What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services, popular as AWS, is a leading cloud ecosystem that offers infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. Using AWS, companies can develop and test highly scalable and robust applications. Moreover, these companies need to pay only for the service they use for a specific time.

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What is AWS S3?

Cloud storage is a model that is used to store data in digital format in separate pools build logically. These logical pools are called clouds. The physical storage of this data happens across several servers located at different geographical locations. These servers are managed and maintained by the cloud service provider. .

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List of DevOps Tools

DevOps Tools help the process to be automated. It emphasizes coordination, product management cooperation, software creation, and technical operations. DevOps tools can automate key software development processes for app development teams.

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Reasons to go for AWS

There are several companies that today are providing cloud services. But the leader in this race is AWS i.e. Amazon web services which hold the majority share of 33% in this market. So, in this article, I will explain to you about AWS and its services. Also, I will help you with details about AWS certifications.

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