What is the difference between data science and AI?

Data science vs Artificial Intelligence

Difference between data science and Artificial Intelligence

AI is an abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence. Like Data Science, it is also highly sought technology used for data processing in industries. Some think it is the same as data science.

However, these are different in reality. AI is used in the field of Data Science about its operations. Thus, to make the services accurate and reliable, it is worthy of knowing about the difference between data science and AI, but before knowing so, you must learn what the meaning of both these terms is:

What is Data Science?

There is excessive growth in data processing in the industries. Because of the explosion of big data that are coming from the different means of the internet, such as smartphones, laptops, desktop, etc. there is a need for companies to rely upon data to make a reliable decision. Only because of these decisions, amendments, eliminations, better products and services, and other things can happen. With data science, all this possible to arrive accurately and worthily, which makes data science highly valuable in this contemporary world.

Data science has many subfields, such as Mathematics, Programming, etc. Moreover, a data scientist is well aware of the different trends and patterns used in data science. The fact, there are many steps and processes included in data science that is needed to learn and practice before becoming a data science specialist.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In Artificial Intelligence, algorithms are used for processing automatic actions. AI models are relied upon on the natural intelligence of animals and humans. In it, the same patterns of the past are assembled where related operations are performed automatically in the case when patterns or trends are repeated.

In AI, there is a usage of principles of computational algorithms and software engineering to establish a solution to a problem. Moreover, with AI, users can develop automatic systems that ensure cost savings and many other advantages to companies. Prominent organizations such as Amazon, Google, etc. are entirely dependable on Artificial Intelligence.

Which is the best AI or data science?

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are two highly preferable technologies that have been using in this today. It is a fact; Data Science works by using Artificial Intelligence in its processes or operations, which means, Data Science does not make entirely dependable on AI. Still, there is a need to explore AI much more. However, Data Science is already massively using in the market. It is used to transform the data that is further used for analysis and visualization.

With the usage of AI, it is feasible to create new products that are better than before, and it also assists in autonomy by creating things automatically. Many businesses are dependent upon AI that offers Artificial Intelligence job positions such as Machine Learning Engineer, NLP Scientist, and Deep Learning scientist. In short, significant decisions are taken depending upon the data that is operated by data scientists. Hence, Data Science has been playing a crucial role in any business. So, to become an expert in Data Science or work as a data scientist, learning Data Science is mandatory.

Is data science required for artificial intelligence?

There is no secret to say that data science and artificial intelligence are emerging tech trends, and also these are in high demand because organizations seek a competitive edge. Make the right use of AI; it is better to learn data science because data science gets solutions and outcomes to particular business problems by using Artificial Intelligence as a tool. Thus, data science is to insights while AI is to actions. Therefore, it will be best to learn both data science and artificial intelligence course to make your future viable as these both stream are highly demandable in this competitive era.

Can artificial intelligence replace data scientists?

Nope! It is not possible to replace data scientists with Artificial intelligence. The fact, data scientists, can perform actions with data science that is not possible with AI. However, to complete the steps in AI, data science is used. Still, AI is also somehow dependable upon data science, but it can never replace it entirely. Thus, one can AI doesn’t replace data scientists to the fullest. Moreover, data science and artificial intelligence are two different terms that can be interrelated to complete work, but it does not replace each other entirely.

Scope of data science

The increasing demand for data science has increased the job rates of around 45%. The fact, in every industry, data science has sufficient demand. If you ever read about the job opening of data scientists, you will be able to get a guess about the need for this stream. Let’sLet’s highlight what the scope of data science is:

  • Use in E-commerce

In the e-commerce and retail industry, there is a need for data analysis at the highest level. With the proper and complete use of data analysis, big organizations can forecast and manage the profits, losses, purchases, and also able to manipulate clients into buying goods and services by tracking their preferences and likings. All is possible by analyzing the client’s’ profile’s to influence them for more. Thus, data analysis assists in doing this job.

  • Use in Manufacturing

Do you ever think? Data science is playing a significant role in manufacturing too. Only with data science, it is possible to enhance productivity, reduce risks, and increase products in manufacturing. Below, it has highlighted the areas of production where data science has been using:

  1. Global market pricing
  2. Supply chain and supplier relations
  3. Conditional and predictive maintenance
  4. Automation and also designing new facilities
  5. Sustainability and higher energy efficiency
  6. Quality assurance, performance, and defect tracking
  7. New processes, materials for product development and production techniques
  • Use in healthcare

In the healthcare industry, data science is used in clinical systems, billings, medical records, and in other cases also. Only with data science, it is possible by the healthcare industry to provide better care to the patients” by determining their previous data.

