AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

It is a widespread phenomenon that cloud computing is rising both in quality, reputation and fame. Cloud-computing is been travelled a long way ever since its initiation. Hence, no company has a question about is cloud computing platform needed for their business but the question is – which cloud computing platform to go which?

The cloud computing market is overwhelmed with diverse cloud computing service providers from which – AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform stand out in the first three numbers. Companies have estimated out that after choosing cloud computing, they will make their business more flexible in this growing, competitive digital world. Also, they don’t have to spend time, energy and money in managing and maintaining, buying their company service – instead, they are free to use the excellent services provided by these cloud service providers.

Moving further, let us now compare the 3 world-famous & in-demand cloud platforms: AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud.

Take a deep breath and relax! Proceeding ahead all your cloud platform doubts and queries will be solved.

Firstly, What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the offering of various services accessed with the Internet. The services provided by cloud computing include all the related tools, services or applications like servers, databases, networking, system software and more. Once your system has access to the Internet, there is nothing else needed to access the data and code to manage it.

How to choose the right cloud platform?

Industrial and trade terms must be the main factors defining your choice. The main aspects to be considered while selecting an cloud platform for your business is its providing features, capital and application integration as a solution to your business goals. Your decision should purely inclined with the opportunities the cloud service provider grant to boost your business to the next level.

Moving ahead, let us first understand what those this three cloud platforms mean?

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services provider that offers storage, computing power, and much other functionality to organizations of all types and sizes. It is now the first cloud computing platform of all.

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What is Azure?

Azure popularly referred as Windows Azure is Microsoft’s popular cloud computing platform. It includes great services and features like computing, storage, networking and more. Businesses which use Azure for their product development and deployment make use of all the public cloud features as well.

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What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is a well-known cloud computing services which is famous for provider all the features which is operating on the same infrastructure similar to all the Google uses within for its end-user products like Gmail and more.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

1. Services & Features:

Selection of the perfect fit cloud service provider comes with your business requirements, needs and the workloads. AWS, Azure & Google Cloud serve comparable resources and features as well. They almost provide similar public cloud services like autoscaling, security, instant provisioning and more.

AWS is the most in-demand cloud service provider of all, it has successfully proved itself for being the most in-depth of the service provider. All the services provided by AWS include all the bases from storage to the developer, maintenance and management tools and more.

In level with AWS, Azure also provides the largest services of all. And Google cloud provides fewer cloud services as compared to the other to competitors. All the three cloud service providers also partnerships and allow its customers to run external tools, applications, and services in their cloud environments.


175+ Products | 145+ Cloud Services | 24 Global Regions


150+ Products | Approx. To AWS Services | 54 Global Regions

Google Cloud

100+ Products | 75+ Cloud Services | 20 Global Regions

2. Pros & Cons:

Being the top three cloud computing platforms they also have some cons with them. Let us now understand them one by one.

AWS: Pros & Cons

aws strength and weakness

Azure: Pros & Cons

azure strengths and weakness

Google Cloud: Pros & Cons

3. Highly Authorized Customers

Selecting a client or their identity in the market should not be the key in converting them as your customer but it can help you understand how the public cloud will be an advantage to others in your industry.


From the past few years, AWS has taken on large enterprise client deals, such as Netflix, Expedia, Airbnb and more.


Google Cloud is more famous between start-ups, small organizations and institutes but with this they have made their way in developing more and more clients towards their platform.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is more famous between start-ups, small organizations and institutes but with this they have made their way in developing more and more clients towards their platform.

4. Compute Capabilities

Running a business in full fledge starts with COMPUTE. Hence, selecting the right compute services in the key step towards 100% profit to your business.


AWS EC2 instance i.e. Elastic Compute Cloud which offers a huge variety of instance configurations for many renowned services for big data, enterprise applications and migration from on-premises environment.

Azure Virtual Machine

Azures focus in and out on Azure Virtual Machine which enables you to provision Windows, Linux or any VM in on time. And some Azure tools such as Cloud Services, functions and application services help you in creating and deploying applications on the clouds.

Google Cloud Engine

Google Cloud Engine delivers different versions of VMs in Google’s data centres. Compute Engine’s VMs boot easily and quickly which comes with flexible and persistent disk storage for every task and workload of your business.

5. Deploying PAAS & APPS


AWS grants application deployment solutions including Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, Container Service, and Batch. However, they have less application treating features than Azure.


Azure has used its extensive knowledge of developer tools to gain a competitive term for treating cloud applications. Azure has a broad selection of application deployment and hosting options for developers.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud enables all the developers to construct and deploy their applications on its Google App Engine platform. But Google cloud provides fewer PAAS features as compared to AWS & Azure.

6. Establishment


AWS is a web service provider introduced by Amazon which provides all the demanding cloud computing services to companies, individuals and more. It is the oldest and the most renowned platform which stand in the first three cloud service provider.

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AWS was launched in 2006 with service offering like EC2, AWS S3, and more. And then by 2009, EBS was published with many other such renowned and much needed services by a business.


Microsoft invented Azure in 2010 with a purpose to providing all the different services which businesses keen to have. From then till now, Azure stands-out of others and also has made its way and comes out in first three cloud computing service provides.

Google Cloud

Google cloud computing platform came into picture from 2011 and from then it has managed to provide all the services to make the clients businesses stand out of all. It search engine and make such factors help is to stand out amongst its competitors.

7. Availability Zones

AWS being the most satisfying and well identified cloud service providing platform has stood out with more time to establish and expand their network. And hence it has successfully expanded itself all around the globe. On the other hand, Azure and Google cloud platforms are also hosting in multiple locations globally, but the only difference is that the number of their respective availability zones is limited and is in less number.

  • AWS has 60 Availability zones within 20+ geographical regions around the globe.
  • Azure has 50+ regions globally which is available in 140 countries around the globe.
  • Google Cloud Platform is available in and around 24 regions with 73 total zones.
8. Market Shares & Growth Rate

With the survey of all the cloud service platforms, AWS is known to be the best and top-most cloud service providing platform till date.

  • AWS is the most leading with more than 40% of public cloud share in its name.
  • Azure holding the second place from first, owns about 20% of global market share.
  • And Google Cloud on the other hand – being on the third place owns about 12% of global market share.

With great understanding throughout the blog, you can see it by yourself that AWS proves itself to be the best amongst the rest. And there are various factors companies should examine while choosing the cloud provider where pricing is important too. If your business will be used by millions of customers, clients and you are going to use thousands of instances then this comparison will help you save your funds and capital.


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