Reasons to go for AWS

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Reasons To Go For AWS
There are several companies that today are providing cloud services. But the leader in this race is AWS i.e. Amazon web services which hold the majority share of 33% in this market.So, in this article, I will explain to you about AWS and its services. Also, I will help you with details about AWS certifications.

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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is commonly abbreviated as AWS. It is a cloud computing service that was launched by Amazon in 2002.AWS technology is implemented by a collection of server machines throughout the world. AWS has its operations across the globe in 22 regions.

The building blocks or designs can easily work with each other and provide a highly reliable and sophisticated application. It can be used to build an application by an individual or team on the cloud. It offers a reliable, flexible, user-friendly, easily scalable, and cost-efficient platform.

AWS developer need not worry about storage, security, availability, cost, and space issues. Now they can simply focus on innovations with data.

AWS charges the customer according to their usage and service option they select.

History of AWS

  • July 2002 – AWS services was launched
  • November 2004 – Simple Queue service was launched for public use
  • March 2006 – AWS was relaunched
  • November 2010 – migrated to AWS
  • November 2012 – First customer event
  • December 2012 – Annual Revenue of $1.5 billion
  • December 2017 – Annual Revenue of $17.46 billion

Different services provided by AWS

  1. Compute service
  2. Storage Services
  3. Database
  4. Migration
  5. Network and Content delivery
  6. Management tools
  7. Security and identity compliance
  8. Messaging

Salary of AWS developers

With the launch of AWS services, the look and feel of the internet have seen a lot of changes. From the past few years, we have seen several web-based applications launched successfully.

Several organizations today have adopted AWS services. This has given rise to an ever-increasing demand for AWS developers or AWS architects. With increasing popularity, there also has been a constant increase in salary for them.

The average salary for an AWS developer is 3.4 lakhs as per statistics from Glassdoor.

Also, sharp increments are observed each year as experience and talent grows.

AWS certifications

AWS certifications are necessary to showcase our skills to design and manage software applications on the AWS platform. So now we will discuss different AWS certifications that you can think to pursue growth in your career. This will also give a significant boost to your salary.

All these certifications require classroom/online training before appearing for exams. These exams are MCQ i.e Multiple choice Questions based.

AWS certification

Foundation Level Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is meant for beginners. It is designed to check their knowledge and understanding of the AWS cloud.Pre-requisite: 6 months experience of working with AWS cloud in any role.

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Associate Level Certifications

1.   AWS Certified Solution Architect

This certification will help you in designing a solution to develop a robust and secure application to be deployed on the AWS cloud.

Pre-requisite: 1 or more years of experience in designing a cost-effective, fault-tolerant system for AWS.

2.   AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

This certification will help in deploying, managing, and operating systems on AWS. With this certification, you can control and implement the flow of data into AWS system.

Pre-requisite: At least 1 year of experience in deployment, management, and operations in the AWS platform.

3.   AWS Certified Developer

This certification gives you an understanding of core cloud services, best architectural practices, and its use. It will also help in developing, deploying, and debugging applications in the AWS cloud environment.

Pre-requisite: 1 or more years of experience in developing, and maintaining cloud-based applications in AWS.

Professional Level Certifications

1.   AWS Certified Solution Architect

This certification will help in selecting the desired AWS service to design and deploy an application in AWS. It will also help in migrating complex systems to AWS.

Pre-requisite: A candidate must have at least 2 years of experience to design and deploy AWS cloud based systems.

2.   AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

This certification will help in selecting the desired AWS service to design and deploy an application in AWS. It will also help in migrating complex systems to AWS.

Pre-requisite: At least 2 years of experience to operate and manage the AWS environment.

AWS specialty certifications

1.   AWS Certified Advanced Networking

This certification will help in performing complicated networking tasks. It will help in designing cloud based applications. Also you will be able to develop, and deploy in AWS environment.

Pre-requisite: Individuals must be either AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or any Associate level certifications.

2.   AWS Certified Security

This certification will help in understanding data classification and data protection techniques in AWS. It will also help in understanding data encryption methods and Intenet secure protocols. This will give an overall understanding of the risks involved and different security measures.