  • Use in Transport

There is no fixed number of data that is creating by the transport industry every day. Data is assembled the vehicle location systems, passenger counting systems, ticketing, fare collection systems, etc. accordingly. With data science, it becomes possible by this industry to drive insights into planning and supervising transportation networks flawlessly.

  • Use in Banking & Finance

In financial banking, the usage of data science is endless. Store the information and data of customers; data science becomes this task easier, swift, and accurate. It is also helping the banks to know about the purchase history, mode of communication, mobile phone usage, along with learning about the transactions done through debit or credit cards.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

The future opportunity of Artificial Intelligence is vast, like data science. It has been using in different fields since its establishment. Let’sLet’s highlight the areas where the usage of AI is very high:

  • Face recognition

Face recognition has been hitting immensely in the hearts of the users. The launch of iPhone x with face recognition is the best example of AI’sAI’s future. With this feature, iPhone users become able to unlock their phones by just facing the front camera.

  • Transport 

Not a long time needs to wait for AI-guided transport. These self-driving cars have already designed and populated in the market. But still, the driver will be required at the wheels for protection. All this possible with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Data Analysis

Only AI can fetch patterns in data that human beings can do. This assists businesses to target the right clients for the products. The perfect example is exhibiting by Fluid and IBM, where Fluid is a digital retail company that uses Watson that is established by IBM to get insightful goods and services product recommendations of its clients.

Besides, AI is useful in other fields like Emotion Bots, Marketing & Advertising, etc.

As the terms data science and Artificial Intelligence are interrelated; however, there is a difference between data science and AI. Thus, to become proficient in AI and data science, it will be best to know the exact difference between both these terms:

What is the data science vs. artificial intelligence? 

  • Deployment: AI is restricted to the use of the implementation of Machine Language algorithms, while data science comprises different underlying processes of data.
  • Tools: PyTorch, Kaffe, Mahout, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and Shogun are the tools used by Artificial Intelligence while SAS, Python, SPSS, R, Keras, etc. are the tools used by data science. Briefly, the tools comprised of data science are abundant as opposed to Artificial Intelligence. This is because data science includes multiple steps for detailing data and also generating insights from it.
  • Applications: The usage of artificial intelligence and data science is different. Data science applications are used in the field of internet search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Marketing field, Bing, etc. while AI is used in sectors such as the transport industry, healthcare industry, automation industries, etc.
  • Procedure: AI is used to predict future events with the predictive model. At the same time, data science is involved in the process of prediction, analysis, visualization, and pre-processing of information and data.
  • Techniques: AI uses algorithms to solve out queries or problems while data science comprises several methods of statistics.
  • Kind of data: AI or Artificial Intelligence contains only that type of data, which is standardized. However, data science welcomes various kinds of data, like semi-structured, unstructured, and structured.
  • Intention: The actual purpose of AI is to automate the procedure and get autonomy to the model of the data; however, data science works differently. It first seeks the patterns that are hidden in the data. In short, both data science and artificial intelligence have their objectives and intentions that are different from each other.
  • Degree of scientific processing: There is no doubt, AI uses a high degree in terms of accurate processing while data science sticks with less scientific processing.
  • Several models: In AI, models are created that are probably to be the same to grasp and cognition of humans while models in data science are built to ensure insights that statistical and adequate for decision making.


Both artificial intelligence and data science are interchangeable. The fact, AI is a broad term as compared to data science, but it is still massively unexplored. Moreover, data science is a stream that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to get predictions; however, it also concentrates on transforming data for visualizations and analysis. Thus, in the end, it is concluded that data science is a job or a tool used to indulge in the study of data. At the same time, artificial intelligence is a job used to establish better products and separating them with autonomy.

There is much more difference between data science and AI that must be known by those who want to become professionals in both these domains. If you are a newbie in these streams, then you must learn data science first. Moreover, if you are interested in both data science and artificial intelligence course, again, it will be a great option, and you will be able to proficient in both these streams to settle down your future. Both these domains have a viable future, and job opportunities are vast also. Thus, Data Science Training  and AI Training will help you to make your future bright so learn these soon! Enroll for Online Data Science Training.


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