifiable results are declared get rejected by 35%.
  • Customize your resume as per the requirement of the company. If you are needed three years of experience as a python programmer, be sure to write with three years or 3+ experience in the Python programming language. If you are having 6 years or more experience in the python language, then you can avoid applying because the company needs to hire only those candidates who have 3 or 4 years of experience.
  • Make sure to send your cover letter with the resume. Avoiding a cover letter increases the size of rejection.
  • Add a professional email id address. Don’t make an email that looks unprofessional or kiddy. Don’t use some odd words to make an email. If you can’t show your professionalism, then surely you will not get a chance to get recruited.

2. Layout and Formatting

The first impression is the last. The first impression of your resume has entirely relied upon its layout and formatting. If a resume for the python interview is designed with a professional layout, then it influences the recruits to read it once.

As per the Eye-Tracking Study, there are some rules a layout and formatting should follow:

  • Layouts should be accurate and easy. Headers and sections should be written in high and easily readable fonts. Never use those fonts which are difficult to read.

For Example: If you are using Blackadder ITC or Brush Script M7 or Gigi, etc. it doesn’t push the recruiter to read the resume. So, within the intention to make your resume different and highlight from others, never try to add difficult to read resumes. Time New Roman is the best font with size 12 will be the best to use while writing a resume as this size is used for academic or professional writing. Thus, instead of thinking more, take Time New Roman font straightforwardly.

  • The use of bullets in the resume also makes it professional and easily readable. When you write about your duties or strength, you can use bullets instead of using numeric.
  • Bold the titles to catch attention. You can use even Italic the word or sentence if you want, that the recruiter should read a particular sentence or word.
  • Don’t use clipart images, tacky designs, snazzy borders, or different colors to design your resume. Be sure to maintain simplicity as much as you can.
  • Don’t write your qualifications or duties in a paragraph. For duties, you must use numeric, and for academics, you must use simple bullets.
  • Be sure to use red or dark blue colors only in the titles; the rest use black color only.
  • Don’t overload the resume with words or bullets. Be sure to write down the required details only, the rest you can discuss during the interview.

Hence, use most of black color and simple to read fonts with sizes 12 to 16 where 12 should be used for writing the achievements, duties, objectives, etc. while 14 or 16 sizes should be used for writing the heading or titles. Even, you can use underline to highlight the contents.


How to set margins to keep your resume like a professional?

For designing your python developer resume, you are not considered to avoid the margins. For setting your margins, you must set a 1-inch space on all sides. This margin is the best, even for academic writing. You can also make the size smaller if you need more space for writing the text. Moreover, be sure not to make the margins less than ½-inch on all sides.

3. Content and Linguistic rules

Using the right words at the right place shows your experience and interest in the job. While writing the strength and capabilities, you must use concise and right words to increase the readability. Don’t use any synonym. It looks that you have copied it somewhere.

  • You must use those words also that can even understandable by those not having a background in Python. You are not considered to use jargon. If so, consultancies used to hire candidates can’t be able to do as they will not understand your designation. Thus, be sure to frame your resume accordingly, a layman can understand easily.
  • Avoid using clichéd terms also as it will also make your resume unreadable. If you use many of clinched terms, then your chances of rejection will be increased to 50%. The example of clinched words is like a hard worker, excellent communicator, can work under tight deadlines or independently, proactive, good listeners can work in a team, problem solver, excellent communication skills, etc. Be sure to write your strength accordingly, your job.

4. Which words are the best suited for writing a python beginner resume?

Being a beginner, you need to showcase your resume in a professional way only. For this, you need to use proactive words like Directed, Supervised, Developed, Responsible for, Implemented, Provided, Streamlined, Supplied, Trained, Solved, Conduced, etc. These works look professional and easy to read also.

Numbers and statistics are also part of the resumes. Accordingly, TalentWorks, 40% of resumes get attention if it has numbers or statistics. Hence, design your resume smartly.

