Tosca vs Selenium

For many software-related undertakings, test automation has come up as one of the most evolving and agile processes that many organizations are utilizing. With test automation, software tools have to be done against the testing applications with the run of repeatable tests.

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Tosca vs Selenium

For many software-related undertakings, test automation has come up as one of the most evolving and agile processes that many organizations are utilizing. With test automation, software tools have to be done against the testing applications with the run of repeatable tests. From a test automation tool, organizations wish for excellent customer support, videos, multiple languages support, screenshots, user ratings, features, plans, pricing, and integration to achieve all the desired and undesired organization goals. Are you confused or struggling to find out an effective and better software tool for your organization? Keep reading this blog to find out. 

This blog will discuss the two most used and popular test automation methodologies, Tosca and selenium. Both are not similar, even though some features or plans may be similar. Finding out better, Tosca vs. selenium will make you choose the appropriate test automation software for your organization. As Tosca was launched some years back, it is used by comparatively fewer organizations than that of selenium. Selenium is used by many big companies and enterprises in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and more countries. Want to become a successful Software Tester? Check out Software Testing Course in Pune 

Let’s start this report and find out the significant difference between Tosca and selenium. 

Based on definition 

According to the definition, Tricentis Tosca and selenium can be defined from the data given below. 

Tricentis Tosca 

Tosca can be defined as the tool which performs both functional and regression testing for software products. It includes the GUI and command-line interface, application programming interface, and integrated test management. Tosca has the power to support programming languages such as visual basics, JavaJava, C#, etc. 


For web applications like selenium IDE, RC, Grid, web driver, selenium, the popular testing automation tool has been used. It offers testing features and advanced functionalities for working with various testing scenarios of web-based applications. Selenium uses programming languages like JavaJava, pearl, python, ruby, and C#. 

Based on reasons of choosing

When choosing one out of Tosca and selenium, most organizations choose it based on the reasons. It can be defined as 


Tosca is a wonderful enterprise software testing tool used to optimize different phases in test cases and provide a strong test analysis for the application. Tosca is primarily based on LinearQ(sm) technique. Tosca is chosen over other test automation tools because it is the model technique where the model AUT (application under test) is created and not the test automation script. It accelerated the testing model for keeping pace with DevOps and Agile. 

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Selenium offers excellent flexibility and provides high options for all user interface elements based on the expected application behavior. Selenium can perform its testing on countless numbers of browsers. 

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Based on the benefits and drawbacks of both the software 

As everything comes with own advantages and disadvantages, Tosca and selenium also comes with several set of benefits and disadvantages which are discussed under this section 

Advantages of Selenium 

1- Support on iPhone and Android – If you are looking to perform selenium testing and its test cases on your smartphone, you will feel good because selenium can consent to iPhone and Android. 

2- Result-oriented and better features – With selenium, AJAX testing can be performed because it holds the features of AJAX to provide the result-oriented approach.

3- Easy to use – People can easily use selenium by connecting with the front and back buttons of the device browser. 

4- Establishing the server is not a need – While using selenium, you don’t need to establish a server in the web driver.

5- Mouse stimulation – If you are looking for more effortless mouse movement from your device, always go for selenium testing and test cases. Because it provides the smoother stimulation of the mouse. 

6- Object coordination – With selenium, any object coordinated can be found with a web driver.  

7- A multi automation tool – Selenium automation tool can be a functional, regressive, and compressive testing tool at the same time. 

8- Script conversion – If you are looking to transfer your scripts to the programming languages, go for selenium because it makes this task possible. 

9- Recording and playback features – Selenium has great recording and playback facilities supporting various organizational functions and projects. 

10- Multi testing – Selenium testing can be performed on various browsers regardless of the device. 

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Limitations of selenium 

1- High investment – For using selenium in your organization, you need strong training and investment. 

2- High manpower requirement – For test case preparation, a lot of manpower is required. 

3- Test areas uncovered – Also, various test areas of selenium remain uncovered. 

4- Intensive uses of resources – There is a lot of risk in keeping data with selenium, and also, it’s resource-intensive. 

5- Weathering problems – The selenium tools provide a lot of difficulty for capturing weathering and revealing the pavement surfaces. 

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Benefits of Tosca 

1- Scriptless automation testing – Using Tosca will give you a great benefit in scriptless automation testing. With Tosca, scriptless automation for any devices and organizations can be performed. 

2- Easy to start – Anyone can get their hands on this amazing Tosca testing software in just some time. Any professional can learn this testing software with utmost ease. 

3- Less writing of framework – Tosca offers a model-based process of automation which reduces the writing of frameworks. Because you get it anyhow. 