Pre-requisite: 2 or more years of practical experience in securing AWS workloads.

3.   AWS Certified Machine Learning

This certification will help you in understanding the appropriate Machine Learning(ML) approach and AWS service to be used to implement it. It will help you in designing, implementing ML applications on AWS as per business requirements.

Pre-requisite: 1-2 years of developing or running ML workloads on the AWS platform.

4.   AWS Certified Data Analytics

This certification will help you become an expert in Data and Analytics services. It will help you in understanding these services will fit into the data life cycle.

Pre-requisite: At least 5 years of experience in Data Analytics. Also, you need to have 2 years of experience working with the AWS platform.

5.   AWS Certified Database

This certification will help you become an expert in the AWS database and design database service using them for business changes. It will help you in understanding the different key features of AWS database services.

Pre-requisite: At least 5 years of experience in Database technologies. Also, you need to have 2 years of experience working with the AWS platform.

AWS Certifications

Benefits of AWS certifications

  • Many of the organizations have either moved on a cloud platform or are in the process. As we already know AWS holds the majority share in providing these certificates. AWS certifications will help us to become ready for the upcoming job trend that is waving in the IT industry. These certifications help us in standing out from the remaining IT professionals in the market.
  • These certifications provide us with professional expertise. It shows our commitment to learning AWS technology. It shows our practical experience of using this technology.
  • On successful completion, a digital badge is awarded to the candidate. This badge can be shared on social media platforms which will help us in securing a job easily.
  • AWS certifications help in improving the salary of developers. On average AWS certified professional gets $113K. While on average a non- certified professional may get only $90K.
  • As a certified AWS professional, you get access to certified professionals on different social networks, thereby increasing your reach.
  • For a freelancer, AWS certifications can bring in more projects which would bring more work and money. It brings the trust of clients and better income opportunities.
  • As an AWS certified professional, you can also work as Subject Matter Expert. You can be a part of the exam development process. Also as an SME, you can conduct various workshops or training programs to generate an additional income.
  • Companies like to hire professionals with AWS certifications. This gives them a chance to participate in the AWS Partner Network. This helps in providing better services and support to their customers.

Different career opportunities for AWS certified professionals

  1. AWS Operational Support Engineer

They are responsible to resolve any operational issue with the company’s tools. They also help in environmental upgrades.The average annual salary of $59K-$92K.

2.    AWS Cloud Software Engineer

They design and implement cloud services on AWS. They may also need to explain these complex services to businesses (generally non- technical people).The average annual salary of $63K-$93K.

3.    AWS System Integrator

They work in a team responsible that manages complex deployment and troubleshooting issues.The average annual salary of $81K.

4.    AWS Cloud Developer

They develop cloud-based applications and software services to be deployed on the AWS platform.The average annual salary of $95K.

5.    AWS DevOps Engineer

They design cloud solutions that could bring an impact on business. They also maintain servers and implement any patching or carry out any debugging, if needed.The average annual salary of $93K-$144K.

6.    AWS Solution architect

They are responsible to architect, build, and maintain cost-effective, scalable cloud environments.The average annual salary of $98K-$150K.

7.    AWS SysOps Administrator

They provide installation, operation, and maintenance of software and infrastructure.The average annual salary of $111K-$160K.

8.    AWS Senior Cloud Architect

They directly interact with customers and engineers. They providing with architectural solutions considering the new technologies in the market.The average annual salary of $165K.So seeing all these benefits one must enroll for AWS certified training courses. This will enhance the credibility of the developer. So enroll today at 3RI Technologies to escalate your career.At 3RI Technologies, we offer AWS certified training courses. We are among the top IT training facilities in Pune. We have our centers at Pimple Saudagar and Deccan.We also offer AWS Online Training for freshers as well as professionals.These courses are available online as well as in classroom mode. We have a team of certified AWS professionals with relevant industry experience. We make sure all your doubts are answered. We also provide you with an opportunity to work on LIVE projects giving you relevant experience. We also assist you with Mock MCQs to prepare you for the certification exams. We also provide you with placement assistance after successful completion of the course.

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