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Following having a look at junior python developer sample resume:


04/2017 – 08/2019

  • Network Security
  • Develop seamless relationships with the Financial Development Teams and Quant to sort out pricing-related factors.
  • Coordinate, communicate and provide technical support to other functional groups relating to web applications.
  • Develops processing and recovery processes for systems.
  • Ensures production procedures for programs
  • Investigate new processes, technologies, and tools
  • Contribute to the development and design of app features

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Following is the python developer resume for 2 years experience:

Two years Experienced Python Developer

11/2016 – 06/2019

  • Development of workflows activated by events from other systems
  • Develop simple documentation needed for the frameworks
  • Develop tools for adaption by other teams
  • Work-integrated with teams across the BU to establish thorough test tools along with automation frameworks
  • Works seamlessly with other team members like ETL developers, QA, Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Technical Architects.
  • Work straightforwardly with project managers across the business and plan and run key projects flawlessly
  • Work collaboratively with developers, product owners, and other employers of the development team
  • Follow and enhance procedures for the software development life cycle by using an agile approach to deliver software.

Typos, Bugs, and Other Errors in a Resume

Writing a resume accordingly, the above guidelines don’t mean that you are right. While typing, there are many errors, bugs, and typos that may arise during the writing. Thus, you must eliminate all the errors and bugs before printing. Besides, errors, there are spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar, if so is arisen in your Python resume, it means that you didn’t read the resume. Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are like childish mistakes. All of this offers a very bad impression on the recruiter.

Thus, proofreading your resume is a must before submitting it ahead. More than 78% of resumes are getting rejected as of bad grammar and typos according to te CareerBuilder. So, read your resume thoroughly before getting its final print or submitting it ahead. It will assist you in rectifying all the errors before the recruiter will do these.

About a python developer

A Python developer is a professional liable to write server-side application logic. Companies that are concerned with software need to have python professionals or developers. High availability of programmers and developers for python language is required. Following look at a typical job description that is given by companies in favor of a python developer.

Thus, proofreading your resume is a must before submitting it ahead. More than 78% of resumes are getting rejected as of bad grammar and typos according to CareerBuilder. So, read your resume thoroughly before getting its final print or submitting it ahead. It will assist you in rectifying all the errors before the recruiter will do these.

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Job Description of a Python Developer

We are in search of a python developer who is responsible for managing the interchange of data between the user and the servers. The basic tasks of a developer must be to develop server-side logic that offers high-performance and also responsive to requests. He or she should be able to integrate the front-end elements that are created by co-workers. Briefly, he or she must have a thorough understanding of front-end technologies as well.

We are seeking a python developer who can perform basic tasks. They are not eligible for performing high-level operations. They need to have a little knowledge of front-end technologies. For applying this post, you can frame your resume accordingly to the sample resume for python developer fresher.

We need those python developers who are willing to join our engineering team. They must know about developing and maintaining different software products. The developers should have the skills of writing and testing code, integrating applications, and debugging programs. To apply for this job, you can check the sample resume for a python developer for two years of experience shown below in pdf form.

Basic skills should add to the resume of Python Developer

The skills needed for an entry-level python developer must include:

  • Agile methodologies
  • Hands-on Python Development
  • Thorough problem solving
  • Comprehensive reverse engineering
  • A little understanding of REST API and Web services
  • Experience in web python frameworks
  • Knowledge of Object-relational mapping (ORM)
  • Understanding of TLC scripting
  • Knowledge of Databases and SQL

Besides, the following skills can be added as well;

  • Experience in Fullstack Development
  • Strong DevOps
  • Understanding of Cloud Services
  • Seamlessly Debugging Skills
  • CSS , HTML, JavaScript , JQuery
  • Knowledge about Software Development Life Cycle
  • Following are the skills that should be part of a senior python developer:
  • BSc in Engineering, Computer Science, or relevant field
  • Experience in Python frameworks
  • Experience with Angular Framework
  • Understanding of JavaScript
  • Knowledge of AWS and REST API
  • Thorough understanding of Databases and SQL
  • Excellent leadership skills

You can even check the python developer resume sample required for 3-year experience in the following PFA.

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How to make your Python Developer resume perfect?

The above tips are adequate to frame a resume for a Python developer. When you follow the above guideless, you will be able to make your resume in the best manner. The recruiter will find your resume exceptional than other candidates.

In any case, if you are still not sure about the accuracy of your resume, then you must follow the following tools to make your resume error-free and perfect. Therefore, be sure to follow the following tips or tools to keep your resume safe from rejection. If you follow the below tools, there will be no chance of rejection as the level of accuracy will be .

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When you write a resume, you must use the Grammarly software where you will be able to analyze the errors like sentence structure, readability, mistakes, etc. This software is very easy to use. You will be able to find our even spelling mistakes. Whatever sentences are incomplete, all can get accurate within moments. You don’t need to write your resume in Grammarly; you can design it in a word file only, then you can copy and paste it to check the errors.