4- No copy-paste features and reliability – Tosca supports the reusability of assets and copy-paste features for test cases and modules. 

5- Testing and manual system – Under Tosca, testing management systems and manual testing are available. 

6- Integration with selenium scripts – It can integrate with HP, ALM, and multiple selenium scripts can be run with Tosca. 

7- Query language solution – It offers a set of query languages such as SQL and TSQL. 

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Drawbacks of Tosca

1- Lacks of operation – Tosca doesn’t operate on MAC and Linux devices. Thus, users who want to run the software on Mac and Linux devices should not go for Tosca. 

2- Harder modules – Elements under Tosca are stored in modules that are the same as objects. But modules are more difficult to use than objects. 

3- Hugh problem of maintenance – The proprietor or model-based test runner approach will give rise to maintenance problems. 

4- Highly needed clicking – When writing test cases, Tosca requires a lot of clicking. 

5- Integration problems – It cannot be integrated with Git for controlling testing assets. 

6- Made for commercial purposes – Tosca can only smoothly perform commercial tasks. 

Based on pricing 

Pricing always comes first irrespective of what features and advantages it offers; the main concern is pricing. Both the tools provide effective pricing given as 


As the selenium automation tool is open source, it’s free to use in any organization. Its free usage made it perfect to be used by various middle and small enterprises. Instead of being free of cost, selenium competes with other testing software because of its amazing performance. 

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What is Selenium mainly used for?

The software development environment of today requires automated testing. The growing quantity and breadth of software programmes means that manual testing is no longer adequate to ensure product quality and efficiency. These issues are resolved by automating laborious and repetitive testing procedures using certain tools and frameworks.
Many qualities  of Selenium make the usual life of testers, developers, QA, and DevOps engineers easier. In the section that follows, we’ll examine some of Selenium’s best qualities.

Interoperability Across Browsers
You can check web apps using Selenium on a plethora  of browsers, consisting  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This makes sure that your application will funstion properly and have a consistent look in different browser contexts.

Multiple Programming Language Support
Number programming languages, consisting Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript, are supported. Because of this flexibility, makers and testers may write test scripts in the medium that best suits them.

Interaction of Web Elements
It offers a wide range of ways to communicate with web components on a page. Comprehensive and precise testing is made possible by the ability to execute activities such as clicking buttons, completing forms, choosing dropdown menus, and confirming element properties.

Cooperation Amongst Browsers
Selenium permits you to test web programmes across a numberof browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. This makes sure that your application will work correctly and look the similar across various browser settings.

Support for Several Programming Languages
There is support for various programming languages, consisting  Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. This flexibility permits developers and testers to persue  test scripts in the most convenient medium  for them.

Interaction of Web Components
It provides a multitude of methods for interacting with web elements on a page. The ability to perform actions like selecting dropdown menus, filling out forms, pressing buttons, and verifying element characteristics allows for more thorough and accurate testing.

Tricentis Tosca

As selenium is free, the prices of Tosca had not been published yet. It offers the cloud licensing function, which helps in providing the testing environment hosted through Tricentis and on-premise license. It also suggests that cloud licensing helps reduce the cost of Tosca because it holds the allowance of a partner in testing for using testing infrastructure without additional server resources. 


Final words or conclusion 

If you are not choosing the above two software tools for your organization, many other things need to be considered. Because other than selenium and Tosca, many automation software tools are very expensive and require a lot of knowledge to operate them well. So that’s why this guide of selenium vs. Tosca will help you choose the cost-effective automation tool your employees love to work on. 

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But as everyone knows, selenium is an ancient automation tool and very popular; while Tosca was launched in recent years, selenium holds all respect in fulfilling organizational goals. Moreover, Tosca needs high maintenance, which needs to be done timely, and selenium requires less maintenance. Selenium depends all on coding, and Tosca doesn’t require any coding. Before choosing any of the software automation tools for your organization, it’s essential to know all factors about Tricentis vs. seleniumCheck out our Selenium With Python Course and Selenium with Python Online Training Course today!

With any of the software discussed above, you can develop the test cases from Microsoft test, D unit, java unit, or N unit. But you need to choose the best automation tool out of Tricentis Tosca vs. selenium according to your business demands and needs. These tools can be adapted by any organization irrespective of the type and size. The blog has covered all about Tricentis Tosca vs. selenium and helps any organization to achieve its goals. Adapt the wonderful methodology of automation tools and do wonders for your organization. So get your hands on anyone software that gives the desired goals and results and make your organization counted in the top lists. To master software testing skills visit 3RI Technologies

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