What is AWS Cloudformation?

A code-based method of provisioning AWS infrastructure is called CloudFormation. It enables you to model a set of connected AWS and third-party resources in order to provision them rapidly and consistently. CloudFormation is intended to assist you in managing your AWS resources, particularly connected resources. Utilize CloudFormation templates to create stacks out of resources with dependencies.

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What is AWS CLI?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates the cloud computing industry and is often regarded as a technological leader. It helps companies with various tasks, like making games, handling data, storing it, archiving it, developing it, and many more. But AWS is more than just the browser panel that looks nice. You should check out AWS CLI, Amazon's Command Line Interface. AWS Training and Certification is a great way to acquaint yourself with Amazon Web Services.

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What is AWS DevOps?

Technology changes quickly and will only get better as time goes on. The last 20 years have seen much more change in this field than in the past. Two crucial technologies in the well-known IT discipline of cloud computing are AWS and DevOps. This blog talks about how these two technologies work well together. Keep reading to learn about all AWS DevOps, such as what is AWS DevOps, AWS DevOps jobs, AWS DevOps jobs for freshers, and so on?

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What is AWS IAM?

AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) is a web service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables the user to manage users and their access to the AWS infrastructure. It allows for the creation of users, groups, and roles, and the assignment of permissions to those entities. IAM also provides features such as multi-factor authentication and access keys for programmatic access to AWS services.

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What is SNS in AWS?

Amazon SNS, short for "Simple Notification Service," is a managed service that Amazon Web Services (AWS) broadcasts messages to subscribers, be they people or machines. Amazon SNS is a managed service broadcasting notifications to end users (producers and consumers). Publishers update a central hub, or "topic," which readers can access and follow to receive information asynchronously.

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What Is DevOps And How It Works?

DevOps brings together development and operations to make software development and delivery faster, more secure, and more efficient than traditional methods. A more agile software development lifecycle gives businesses and their customers a competitive advantage. Follow this blog to learn everything you need about DevOps, such as - what is DevOps in simple terms, what is DevOps mean, what is the need for DevOps, and so on

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