Grammarly is free of cost also. You don’t need to spend upon premium as it is required by the writers only. Thus, you can use its free version only whenever you want to check the spelling and grammar mistakes.

LinkedIn or Glassdoor:
If you are seeking to make a professional resume or want to check a sample resume for a python developer, be sure to take the assistance of LinkedIn or Glassdoor. These are professional websites, where you can get an idea of a sample resume, skills, responsibilities, etc. required professionally.

: If you need the help of better words to use as synonyms, then using will be the best. You will be able to find different choices of words that will give you an accurate synonym. It means that the use of a different word having the same meaning will not look odd. Kindly note that, be sure to use the simple synonym as it doesn’t look odd.

cape or Duplicate Checker: When you wish to find the plagiarized content in your resume, then there is no better software than Copyscape. Whatever you copy sentences will come in this software at once. It will be the greatest advantage for you as, in any case, the sentences of yours will be matched with other candidates, then all resumes will be rejected. Thus, be careful to check the copied contents before the final submission. The fact, Copyscape is a paid software. You can use it free of cost once only. But if you need to use it again and again, you have to buy its premium.

Duplicate checker is free of cost plagiarism checker software. Thus you can even use it to check copy-paste content. If you write the resume your own by taking very little assistance from others, then a duplicate checker will be helpful. Else, you have to rely on Copyscape only.

Crowd Writer: It is not allowed to take the services of the crown writer to prepare your resume. Some candidates also use the Australian Master to create a resume. The fact, no one knows you better than you. Thus, if you wish to win the race of resume selection, be sure to choose your own way of writing a resume. Only you know about your skills, strengths, qualifications, and experience. Thus, be sure to design your resume yourself.

: Proofreading is a process where you have to read your resume thoroughly yourself before submitting ahead. During the interview session, the interviewer can ask you about any work thoroughly that you have used in the resume. Thus, never use any word that has no meaning, and you don’t know about it. Whatever sentences you have used in the resume should be thoroughly known by you only.

Google Docs:
Be sure to save your resume in Google Docs and also on other cloud services. This will help you to share or take the printout of your resume whenever you are unable to open your email account, or you don’t have your laptop. Saving your resume in Google Docs is the safest method to getting back your resume even after several years or if your Gmail account gets hacked.

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PDF form:
The final thing that must do with your python developer resume is converted it into a pdf file. This conversion will make your resume professional. Nobody will change your resume when it is converted into a pdf file. There are only a few software available in converting pdf files to word. However, the results are not good every time. Thus, conversion to pdf files will be the best only. Moreover, resumes that are sent in the pdf file are looked professional as compared to resumes available in the work file. The layouts will not get interrupted when a word file is converted into a pdf file.

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Sample resume for a python developer

NAME: xxxxxxx

ADDRESS: 4702, xxxxxxxxxx 

E-MAIL: xxxxxxx



Aim to be associated with the progressive organization where I can create a position for myself as an efficient professional in the highly competitive world through honest and committed hard work in conjunction with my knowledge and positive attitude, which will also ensure beneficial for the organization.


  • 10th from School name, percentile, year of passing
  • 12th from School name, percentile, year of passing
  • Bachelor of IT or computer or engineering from institute name, percentile, year of passing
  • Python programmer from institute name, percentile, year of passing


Total year of experience, employer name

My responsibility:

Write down all the duties or responsibilities you had been performed in your job


  • Programming knowledge you have or languages you know apart from Python


  • Having excellent communication and negotiating skills with excellent social compatibility, quick to grasp new ideas, and easily adaptable to the new environment.
  • Possess abilities to drive, support & sustain a positive work environment.



          Spouse Name    

          Father Name     

          Mother name    




         Marital Status    


I hereby declare that all the information provided in my curriculum is the best of my knowledge and belief.


If you have no experience, then you need to leave the work experience part. You can even use other ways of framing a python beginner resume or python developer resume for three years experience or mofeweress years.

You need more sample resumes for experienced python developers or a sample resume for python developer fresher; then, you must click on the pdf to get the sample of the resume at once. You need to get an idea only from that resumes rather than copying the contents.

The blog guide is enough to create a professional resume for the post of Python developer. This blog is adequate to get the complete knowledge of making a resume without taking professional assistance.

Believe in your skills! Read this blog carefully! Follow the instructions given! Definitely, you will succeed!

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